Visual Identity Project by COM116 Class

Visual Identity or Branding, are Visible elements of a brand, such as color, form, and shape, which encapsulate and convey the symbolic meanings that cannot be imparted through words alone. In a broader (corporate) sense, it may include elements such as building architecture, color schemes, and dress code (src: BusinessDictionary). For the midterm project of my COM116 (Desktop Publishing) class, I asked them to develop a visual identity for a logo that they designed in their previous exercises. Here are their outputs:

Blue Coffee Cafe + Bar by Mina Alfad

Silver Shoes by Hazel Arias

Sweet Saliva by Marese Malvar

Crimson Babe by Rach Marquez

Red Ninja Agency by Riza Narag

Pink Spoon Ice Cream Parlor by Gab Pareja

Blue Ocean by Mohd Sarajan

Telly Vision by Alvin Serondo

I am really impressed with most of their works. I really noticed how they did their researches and took my recommendations very well. Im happy that their works looks professional and has a high potential for real life work. Which project is your fave? Like and leave your comments below.
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07 January 2016

2015: A Year of Wonders

In 2014, I had the best year of my life. And 2015 didn't fail me, too. Life gave me a lot of new opportunities to experience and grow. 2015 is a milestone for me coz i've already lived a "quarter" of my life. There were a lot of surprises and I can only be grateful for all the blessings that God gave me. 2015 is a year of Wonders. A year to explore the wonders of the world, my career, my relationships and of my self. I've stood by my motto "Carpe Diem", to seize the day, learn to appreciate and enjoy life. Here are the highlights of my 2015:

January. Had our traditional new year's day outing at Abong-abong River with the family. Our cousins from Davao visited the city and had some bonding sessions. At work, I had my first SOCA experience where we stayed late up night to do the reports and presentations. At the end of the month, Ate and I went to Manila for Graphika Manila. We went to the National Museum with Pey, Binondo with our little bro Aljo and explored the BGC and Makati Area. The last day of January was the first day of Graphika Manila.

February. Second day of Graphika Manila. My artwork was included in the GM Book. I learn a lot from the speakers and went home with lots of inspiration. Together with some NMCA friends, we created an installation art #RTLIM100 at Plaza Pershing in commemoration of the 100th Birthday of Sen. Roseller Lim. For the first time, I went to Sagada with Ajhay, Sam and their college friends. We had spelunking at the caves and trekking at the rice terraces. We went to the famous Kiltepan Peak but we didn't see the sea of clouds due to heavy fog. We also passed by Baguio before heading back home. I organized the Zamboanga Film Festival for Dia de Zamboanga. It was very fulfilling especially when I saw my student and friends who are passionate in film and animation and being recognized by the Mayor during the Awards Night.

March. I had my first unplanned travel. I was sent by the office to attend the International Festival for Language at the Resorts World. I had the chance to visit my friends is Manila, too. Wella, my cousin, also had her college graduation and we had a party at home. Then, I had my 2nd surprise travel. Sir Reymond of Vista and I went to Manila to present a demo reel video we created for a mining company. I had a chance to meet my friends again. Back in Zamboanga we celebrated the Earth Hour and did some on the spot doodle session and candle lighting at Plaza del Pilar.

April. Started the month with a family vacation. We went to Dapitan, Dakak, Misamis, Iligan, Cagayan de Oro and Bukidnon. I did the white water rafting for the 2nd time, but now with my family. We went to Dahilayan Nature Park in Bukidnon and tried the ziplines and had picnic at the pine forest. I love the roadtrips and bondings with the family. Back at home I rekindled by artistic side and explored new techniques like brush lettering and paper cutting. At work we officially kicked off the Summer Na Zamboanga festival. I had my first mountain run challenge "Murok 3.0" and finished 13.8k in 1 hour and 47 minutes, a new personal record. We conducted a scriptwriting workshop with the local film makers group called Cinema Castellano. My childhood best friend, Farhana, also graduated in medschool!

May. Celebrated Labor day at Sta. Cruz Island with my Sagada buddies and my sister and Wella. (The photo is in April collage, my bad). For the summer festival we had the annual Kite Festival and was just amazed by the beautiful kites! I invited the cosplayers too in that event. My main event is the Zamboanga Hiphop Dance Competition which, for the first time, is divided into different categories (Junior, Varsity, Adult, and Megacrew). I was just amazed by the talented young dancers. We also had the Juego de Antes, a festival of traditional Filipino games. Wella and I created "Well-crafted hearts" our brand for our art and craft products like paper cut and hand painted art. We also had the "Festival de las Bellas y Flores" or the Flores de Mayo. To end the summer festival, we had a street party "Danza Verano" at Paseo del Mar. It also featured an Art Fair where we displayed and sold our artworks. It was one of the best summer experience I had!

June. It's back to school time! I'm teaching Visual Communication once again. Beacon Newsmag, ADZU's student publication where I trained for layout and design, invited me to create a hand-lettering mural for the OrSem. At work, we celebrated the flag days, independence day and Dia de Fundacion de Chavacano. My main event is the CineChavacano Film and Animation Festival. It was another fulfilling event!

July. Had a vacation with Jervin, Pey and Coline at Ilocos Region. We went to Laoag, Vigan, Paoay and Pagudpud. Despite the typhoon, we enjoyed each other's company especially during the Paoay 4x4 ride. We went to a lot of tourist spots and had so much laughs and photos. I also had several talks for Campus Journalism workshops. At work, we are already preparing for the Hermosa Festival.

August. My birth month! To start the month, I was invited to do a live art exhibition at Ateneo for the CSIT Acquaintance Party "VOX". It's my first time to do such thing. I also spent a day visiting barangay halls at the west coast to distribute letters for a cultural mapping project. For the first time, i stepped on new territories and was amazed by the picturesque beauty of some barangays like Muti, upper Dulian and Sibulao. I had a surprise travel to South Cotabato to attend the Koronadal International Folklore Festival. I spent my birthday there together with some employees from the Secretary Office. We went to Lake Sebu and experienced the highest zipline in Southeast Asia at the Seven Falls. We watched folkdance performances from different countries like Poland, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Sri Lanka and Mexico. It was an amazing experience especially because we're always in the front rows. Back at home, I had dinner with the family at the new restaurant just outside our house, Carls. At school, it was Midterms time! My student created artworks and had a gallery exhibit/presentation. It was a lot of fun!

September. Maam Beng's birthday. It's been 2 years since the Zambo siege happened. Our office came up with an exhibit "Dos Años Despues". A turning point in my life happened. I gave myself a second chance to feel again :) My high school friend Galen got married and i did their musical SDE. We did all preparations for the Hermosa Festival. I designed an emblem which was turned into lanterns and was decorated on the street lamps. What an amazing feeling looking at my design around the city. At the end of the month, we had the pre-fiesta event Bandoreal Parade at both districts. It was my first time to witness a bandoreal and it was really fun! I also had the chance to be with the Azkals / Meralco Sparks when they visited the city. I gave mama a beautiful fondant cake for her birthday!

Ocotber. It's fiesta Pilar month! For the first time, our office is assigned to organize the biggest festival of the city! The Opening Salvo was really amazing especially during the lighting of the giant emblem! My main events are the Art Exhibit, Original Chavacano Video Music Festival and Danza La Vida. Wella and I created the float entry of Unique Motor Center for the Parade of Lights and we won 3rd place! We really enjoyed the street party at the Butterfly Garden as VIP's. I got to be in the backstage with the guest DJ's Ashley Rivera, Nina Saputil and Marc Marasigan. It's the best street party this city ever had! After the exhausting fiesta, I went to Manila met with Jotie and went to Tagaytay. Had dinner with my Ate who was under training in Laguna. I met her boyfriend RJ. It's wasn't the best time for a vacay because of the typhoon but I still had a good time with my travel buddy.

November. 2nd Sem at school, and i'm teaching Desktop Publishing once again. I was invited by the AdZU Alumni Association in an art exhibit "Past to Present". I went to Cagayan de Oro with Jotie for the Mindanao Communicators Network Congress and met other PIO's from the region. We had a social night and had my first ever costume party. The theme was Enchanted Night, so Jotie and I came as the Lost Boys from Peter Pan. Had so much fun with the #ArribaBanco team. We also did the White Water Rafting (my 3rd time) and Dahilayan Adventure. I tried the python zipline, dropzone and luge for the first time. Back at home, we celebrated Papa's birthay and promotion. I gave him a watch as a present. At work, we made an installation art for Dia de Cesar then we did the preparations for the Christmas Festival.

December. It's our favorite time of the year! We opened Pascua na Zamboanga with the theme Candyland. You can watch the SDE here. Me and my adventure buddy had a short weekend vacation to Pangasinan. We went to Bolinao and explored its beautiful caves and falls. Another bucket list item was ticked off when we did island hopping at the famous Hundred Islands in Alaminos. In Manila, we went to Makati to see the amazing lights display at the Ayala Triangle. Back in Zamboanga, a new big mall is opening, the KCC Mall de Zamboanga. I went to Manila again to participate the Philippine Visual Arts Festival (PVAF) at the University of the Philippines - Diliman Campus. It was my first time in UP and I was just honored to be one of the participants. My artwork "Regatta de Zamboanga" was my entry in the group art exhibit at the Palma Hall. We had workshops and seminars, too, which gave us a lot of knowledge and inspiration. I learned casting from a master sculptor, Manolo Sicat, at the UP College of Fine Arts. It was a fun experience and i just felt blessed being there. It was a childhood dream to study in UP Fine Arts, and during the closing program, I felt like a fine arts student receiving the certificate from the NCCA director for Visual Arts in front of artists around the country. Another dream became a reality when we joined the UP Lantern Parade as front liners of UP Fine Arts. Finally, I really enjoyed my Christmas holidays with family and friends. It was a really a great year!

2015 was simply wonderful! God answered a lot of prayers and I faced the year with a lot of positivity and perseverance. I'm contented with my life but still I hope for better things to come. 2015 is a turning point and it's just the start of another crazy chapter in life. Here's to all the memories and for future adventures! Cheers! Thanks for being part of my life one way or the other. I wish you a prosperous and great 2016! Carpe Diem and God bless!
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22 November 2015

Dia de Cesar C Climaco Installation Art

Dia di Cesar which marks the 31st death anniversary of Mayor Cesar C. Climaco kicked off Friday, Nov. 13 with the Boy and Girl Scouts vigil at the Climaco Freedom Park in Abong-abong Pasonanca at 6:30pm. On Saturday, Nov. 14, the event started with a commemorative mass at the Pasonanca Parish Church to be attended by City Government officials and employees, members of the Climaco family and representatives from the different sectors.

The mass was followed by the wreath-laying and commemorative program at the Climaco Freedom Park in Abong-abong, Pasonanca which will be highlighted by the unveiling of the CCC Installation Art and the Poster-making contest. This year's theme, "Create. Cultivate. Connect." aims to share the legacy of the iconic Mayor to the next generation.

Youth from boy scouts filled the installation with thoughts and drawings guided by the questions that were posted in each panel.

Cesar Climaco, the uncle of incumbent Mayor Beng Climaco, served as the city’s chief executive for 11 years during which he was an outspoken critic against corruption and in particular against the martial law regime of then President Ferdinand Marcos. His assassination on November 14, 1984 in Gov. Alvarez Street remains unsolved up to this time.

"I want to stop illegal logging..", "I want to achieve my goals and aspirations..."

The commemoration of the Dia di Cesar every November 14 is pursuant to an ordinance approved by the City Council with the aim of perpetuating the memory of the legendary mayor.

"Don't leave Zamboanga City."

"I want to be with my parents til the last breath of my life..."

Cesar Cortes Climaco was born on February 28, 1916 to Gregoria Climaco and Isabelita Cortes. He had 2 brothers and 2 sisters- Rafael a lawyer who became a Justice in the Court of Appeals; Jose or Jolly also a lawyer who became vice-mayor of Zamboanga and whose daughter Beng is now the incumbent mayor; Leticia, who married a prominent physician in the city, Dr. Espiridion Alvarez; and Lydia.

"Create better scouts for a better Zambonaga City..."

Cesar’s political career began when he ran for the City Council in 1953, an election which he won overwhelmingly. It was in the same year that he was designated as Mayor of Zamboanga. In 1954, he became the Chief Project Manager and Field Coordinator of Operation Brotherhood in Vietnam, a position which he served until 1955, and which won him international recognition.

He came back to Zamboanga in 1956 and ran in the first election ever held for the position of mayor in the city. Cesar went up against an appointive Mayor, Hector Suarez, and had for his running mate Dr. Tomas Ferrer under the banner of the Liberal Party. Cesar won in that election, giving him the distinction of being the first elected mayor of Zamboanga City.

Cesar Climaco served as mayor from 1953-1954; 1956-1961 and 1980- 1984.

The CCC Installation art is designed and conceptualized by Cedrick S. Zabala and made possible by the General Services Office headed by Arch. Rizamay Basing.
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20 November 2015

Pascua na Zamboanga 2015

The City Government of Zamboanga presents Pascua na Zamboanga 2015. Every year, the city celebrates the yultide season with a lineup of fun-filled activities. The highlight of the Christmas Festival is the switching on of the City Hall as it transforms into a grand display of lights. This year the city is transformed into candyland, and the main attraction includes the City Hall as a gingerbread house, Plaza Pershing as a lollipop forest and Paseo del Mar with the giant ice cream cone Christmas Tree. All landmarks will be ceremonially switched on in December 1st, 5PM.

Every evening, chorale groups will be serenading us with Christmas carols at the City Hall lobby during the "Canciones de Pascua" from December 14 to 18, 7PM onwards. Shop until you drop at the Grand Christmas Bazaar at Paseo del Mar on December 6-12, and at the Grand 5-day Holiday Fiesta at City Mall Tetuan. It is also expected that the newest and biggest mall in Zamboanga, KCC Mall de Zamboanga, will be opening in December. Here's the poster for Pascua na Zamboanga 2015. Click for larger view.

Design by csz97
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01 November 2015

Tagaytay Adventure 2015

Day 3 (10/16/15) - Today Jotie and I are heading to Tagaytay. But before that, we're out to have brunch first. 

We headed to BGC Stopover and decided to have brunch at Pancake house.

My new fave! Cinnamon Toast is love!

A photo posted by Ced Zabala �� (@cedzabala) on

Upon arriving Tagaytay, we went to Bulalo's Point for some legit bulalo and dinner with ate and her zing!

Crispy Tawilis!

The best Bulalo in town!

We went to Ayala Mall Serin and walked around. Check out his cool doodle wall by my idol, WeeWillDoodle

Day 4 (10/17/15) - Despite typhoon Lando, we went around Tagaytay and looked for the famous Taal Volcano. We headed to Groove Point, famous for their Taal Lake view.

The sky is dark and the clouds are heavy..

Photo op :) Too dark but good enough..

We went back to Ayala Mall Serin and had dinner at SNR. We had pizza, fried chicken and churros!

My first churro! Cinnamon coated and bavarian filled! So good!

After dinner, we had coffee at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Day 5 (10/18/15) - The weather is better now. We had breakfast at Josephines. Nice ambience!

Panorama of Taal Lake

Coffee time!

Nice place to see Taal Volcano!

Ready to eat!

Hail, Yeah!

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Before going back to Manila, we passed by at Rowena's to by some pasalubong. It rained hard so we decided to have lunch.

Back at Manila, we decided to watch a movie for the night. Here's our dinner..


Day 6 (10/19/15)  - Before going home, we're up for one more brunch.. But first, let me work this wall..

Going to Burgos Circle..

Lost agad agad?

We passed by Burgos Circle and checked out the park. Feet shot!

The facades are picture perfect!

Some art installed at the park

The beautiful intricate metal tree sculpture at the middle of the circle.

Photo Op!

We decided to have Phó for brunch at the BGC Stopover.



Sriracha looking at?!

With auntie..

Feeling chef...

Vermicelli noodles with veggies, pork strips and rolls.

Pho at last! A perfect way to end the adventures!

Time to go home! There's no more perfect view than this..

Hasta la vista, Manila!

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