Mztah midterms?

11:47 PM
/* ilang subjects ang tinake m? */ >> lima lang pow. math, english, CS, history at filipinow..

/* alin ang pinaka-mahirap? */ >>english ata, pro not tlga sobra hirap..nosblib stage p lang.hehe

/* alin ung no sweat? */ >>cguro ung history, pro mahirap ung part I, nde ako nkareview sa map thingy..Ü

/* nagcheat k b? */ >>hala, bistuhan ba..mejo, kc meh part nde nmin lhat alam, nde man tlga ung cheat n nde ako nag-aral, un ung cheat na tanong2 sa ktabi..ngpakopya rin ako..hehe

/* na-late k n b s exam? */ >>sa awa ng Diyos, 30 minutes advance ako, expt s english, almost 2 hrs erli, kala ko kc 8:30, 10:15 p la un..twenks

/* nahuli ka ba ng mentor s pag-cheat? */ >>may nakakita s akin habang pnapakita ko ang paper ko sa ktabi…nde rin maiwasan ung pagcompare ng sgot..hehe

/* sa tingin mo, may sabjek b n babagsak k? */ >>cguro english at filipino..pti math, ewan lng..sana nde…

/* may sabjek b n sure na perfect ka? */ >>asa-ness!!

/*fyn*/ >>ay interview pla to, kala ko questionnaire..hehe

My Multiply

11:51 PM
It all started when i "sneaked in" in the eclass and found this cool course that i just want to’s called Digital Multimedia.i didn’t hav hard tym with the enrolment key because there’s a clue given."the enrolment key starts with letter m"..Multimedia?’s obvious isn’t it.though im really not a student of this course i checked out the lessons there and i found lots tutorials (which is only a click away in yahoo!).so basically i tried eacha and every tutorial which uses photoshop.luckily, our pc has the program installed already.few months of exploration, i came up with this designs with the help of the few sites that gave me inspiration for this art. well, just check out my site . i’m really happy that i finished pimping this site.Ü

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