Franco and Janice SDE

12:21 PM
Here's one from Vista de Lente Videography. It was a rainy day but it didn't stop us from creating their wedding film a great one. It was heart melting when Franco became very emotional when Janice walked down the aisle. View their Prenup pics here. Watch Franco and Janice's wedding film. Enjoy!

Franco and Janice Wedding

CHURCH Guiwan Church, Zamboanga City | RECEPTION Hacienda de Palmeras | COORDINATOR Better Days Events by Bylna | PHOTO & VIDEO Vista de Lente | SHOOTERS Carlo, Dondee, Jolas | EDITOR csz97

Chuck and Kath SDE

10:53 AM
 "Fall in love again with this wedding onsite video of Chuck and Kath truly the love of the couple for each other makes a wedding beautiful. And the awesome thing about weddings, is the love of God that you'll feel as every part of the celebration unfolds. Because, in every wedding, it is God who is the happiest when two people unite. have a Merry Christmas everyone!" - Amor Lapiz of Faith and Love Events

Chuck and Katherine Wedding

PREPS Garden Orchid Hotel | CHURCH St. Ignatius Parish Church | RECEPTION Astoria Regency, Zamboanga City | COORDINATOR Faith and Love Events by Amor Lapiz | PHOTOGRAPHY Vista De Lente | FLOWER Pattie Mae | LIGHTS & SOUNDS Sure Audio | VIDEOGRAPHY Trebor Z Audio Visuals | SHOOTERS Trebz, Alleks, Louie, Joan | EDITOR csz97

Onat and Jen SDE

2:37 PM
For me, this is probably our best work so far :) There's just a time when everything falls perfectly into place. We have a great couple, a great video team and suppliers who works to make this wedding perfect. I want to elaborate more about Onat and Jen's SDE but, i'll just quote the words of our boss, Trebz:

"Some clients or couples always ask on how can we make their wedding videos like of Richard & Maya, Maricar & Richard Poon or similar to any celebrity weddings, our opinion was simple, weddings are unscripted... we're just there to document it... the flow of the entire preps and ceremony will depend on how beautiful your wedding will be... though we can't make you like those of superstars but we can try our best to capture those moments and make it a special one... Here's a sample of pure happiness and love, simple yet intimate... We bring you Onat & Jen's Same Day Edit.."

Onat & Jen Wedding

PREPS Garden Orchid Hotel | CHURCH St. Josepg Parish Church, Zamboanga City | COORDINATOR & EVENT STYLIST Adventures Unlimited by Marlo Luna | HAIR & MAKEUP Goyang Fernandez | PHOTOGRAPHY Richard Ledesma | PHOTOBOOTH Jess Yu | LIGHTS & SOUNDS Sure Audio Mobile by Donjie | EMCEE Jay Silva | VIDEOGRAPHY Trebor Z Audio Visuals | SHOOTERS Trebz, Alleks, Jaime and Joan | EDITOR csz97

Jerome and Rina SDE

8:56 PM
It's already December! Which means its Wedding season again! For two weeks I already did six SDEs, one for a birthday and five weddings. I'll start with Jerome and Rina. Rina is one of the prettiest brides this year. With their friends and family, Jerome and Rina are truly blessed with love and support for their marriage. Watch the highlights of their wedding. Enjoy!

Jerome and Rina Wedding

PREPS Lantaka Hotel | CHURCH St. Joseph Parish Church | RECEPTION Astoria Regency,
Zamboanga City | COORDINATION & EVENT STYLING Elvin Sagun | MAKEUP Jessrryl Torres | LIGHTS & SOUNDS Sure Audio | PHOTOGRAPHY Vista de Lente | FLOWERS Patti Mae | EMCEE Jay Silva | VIDEOGRAPHY Trebor Z Audio Visuals | SHOOTERS Trebz, Louie, Alleks, Jaime, Joan | EDITOR csz97

Timmy and Marian SDE

7:34 PM
Presenting the first ever aerial shots used in a Zamboanga Wedding! Timmy and Marian were such a fun couple. During her wedding day, Marian is just filled with lots of emotions. She's so happy and positive as she was having her makeup. She said that she felt like she's the most beautiful girl in the world. She smiled ceaselessly and was just super excited for the wedding to start. While recording a short message for his soon to be husband, she can't stop her tears. Timmy, on the other hand, was sweating while giving his message. He was filled with mixed emotions.

The couple were also fortunate to have the first wedding video featuring aerial shots taken using a drone equipped with an HD camera. Vista de Lente is the first to offer this kind of video shots and I'm overwhelmed to be the one to edit the SDE. Thanks Sir Reymond for the opportunity and im looking forward to more projects! Watch Timmy and Marian's SDE here.

Timmy and Marian

VENUE Lantaka Hotel by the Sea | COORDINATOR G-Events Specialista | PHOTO & VIDEO Vista de Lente | SHOOTERS Dondee, Jolas, Sir Reymond | EDITOR csz97

Stephen and Cheryl SDE

12:25 AM
Here's a beautiful, emotion filled wedding of Stephen and Cheryl. I love how the couple chose to celebrate their wedding with their heritage. The reception had Chinese themed design, complete with lanterns and huge temple-like doors at the entrance. Check out their SDE below.

Stephen & Cheryl Wedding

PREPS Garden Orchid Hotel | VENUE Astoria Regency, Zamboanga City | PHOTOGRAPHY Kerwin B, Marvin & Jess Yu | LIGHTS & SOUNDS Sure Audio by Donjie & Joan | COORDINATION Marlo Luna of Adventures Unlimited | VIDEOGRAPHY Trebor Z Audio Visuals | SHOOTERS Robert, Alleks, Louie, Darz | EDITOR csz97

Pascua na Zamboanga 2013 Calendar of Activities

12:04 AM
This year, Zamboanga will be celebrating the Yultide season in a different tone. The past months has been a challenge for the city to rebuild and build back a better community. The theme for this year's Pascua na Zamboanga is Build Back Better Un Familia Zamboangue├▒o. The celebration will kick off on December 2, with a Flag Raising Ceremony which is also a 'Tribute to Heroes' event. In the evening, there will be a ceremonial turning on of Christmas tree and lights at some landmarks of the city like City Hall, Plaza Pershing and Paseo del Mar.

Some events from the Hermosa Festival has been moved to the Christmas calendar of activities such as Vinta Sailing and Mascota de Zamboanga. A weekend Christmas Fair will also be held at Centro Latino, Paseo del Mar on Dec 7-8, 14-15, 21-22, & 28-29 from 10AM to 10PM. Check out the rest of the activities in the official poster designed by truly yours :)

pascua na zamboanga calendar of activities poster christmas celebration city hall
Click to view larger :)
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