Zamboanga City Hall Lights Up for Peace!

11:45 AM
To open the Christmas Festival in Zamboanga City, the City Hall is once again adorned with bright lights and Christmas lanterns to promote Peace and Love this season. Dubbed as Pascua na Zamboanga, Christmas is opened with a grand lighting of the Ciy Hall, Plaza Rizal and Plaza Pershing led by the beloved Mayor Beng Climaco herself. The opening program started with the "family picture" of all local government offices with the grand "belen" or nativity scene in the background. Real lambs were at the centerpiece of the belen. More than 2,000 employees and their families enjoyed the Christmas carols performed by a grand chorale. They also had fun taking pictures with mascots while waiting for the 6PM cue time for the switching of lights.

Few minutes before the lighting, the program started with an intimate prayer. Then Ma'am Beng appeared at the tower of City hall and gave her message in her pink gown with matching halo. She started the countdown as she waved a wand like a fairy godmother. In the last second, the lights switched on and revealed the dominant blue and white lights of the city hall as the word PAZ glowed at the central tower. Plaza Rizal and Pershing also turned into wonderland as the lights cascaded among the lamp posts and lush gardens. A confetti storm also showered the facade of the city hall which was really magical. Above all, the happiness of the people was infectious and everyone was in awe with the great Christmas light display. With this simple spark of joy, every Zamboangueno were rekindled with the Christmas spirit. Watch the same-day edit video of the momentous occasion produced by the magical lenses of Vista de Lente and SkyFrames aerial videography.

After the grand lighting, the employees of the different offices marched towards Paseo del Mar with their colorful props and cheerful smiles. As they graced the streets, the lamp posts lit one by one, bringing the light of Christmas around the city. Upon entering Paseo del Mar, the colorful lights lit up, followed by the heritage lamps, then the gyrating musical fountain and finally the grand Christmas tree. The fun didn't end there! A Christmas party of the Local Government Unit of Zamboanga also happened at Paseo. Fun musical numbers were rendered by the different clusters and door prizes were given away. Among all the happenings that night, the camaraderie, happiness and peace among one other is the real highlight of this Celebration. So from the City of Zamboanga to you, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year! Vaya Con Dios!

Here are the official photos by Vista de Lente Photography.

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