Summer Na Zamboanga 2017

3:45 PM
The most colorful festival of the holiday season is here! The City Government of Zamboanga presents "Summer Na Zamboanga 2017". Here is the lineup of activities in store for #SummerNaZambo:

Semana Santa (Holy Week)
April 13-Maundy Thursday
April 14-Good Friday
April 16-Easter Sunday

Summer Festival Opening Salvo
April 21, Saturday
5PM, Paseo del Mar Esplanade

Mi Ciudad Photo Competition
April 20, Friday-Deadline of Submission
April 26, Wednesday-Public Exhibit
Jardin Maria Clara, Pasonanca

Dia de Ma'am Caling
April 26, Wednesday
Mural Painting Contest
April 24-26, Monday-Wednesday
8AM-5PM, Jardin de Maria Clara, Pasonanca

Commemorative Mass
April 26, Wednesday
4PM, Holy Trinity Parish Church, Pasonanca

Commemorative Program & Chav-Pop Night
April 26, Wednesday
5PM, Jardin de Maria Clara, Pasonanca

Zamboanga Hiphop Dance Competition 2017:
The Illusion Challenge
May 13, Saturday
1PM, Mayor Vitaliano Agan Coliseum, Tetuan

Fiesta na Isla de Sta. Cruz
April 8-May 28, Saturdays and Sundays
The Great Sta. Cruz Island

Dia de Gen. Vicente Alvarez
Commemorative Mass
May 18, Thursday, 6AM, Fort Pilar

Commemorative Program
MAY 18, Thursday
8AM, Plaza de Gen. Vicente Alvarez

Neo-Ethnic Dance Competition
May 18, Thursday
9AM, Centro Latino, Paseo del Mar

22nd Basic Sports Summer Camp:
Summer Learn to Play a Sport Program
MAY 1-31, Register at the City Hall Annex, PIO
For Inquiries, contact the City Sports Division Office at 992-1259
Miss Silka 2017
May 12, Friday
6PM, Royce Convention Center, Grand Astoria Hotel

Festival de las Bellas y Flores: Los Elementos
May 20, Saturday
4PM, City Fire Station to Centro Latino, Paseo del Mar

Santacruzan 2017
May 26, Friday
4PM - Holy Mass, Metropolitan Cathedral
5PM - Procession, Catherdal to Astoria Royce
6PM - Coronation Ceremony, Astoria Royce

Danza Verano 2017
May 27, Saturday
1PM-12AM, Boy Scout Camp, Pasonanca

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Island Hopping at Gigantes Island

2:00 PM
After the spending three days in Bacolod, we're off to another province in the west of Visayas, Iloilo! Upon arrival, my adventure buddy, Joed, who is staying in Iloilo now, welcomed us and went with us in our next destination. Before we explore the City of Love, we're heading north to the famous Islands of Gigantes in the municipality of Carles.

From Iloilo City, we rode the bus going to Estancia. After 4 hours, we arrived at the port of Estancia and took the 1PM boat going to Gigantes Norte Island. The silhouette of the islands look like a giant man and a woman lying down, that's where it got its name.

The Iloilo River with the city hall at the back.

On board to Estancia!

The boat going to Gigantes Islands. We have to bring lots of water coz there are few stores there.

My view from the boat

After almost 3 hours, we arrived at the Southern Island of Gigantes. Almost there!

Arrived at Gigantes Norte Island. Because the tide was low, our boat docked far from the shore. A smaller shabby boat ferried us to the shore. A man also named Joed welcomed us and brought us to our accommodation.

Via motorcycles, we arrived in this sleepy resort named Arjay Beach. We left our bags and went straight to our adventures. Our first stop is at a lighthouse.

We arrived at the area and there's an old Spanish-style building. At the back of this building is where the lighthouse is located.

The sea and our smiles.

Outside the complex, we saw these handmade sea shell crafts made by local kids which they sell to tourists as souvenirs. Then, we're off to our next adventure, Spelunking!

It was already late in the afternoon. We did spelunking at the Bakwitan Cave, which served as a fortress for the locals when a strong typhoon strikes. That's why they call it Bakwitan, from the word "evacuate". We didn't have photos inside coz it's dark inside! It's hard to take photos with our dirty hands.

It was already evening when we went back to the resort. We had our dinner then went to sleep. Since the island had limited electricity supply, they have to turn off the lights by 10PM. The next morning..

Joed with his morning coffee.

Morning sea breeze and hot coffee mist. Perfect combination!

Good morning Gigantes! Time for island hopping!

We arrived at our first island..

Cool rock formations

Summer perfect view!

Chilling on top of these cool rock formations

Groufie at the rock formations!

Off to our next stop, the famous picturesque island.

We finally arrived at Cabugao Island aka "Instagram Island"

This is the hill where you can get the famous view. You have to go inside the tiny cave and climb the wooden ladders to reach the top.

Supportive photographer friend here.

Nature's perfection!

The other side of the famous view.

On the other side of Instagram Island

Epic pose for an epic shot!

These rocks seem to pop out from the middle of the ocean.

Leaving my footprints at the Bantique Island Sand Bar

Jotie, Joed and I at Bantique Island Sand Bar

Chillin at the sandbar

Sumptuous lunch at the sand bar.

Underwater shot!

Time to go back..

Our adventure in Gigantes has come to an end. We're going back to Iloilo to tour around the city.

Locals help to unload the motorcycle from the boat.

Window snapshots as we go back to the city.
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