Movie Posters for Prenup

2:36 AM
For their prenupital photos, Erwin and Cathlean recreated their own version of posters from different movies such as Twilight, Titanic, Memoirs of a Geisha, My Sassy Girl and a lot more. It is really a unique concept since they want to have an Oscar's Night for their wedding reception. They will really be the stars of the night. So here are the movie posters/prenup photos of Erwin and Cathlean. More photos after the jump :D

Photographer: Ryann Elumba
Layout Artist: Cedrick Zabala
Coordinator: Elvin Sagun
Designer: Geronie Labora
Make-up Artist: Dennis Navarro Salon

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More Album Layouts

5:11 PM
More of my wedding album layouts for JoeArt Production. Im experimenting more on the styles and i came up with Jun and Dona's album, which is my fave so far. I used the awesome scrapbook stocks in DA. To see the rest of the album, click view full album. :D More albums after the jump :D

Bryan and Tinee

Janthree and Riza

Jun and Dona

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Romy and Brenda SDE

3:05 PM

March 12, 2011

Church: Claret Parish Church
Reception: Patio Palmeras
Videographer: Jan Santos
Editor: Cedrick Zabala
Wedding Coordinator: Joe Harris Kari Events and Events Styling
Flowers: Joe Harris Kari Events and Events Styling
Designer: Joe Harris Kari
Make-up Artist: Goyang Fernandez
Lights and Sound: Wildbluez Mobile System


12:12 AM
Just want to share my recently finished typography work which i started almost a year ago. I forgot to finish it until i rediscovered it in my folders in my laptop. It's not really a typography work :D i want to make a very graphic line work in illustrator using the "Blend" feature. I miss doing illustrator works. Good thing i have a project this week for my dad that needs some vector work. So here's my recent work, csz97 typography. Click on the image for full view :D

Zamboanga Wedding Suppliers Directory: Photography

1:44 PM
Wedding photography here in Zamboanga is a tough competition. Being part of one of the youngest and only multimedia group here, i heard the rants of the people in the Photography field about how low the rates of most of the photographers are. Photographers with established businesses are threatened by freelancers and enthusiasts who offers very low prices. I think photographers here should have an organization to address all these problems. We, as a young professionals in this business, are not yet bold enough to lead the industry. The veteran photographers should really be the ones who should make a step to unite all the photographers so the issues will be tackled.

Zamboanga Photographers are no doubt creative, and the quality of their output are just as high as those in Manila. In fact, we have more difficulties and challenges that people can't see behind the scenes just to achieve the shots. We also have a unique niche which are Muslim weddings which are more challenging to handle. Anyways, going back to the main topic, i want to share a list of wedding photographers here in Zamboanga City. If you know other photographers, do comment so i can include them in the list. Click read more to see the rest of the list.

JoeArt Production
By Jouie and Jeryl Tamse
Cel: 0918 5415281
Services: Me & My Wife are both in common, we work together in Photography & 3D Photo Montage (3DPM) Animation for Wedding & Events. Fashion & Dedication is just part of our lifestyle. Quality is the most centered in all our works.

Creative Works Photography
by Clint Sanchez
Cel: 0917 3083518
Address: Canelar Street, zamboanga City, besides Graciel Flower Shop

Vista del Lente
Address: 236 San Jose Rd, Zamboanga City

Members: Rey Fortuna, Reymond Ledesma, Cristine Monroy, Jay Jason Agustin
Email: vistadelente@yahoo.comPhone: 926-2288, 955-2288
Facebook page: link

Richard Ledesma Fotografia

Kerwin Baldovino Photography
Phone: 991 7808
Cel: +63 917 812-5637

Rikki Lim Photography

Disclaimer: I do not own the photos. Credit belongs to the photographers as indicated in the watermarks.
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