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The spate of events that unfolded and continue to unfold in Zamboanga City are very heartbreaking and upsetting.Homes have been destroyed, lives have been broken and dreams have been lost.

Zamboanga City paid a high cost to defend our freedom, independence and sovereignty, and our heart goes out to the residents of Zamboanga, to the families and children who remain in distress and who live in fear for their present and for their future.

Our hearts go out to the fallen soldiers and policemen who gave up their lives for this fight, to every wife who lost a husband, to every child who lost a father and to parents who lost a son.

Through all this, Zamboanga City remains undaunted and undefeated. As we prepare to take the long road to recovery, we call on every Filipino to help pick up the pieces left in the wake of this tragedy.

Time and again, we have proven that we are all heroes. Let us prove to the world then, that spirit of bayanihan is alive and well. Let us prove again that for every time we are brought to our knees, the Filipino rises up to be stronger and better than before.

Let us prove again that together, no Juan is left behind.

Zamboanga City and her people need you. Let us helpbuild a better Zamboanga.
One Flag. One Philippines. One Zamboanga City.

To help aid in the recovery of Zamboanga City,
monetary assistance may be deposited in the
Trust Fund of the City Government of Zamboanga through:

Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP), Zamboanga City Branch
Account Number: 0955-033541-030

Land Bank of the Philippines, Main Branch, Zamboanga City
Account Number: 3232-1016-60
Swift Code: TLBPPHMM

Kindly email your deposit slips to zambocitygovt@gmail.com
or fax to (062) 9912185 and corresponding official receipts
shall be issued.

GBPI TV-11, Tzu Chi Foundation, Dr. Anton Mari Lim, Derick Rhodz, Silvie Jasmin Agravante, Jasmine Mohammadsali, Lovely Espinosa, Yhannie Zabala, Evs Endoso, Reyn Raco, Regine Mendoza, Rhey John Soriño, Garnette Francisco, Cedrick Zabala, Christian Olasiman, Sheila Covarrubias

Zoom In: Zamboanga City (2013 Ad Campaign)

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Zoom In Zamboanga Ad Campaign Tourism Ride in her waves, roll in the pink sand and swirl yourself into a riot of colors are just some of the many ways to experience Zamboanga – and there’s still more in store for everyone to do in this vibrant City at the tip of Zamboanga Peninsula.

Zoom In Zamboanga Ad Campaign Tourism
This September, Zamboanga City is rising up the ante in tourism promotion as it launches today its new advertising campaign at the 24th Philippine Travel Mart at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. The latest drive is an invitation for visitors and locals alike to zoom in again and take a closer look at the many reasons, some still unknown, why people love Zamboanga and why many call it their home.

This new campaign let's us share a piece of Zamboanga that we truly love. Let's Zoom In to its diversity. Use the hashtag #ZoomInZamboanga in your instagram photos, fb status and tweets, and tell us what makes Zamboanga your home.

Special Thanks to:
DOT R-IX, DOT-9 Regional Director Maryjune Bugante, City Tourism Office, Ms. Sarita Hernandez, City Government of Zamboanga, Info & Communications Division of City Mayors Office, Irmalyn Ho, Dexter dela Peña, Trebor Z Audio Visuals, Christian Olasiman and Cedrick Zabala.

Watch the original videos here:
"Zamboanga 2012" by Irmalyn Ho
"Hermosa Streetdance 2012" by Dexter dela Peña
"Zamboanga Peninsula's Cultural Pride" by DOT 9 (Produced by Trebor Z Audio Visuals)

Here are some news articles about the launching of the campaign:
BWorldOnline.com: "Zamboanga City launches tourism campaign"
Philippine Daily Inquirer: "Zamboanga City pulls all stops in promoting tourism" Sept 6, 2013. Below is the full page ad published on the day of the launch of the campaign.

Zoom In Zamboanga Ad Campaign Tourism
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