Hermosa Festival Photography Competition 2019 Winners

2:23 PM
The Hermosa Photography Competition is one of the final events of the month-long festival. Photographers, both amateur and professionals, have captured the colors of the festivities and it's time to pick the best photos and give it a shot in this competition. This year, the theme is "Mas Alegre Ahora Na Zamboanga" which means "It's more Fun today in Zamboanga". There are five categories: Bailes y Canciones (Dancing and Singing), Mascota de Zamboanga, Parade of Lights (Float Competition), Regatta de Zamboanga and Streetdance Competition. All entries will compete for the Top 5 Grand Prizes and if they don't make it, finalists or the top entries will be chosen per category. Here are the finalists and grand winners of this year's Hermosa Photography Competition.


41. “Alegre el Sol”
Jose Mari Katipunan (@jmkatipunan)
Nikon D5300 (ISO 400, 1/125, f/5.6)
“The man in the photograph represents the Sun. His happiness is to be the light of his people.”

35. “The Golden Smile”
Jesus Normel R. Alfanta (@jesusalfanta)
Canon 80D (ISO 100, 1/200, f/5)
“A beautiful well designed costume for the opening of the Hermosa Festival. This young lady was caught by my lens with her lovely smile. Indeed it’s a hot afternoon with the heavy costume on her head but she still project with a Golden Smile.”

79. “Adornao”
Ramil G. Valente (@ramilgarciavalente)
Samsung Galaxy J5 (ISO 64, 1/190, f/1.9)
“It took me a while to better compose my subject with the use of my mobile phone. I shot at low angle to capture the intricate design of this man’s sari-manok inspired costume and waited for him to make the composition interesting.”


43. “Nuestra Mascota”
Jose Mari Katipunan (@jmkatipunan)
Nikon D5300 (ISO 400, 1/125, f/6.3)
“Represents the fierce, beauty, and leadership of a true Zamboangueña.”

24. “Resiliente Zamboangueña”
Roy Fernando (@roydfernando)
Canon EOS R (ISO 100, 1/20, f/1.4)
“The people of Zamboanga City believes that there’s a light in every darkness. They have the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and trials with their underlying faith to the La Virgen del Pilar that gives them hope and aspiration.”

51. “GEM of the NIGHT”
Danica Rose L. Tubilla (@nikkinanoot)
Canon EOS 1000D (ISO 1600, 1/400, f/2.5)
“The Beauty of art that never changes and the smile of every priceless woman.”


47. “City Hall Meets City Hall”
Clarence M. Dabasol (@clarence.dwg)
Go Pro Hero5 Black (ISO 400, 1/35, f/20)
“A City Hall inspired design illuminated float that signifies landmark and history of Zamboanga City captivates the eye of Zamboangueños during the parade of lights event.”

169. “Alegria en Colores Dinamicos”
Christian G. Quilalang (@chanquillx)
Fujifilm X-T20 (ISO 640, 1/2, f/5.6)
“The vibrant and dynamic colors speak about the joyous celebration in Zamboanga City. As a photographer, using slow shutter speed and external flash excites me to shoot during Parade of Lights. The motion, cheerful smile in the face of the subject and the colorful light trails across the frame will definitely make you say “Mas Alegre Ahora na Zamboanga.” ”


20. “Espejo na Mar”
Marlon Gonzalez (@marlongonzalez2015)
SM-G925F S6 Edge (ISO 40, 1/848, f/1.9)
“Mirror of the Sea.”

3. “Reflexion”
Aris A. Bellen (@TestTubeBaby24)
Nikon D7100 (ISO 1250, 1/100s, f/1.8)
“The afternoon rain did not stop the parade of lights from brightening up the streets of downtown Zamboanga with illuminated floats. There is something about the thousands of glittering lights, the veil of nighttime that almost makes this scene beautiful and really stand out especially in the reflection of water. It reminds us that like water which can clearly mirror anything so long as its surface is undisturbed, the mind can only reflect the true image of the self when it is tranquil and wholly relaxed.”

13. “Pequeña Sonrisa (Little Smile)”
Al-Rashed Ambutong (@mrshedd01)
Nikon D90 (ISO 200, 1/100s, f/5/6)
“The purest smile you can get from someone is a smile from a child. In this photo is a child beaming with an unscathed laughter seeing his father prepping for the competition not minding how stressful the activity was. The little smile this boy has can make anyone's heart jump for joy. Truly, it is more fun in Zamboanga City.”

1. “Carrera de Vintas”
Aris A. Bellen (@TestTubeBaby24)
Nikon D7100 (ISO 100, 1/400s, f/1.8)
“From the hundreds of vintas with their rainbow sails of all shapes and sizes about to participate in the annual sailboat race called Regatta de Zamboanga, nothing can stop this man from joining the tradition. Despite his old age, he remained true to who he has always been: the proud nomadic person, who watched over the infinite waters of Zamboanga.”

112. “Risas Y Riquezas”
Stephen Dale T. Dela Peña (@stephenddp)
Nikon (ISO 100, 1/500, F/1.8)
“The subject genuinely shows the “peace” sign as a symbol of tolerance and understanding despite of the diverse beliefs and culture the Zamboanga has. Hence, the photo depicts the contentment and real happiness, making the image genuine and full of colors.”

7. “Bless the Riders of the Colorful Vintas”
Andrei Rabon (@andreirabon)
Canon EOS 1300D (ISO 100, 1/1000, f/5.6)
“Go Forward! Stable and strong even the stormy waters will never stop their vintas sailing in the sea.”


14. “Nothing Shakes a Culture of Smile”
Al-Rashed Ambutong (@mrshedd01)
Nikon D90 (ISO 200, 1/200s, f/13)
“Resiliency is one of the city's main ingredients why it has become one of the country's top performing cities. Even after the destruction brought by the infamous Zamboanga Seige, the people of zamboanga stood firm and moved forward towards where it is now - an economically feasible city. Zamboanga fought hard wearing the only shield they have: SMILE. No matter how hard those hurdles can be, nothing can beat a person with a pure smile and strong heart.”

25. “Bailando Con Pasion”
Roy Fernando (@roydfernando)
Canon EOS R (ISO 200, 1/8192, f/1.4)
“The girls are having fun dancing in the streets despite of the heat and distance to give tribute and devotion in the honor of the Lady of Pilar.”

36. “Muestra tu Cultura”
Jojo E. Lacerona (@joe_lacerona58) Huawei P20 Pro (ISO 100, 1/4000, f/1.8)
“ “Muestra tu Cultura” a Spanish term meaning to “show your culture”. Yakan culture is known for being talented, in terms of singing, instrument playing, weaving and dancing. The Yakan cultural dance shows the boldness of their ethnicity.”

38. “Pansak (Dance)”
Al-Qaam Kingking (@alqkk_15)
Nikon D5200
“Streetdancing competition is the most awaited activity in the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival, because in this way they would be able to showcase the rich culture of Zamboanga City. One of the performers came from the indigenous inhabitants of the island province of Basilan, the Yakan. They are also known for being good dancers due to their traditional cycle of the rice production that is done through dancing with hand gestures and footwork stances.”

61. “Curva de Felicidad”
Gennel Jude N. Batacan (@batacangennel)
Nikon D3100 (ISO 720, 1/4000, f/5.3)
“The sexiest curve of our body is our smile. In life, I sometimes bend hoping not to break. Bends and zigzags are really common in life especially to us Zamboangueños. Yet we still choose to flash a smile bringing with us the crown of joy to face our battles in life.”

59. “Zamboangueños Con Sus Sonrisas”
Gennel Jude N. Batacan (@batacangennel)
Nikon D3100 (ISO 560, 1/4000, f/4.5)
“More than the colors, the smiles brings the energy and brightens the festivity. Despite the waves of troubles, the Zamboangueños manage to flash their brightest smiles as a sign of resilience and hope that there’s always joy that comes in the morning.”


180. “Autentico”
Stephen Dale T. Dela Peña (@stephenddp)
Nikon (ISO 100, 1/6400, f/1.8)
“The photo depicts the genuine smile of a Zamboangueño despite of the difficulties. As the regatta embarks, it was evident how blissful the banqueros were and how genuinely they participated.”

FIFTH PLACE: (Courtesy of Zamboanga Homestyle Depot and KCC Mall de Zamboanga)

19. “Cura el Alegria”
Marlon Gonzalez (@marlongonzalez2015)
Nikon D5100 (ISO 160, 1/800, f/4)
“Fresh looks, full of joy and excitement as they are about to perform on the street not just to compete but to spread cure to sadness.”

FOURTH PLACE: (Courtesy of Zamboanga Homestyle Depot and KCC Mall de Zamboanga)

158. “Malami”
Faizal J. Salih (@faizalsalih17)
Nikon D5300 (ISO 400, f/4.5)
“Definitely mean despite of all the criticism in our place, Zamboanga still manage the equilibrium of issues and happiness. Our beloved place continue to give us a colorful and bizarre festival that stands out nationwide.”


42. “Bienvenidos de Mar”
Jose Mari Katipunan (@jmkatipunan)
Nikon D5300 (ISO 640, 1/4000, f/4.5)
“ “Welcome to the sea. It calls her people to seize the salty breeze and receive her gifts.” This photograph is dedicated to the indigenous fishermen who sail at nights, to feed our days.”


69. “An Incredible Display of Elegance & Suppleness”
Zyzrzyl M. Labayog (@zehzerzel)
Sony a6000 (ISO 100, 1/4000, f/1.8)
“Like a swan gliding in a sparkling lake, the festival queen exudes poise and grace.”


100. “Those Contagious Smiles”
Joe-An E. Denaque (@kish_anne06)
Fuji X-T20 (ISO 800, 1/1000, f/5.6)
“Their contagious smile makes everyone else smile back.”

Congratulations to all winners and participants of this year's competition! Special thanks to our partners, Zamboanga Home Style Depot and KCC Mall de Zamboanga for the additional prizes and for hosting the exhibit, and Hermosa App, our official app. To view all entries, visit the Facebook page Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2019 here.

Mascota de Zamboanga 2019 "Mascota de Reunion Social"

5:00 PM
Zamboanga's grandest fashion showdown, Mascota de Zamboanga, was held on October 9, 2019 at Astoria Regency Convention Center with the theme "Mascota de Reunion Social" or Mascota for Social Gatherings.

Zamboangueño women claim ownership of the mascota, a formal gown with a fitting bodice, her shoulders draped demurely by a luxuriously embroidered, though stiff, pañuelo and fastened at the breast by a brooch or a medal. The skirt tapers down from the waist but continues on to an extended trail called the cola. The cola may be held on one hand as the lady walks around, or it may likewise by pinned on the waist or slipped up a cord (belt) that holds the dainty abanico or purse.

 The traditional Zamboangueña dress has been limited to formal functions, replaced by the more common shirt, denim jeans, and sneakers for men, and shirts, blouses, skirts or pants, and heeled shoes for women. Here are the spectacular entries of this year's Mascota de Zamboanga through the lens of Mr. Al-Shariff Aguil of Al-Shariff Photography.

"Persona" by Chris Arakan
Señorita Jessa Santos
This piece is intended for a Masquerade, a ball where attendees wear costumes and masks in a night of entertainment and celebration. The dominant color that is used is black, which symbolizes mystery, formality and sophistication, and green. "Persona" is a latin word which means mask.

"Rosalinda" by Junikko Santos
Señorita Jesreel Ramas
This red mascota is inspired by the romantic rose, a flower which symbolizes love, passion, courage, strength and power. The piece is decorated with rose petals and glittering crystals which exudes elegance and beauty.

"Paraluman" by Sharynel Anne Veradio
Señorita Ella Jane Gadia
This mascota is named after an iconic actress which became a symbol of Filipina beauty. Inspired by the golden era of cinema, this sophisticated dress is meant to be worn in theaters or sarzuelas. The skirt is made of floral print silk and the upper part is embedded with floral organzas

"Aristocrata" by Harold Ruste Bernabe
Señorita Bebilyn Selin
Inspired by the designer's heritage, this piece takes inspiration from the lustrous porcelain ceramics of the Chinese aristocrats where the name came from. This crown jewel of a Mascota is fit for a royal empress for her grand coronation.

"Tenebris Nocta" by Eddie Villaflor
Señorita Gaymarie Andalis
This purple mascota's title means "dimmed night", inspired by the hues of the twilight. Violet is the color of royalty and magic, which makes this piece a luxurious and enchanting dress that is fit for a grandiose event.

"Victoria" by Nicole Salih
Señorita Reikalen Ishii
An ensemble meant to be worn for a masquerade ball, this impecable mascota represents beauty and sophistication of a modern Zamboangueña.

"Esposa del Inchero" by Usni Sali
Señorita Albi Joy Gonzales
Perhaps the most unique concept of all is this Mascota for a widow who is attending the funeral of his departed beloved husband. The colors black and white symbolizes sadness and purity. The mascota is embellished with crocheted purple and pink flowers.

"Cory" by Orlan Lopez
Señorita Centaime Andrea Smith
Yellow, which is one of the traditional colors of the Philippine flag, inspired this mascota for a modern Filipino social event. It symbolizes optimism and conveys youthful and fresh energy to uplift and illuminate success and confidence to the Zamboangueña.

"Sacerdotisa de Seiryu" by Raustin Siocon
Señorita Gwin Dawami
Inspired by the Azure Chinese dragon constellation deity of east seas, Seiryu. This brilliant masterpiece is studded with hundreds of gemstones that will make any señorita sparkle in a night of glamour.

"Mi Unica Hija" by Glady Rose Pantua
Señorita Shantara Satine Suico
The title means "My only daughter" which is inspired by the young Zamboangueña. The shades of taupe brings out the vintage look. The mascota is embroidered with flowers, symbolizing the blossoming beauty of the señorita.

"Belleza de la Jardin" by Vincci Descalzo (4th Runner-Up)
Señorita Bellatrix Tan
This rose colored ensemble is inspired by a spring garden full of flowers meant to for a young blossoming señorita. Embellished with crystals and handcrafted flowers, this piece will surely make any woman blush and bloom in her grand occassion.

"Traje de Oro" by Geronie Labora (3rd Runner-Up)
Señorita Lyka Nicole Francisco
This golden masterpiece is inspired by Zamboanga Hermosa, the beautiful Zamboanga. The opulent color is a precious metal used for royalty and luxury such as jewelry. The mascota is embedded with golden flowers symbolizing and its rich culture, and the payneta is inspired by the Fort Pilar Shrine.

"Azul Celeste" by Frederic Rodriguez (2nd Runner-up)
Señorita Henkel Julian (Bella de la Noche)
This blue mascota takes inspiration from the "rio encantado" or enchanted river which also called "blue sky" where the title comes from. This evangelical beauty symbolizes divinity, sophistication, and luxury of an "alta sociedad" Zamboangueña ready to shine in any event.

"Aurora" by Hamza Grey Scoff (1st Runner-up)
Señorita Angelica Baird
Inspired by the colors of dawn and the Marian devotion of Zamboangueños. This mascota expresses the religious spirit and strong faith. Embroidered colored represents pure beauty and the season of spring which will make a señorita stand out among the crowd.

"Poderosa" by Erich Miñoza (1st Place)
Señorita Lee Daina Nelson
This year's winning masterpiece expresses women empowerment with its eye-catching beauty. This mascota showcases indigenous patterns and materials celebrating the different ethnicities of Zamboangueña beauty and strength.

Enhorabuena to all winners and to all participating designers for the gorgeous gowns and wonderful show this year!
#ZamboHermosaFest #MasAlegreNaZamboanga

Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2019 Call for Entries

11:43 AM
The grandest festival in Zamboanga Peninsula is coming this October and the City Government of Zamboanga has prepared a lineup of activities and competitions for you to enjoy in this year's Zamboanga Hermosa Festival. With the theme "Diversidad, Resiliencia y Alegria", the colorful fiesta dedicated to the city's patroness, Nuestra Señora La Virgen del Pilar, is bigger and better than ever! New competitions such as the Batalla 2019 and Regional Drum and Lyre Competition, will bring all people around ZamPen to celebrate with music and dance! Here are the competitions and events which are the highlights of #ZamboHermosaFest

Inter-Barangay Fiesta Arco Competition 2019

Zamboanga Art Exhibit 2019

Inter-Barangay Bandoreal Competition

Regional Drum and Lyre Competition 2019

Batalla 2019: The Hermosa Mega Crew Hip Hop Dance Battle

Original Chavacano Video Festival 2019

Zamboanga Dancesport Competition 2019

Hermosa Festival Streetdance Competition 2019

Parade of Lights (Float Parade Competition) 2019 Hermosa Festival Photography Competition 2019

For news and updates, like the official facebook page: Zamboanga Hermosa Festival or follow at Twitter and Instagram at @zambocitygovt@gmail.com. Shoot, Post and Share your photos using the official hashtag #ZamboHermosaFest
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