What kind of a...

2:12 AM
...Zamboangueño am i?

I want to share somethings that i have and haven't been doing as a Zamboangueño. I lived my whole life in the heart of the city for 20 years yet still there are things that doesn't me a good Zamboangueño, if you may. So here's the list:

1. I don't speak Chavano fluently.
2. I haven't tried the famous Curacha.
3. The first time I entered the Fort Pilar and Yakan Vill was when i was in college already.
4. My last visit in the museum was three years ago.
5. I haven't been in Brgy. Rio Hondo and Taluksangay.
6. The first and only time i went to Pulong Bato was just last summer for a prenup photoshoot.

Hmm. maybe this could be my new year's resolution.. :D

Jessica Pre-debut Shoot

7:23 PM
Jessica Fredi is part Filipino and part German. She lived in Luxembourg and decided to have her debut here in Zamboanga City, the hometown of her mother. For her pre-debut shoot, she didn't want to spend so much time so we had only two locations. First, we shot some fun, colorful and youthful portraits at the Butterfly Garden. Then, she also had a more formal and edgy photos in her black dress. More photos after the jump :)

Photography: Ryann Elumba
Lighting and Editing: Cedrick Zabala

Roger and France Postcards

11:22 PM
December 28, 2010. Today, we just had a navy ball themed wedding. Roger is an officer of the navy and France works for Globe Telecom. Their prenuptial photos were taken last December 22 at wharf of WestMinCom with the warships as their backdrop. It was so sunny that time and the photos were great but our skin got darker. sayang daw ang gluta, hehe. For the looping backdrop, I made retro postcards out of their prenup photos which is has a 40's look, very reminiscent of days of the world war two. And to top it all, their theme in the reception was "Pearl Harbor". So here are the postcards which i made just before the reception.

Direction and Styling: Joe Harris Kari
Hair and Makeup: Gregorio Fernandez
Photography: Ryann Elumba
Lighting and Editing: Cedrick Zabala

Winter Princess

3:32 PM
Just wanna share this speed painting. Well, actually its a psykopainting i made in psykopaint.com. Credits to the beautiful stocko photo by mybluelight-stock

happy holidays!

Weewin and Ann Onsite

5:38 PM
Dec. 23, 2010 - Plaza, Grand Astoria Hotel
Preshoot at Wee's Resthouse
Videography by Jan Santos, Editing by Cedrick Zabala
Direction: Ryann Elumba
Music: Angel by Akon

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Weewin and Ann Prenup

5:20 PM

Venue: Lepeng Wee Resthouse
Date: Dec. 19, 2010
Hair and Make-up: Norman and Oddessa of Dennis Navarro
Photography: Ryann Elumba
Videography for onsite: Jan Santos
Director / Editor: Cedrick Zabala
Special thanks: Carissa Cartagena

Showdown 2010 Titles

3:38 PM
A few days before the show, the organizers requested an AVP that will be shown as an opening video before the start of the show. Here's the motion graphics that i made using AfterEffects.

Click here to see what happened during the show...

Showdown 2010 Photos

12:58 AM
The Alumni Association of Western Mindanao together with St. Louis Review Center and Seed Interactive Multimedia Production presented the final fashion show of the year dubbed as Showdown 2010. Held at the Astoria Regency Convention Center last December 9, 2010, Showdown 2010 features the collections of the top fashion designers in the city. The fashion show opened with Donald Green's collection of mixed formal and casual attires for men and women.

It is followed by the brown and green couture of Altom Tiubot, one of the most creative collections that night. His neo-ethnic collection is inspired by the colors of nature and the rural life such as the woven nipa, salakot, grass and trees.

Designer Glady Rose, the only female desinger of the group, was next to showcase her collection of gowns and cocktail dresses. Her works are very elegant and the silhouette really enhances the figure of a woman.

Up next is Al-Shamer with his collection of formal wear with palettes of ash grey and whites.

Frederic Rodriquez, then, showed off his chic collection in shades of grey with a dash of red.

The very posh Geronie Labora then stole the spotlight with his very pink cocktail dresses. The models looked like barbie couture dolls with their glamorous accessories as they walk the runway in the tune of Christina Aguilera's "Candyman".

One of Zamboanga's legends, Angking Francisco showed off his latest designs of formal wear. He is very good in making elegant and simple gown with well-executed drapes. His coats for are also beautifully created.

Up next is Usni Sali with his collection of formal wears. His works are well-crafted featuring intricate patterns and ornamental designs.

Neri Jaruda, then, showed his latest designs of barongs and couture gowns.

We transported back to the days of the Mowtown when Mandrake had his turn to show his dresses. His collection is composed of fun and hip gowns and dresses with fluffy ruffles in various hues. The girls with their afros walked the runway while an impersonator was performing like what they do in Victoria's Secret fashion shows.

The very well-known Federico Navarro showed his best designs of the year. The entire line was made of varied attires that were previously showcased in big events and has even won awards in competitions.

And last but not the least is our friend Joe Harris Kari. It's our first time to see his creations in the runway since he is also a very well-known event coordinator and stylist. His collection are composed of elegant dresses in hues of purple, pink, blue and gold. The simple gowns may look all the same but with his expertise in styling, he gave the models their own unique look.

The show was a big success. All of the designers proved that the local fashion industry is booming. They were really great in showcasing their own styles and techniques and we are happy that the designers were given this opportunity to be recognized by their talent. Congratulations to Mr. Alawie, all the organizers, the participating designers, the models and everyone who in one way or another made this event a big success. We had spoken with the organizers and they said that there will be a encore that will be held next year at the WMSU Gym. Check out my next post for the final showdown and watch out for the next fashion showdown.

For more photos, visit the facebook page of Seed Interactive and press "like". You can view the collections at the Photos tab.

Full credits:
Photography by: Jolas Dizon
Videography: Abigail Nebrija and Jerome
AVP: Cedrick Zabala
Poster: Ryann Elumba
Seed Interactive is the official multimedia partner of the Showdown 2010 Fashion Show.
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