Line Test: Shocked

1:33 AM

Line Test: Running Animal

2:38 PM

Line Test: Head Turn

2:31 PM

Line Test: Happy to Sad

2:26 PM

Line Test: Walk Cycle

2:21 PM

Advanced Photoshop Workshop

1:40 PM

In line with the Scitech Month and SIMO, I gave a workshop at the advanced computer laboratory on advanced photoshop. Some of them enrolled online through SIMO while others were invited from other schools. It started one hour late because we have to install another software that we will be using. The workshop is all about using 3d renders and Typography. First we made a 3d text using Xara 3D and saved it as a jpeg file. Afterwhich, we pimped the text using different layer styles, gradient techniques and ornamental brushes. I also taught them a technique on making vista-inspired backgrounds. It was hard teaching the students because some of them are not really equiped with the basics of the program. We finished on time despite of these difficulties.

Here are some of the outputs:

Vote for the Best Stop Motion Film

2:20 AM

Line Test: Bouncing Ball

11:52 PM

This is my first line test activity for animation. In this activity, we learned the property of a ball or any object in animation. As the ball falls, it does not remain round but it squeezes which looks elongated. When it touches the ground it squashes. It bounces back, squeezes and becomes round in mid-air. The animation does not always look like this though, some factors should be considered. The texture of the ground, the type of ball/object, speed of the object, etc. I used Photoshop and ImageReady for the animation.

Design and Layout

3:24 PM
Design and Layout is an important element in our everyday life. In designing we plan and visualize the arrangement of the things that we do. While in layout, we implement the design that we want. Everyday, or perhaps during weekends, we design our outfits and layout them according to what we think will look good for you. Architects have a blueprint for their plan and engineers apply their design. In journalism, writers, too, plan what to write and implement them in their final article. As the head of the Creative Department of our school publication, we focus on the look and feel of our newsmag. We, along with the editorial board, design how the final output will be and my staff do the layout. Here is a PowerPoint presentation that I prepared for my lecture on Desktop Publishing during the Journalism Seminar that we conducted at St. Joseph School. Enjoy!

Read this document on Scribd: Design and Layout

Review 3.3: Presto!

12:38 PM

Genre: Comedy / Slapstick
Type of Animation: 3D Animation







This short animation is included in the release of Pixar's latest movie Wall-E. It is about a magician who struggled to execute his hat trick because of his hungry rabbit. He ends up hurting himself whenever he tries to do a move but the crowd loves it. It is a hilarious short clip that would surely knock you off your seat. The bunny was very cute especially when asks for the carrot. The music was a very good factor for the comedy as well as the facial reactions of the characters.

Review 3.2: Heavenly Sword: Legend of the Sword

12:29 PM

Genre: Epic / Action
Type of Animation: 2D Animation







This short animation is an excellent example of a good 2d animation. Sometimes animation becomes very flat but this film executes a 3d space using 2d animation. The sound was good and the narration was convincing. The screenplay was well written. The animation was undoubtedly good. It has a film noir feel and the actions were patterned to comics. The story was also interesting. Overall, it was amazing.

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