Franco and Janice SDE

12:21 PM
Here's one from Vista de Lente Videography. It was a rainy day but it didn't stop us from creating their wedding film a great one. It was heart melting when Franco became very emotional when Janice walked down the aisle. View their Prenup pics here. Watch Franco and Janice's wedding film. Enjoy!

Franco and Janice Wedding

CHURCH Guiwan Church, Zamboanga City | RECEPTION Hacienda de Palmeras | COORDINATOR Better Days Events by Bylna | PHOTO & VIDEO Vista de Lente | SHOOTERS Carlo, Dondee, Jolas | EDITOR csz97

Chuck and Kath SDE

10:53 AM
 "Fall in love again with this wedding onsite video of Chuck and Kath truly the love of the couple for each other makes a wedding beautiful. And the awesome thing about weddings, is the love of God that you'll feel as every part of the celebration unfolds. Because, in every wedding, it is God who is the happiest when two people unite. have a Merry Christmas everyone!" - Amor Lapiz of Faith and Love Events

Chuck and Katherine Wedding

PREPS Garden Orchid Hotel | CHURCH St. Ignatius Parish Church | RECEPTION Astoria Regency, Zamboanga City | COORDINATOR Faith and Love Events by Amor Lapiz | PHOTOGRAPHY Vista De Lente | FLOWER Pattie Mae | LIGHTS & SOUNDS Sure Audio | VIDEOGRAPHY Trebor Z Audio Visuals | SHOOTERS Trebz, Alleks, Louie, Joan | EDITOR csz97

Onat and Jen SDE

2:37 PM
For me, this is probably our best work so far :) There's just a time when everything falls perfectly into place. We have a great couple, a great video team and suppliers who works to make this wedding perfect. I want to elaborate more about Onat and Jen's SDE but, i'll just quote the words of our boss, Trebz:

"Some clients or couples always ask on how can we make their wedding videos like of Richard & Maya, Maricar & Richard Poon or similar to any celebrity weddings, our opinion was simple, weddings are unscripted... we're just there to document it... the flow of the entire preps and ceremony will depend on how beautiful your wedding will be... though we can't make you like those of superstars but we can try our best to capture those moments and make it a special one... Here's a sample of pure happiness and love, simple yet intimate... We bring you Onat & Jen's Same Day Edit.."

Onat & Jen Wedding

PREPS Garden Orchid Hotel | CHURCH St. Josepg Parish Church, Zamboanga City | COORDINATOR & EVENT STYLIST Adventures Unlimited by Marlo Luna | HAIR & MAKEUP Goyang Fernandez | PHOTOGRAPHY Richard Ledesma | PHOTOBOOTH Jess Yu | LIGHTS & SOUNDS Sure Audio Mobile by Donjie | EMCEE Jay Silva | VIDEOGRAPHY Trebor Z Audio Visuals | SHOOTERS Trebz, Alleks, Jaime and Joan | EDITOR csz97

Jerome and Rina SDE

8:56 PM
It's already December! Which means its Wedding season again! For two weeks I already did six SDEs, one for a birthday and five weddings. I'll start with Jerome and Rina. Rina is one of the prettiest brides this year. With their friends and family, Jerome and Rina are truly blessed with love and support for their marriage. Watch the highlights of their wedding. Enjoy!

Jerome and Rina Wedding

PREPS Lantaka Hotel | CHURCH St. Joseph Parish Church | RECEPTION Astoria Regency,
Zamboanga City | COORDINATION & EVENT STYLING Elvin Sagun | MAKEUP Jessrryl Torres | LIGHTS & SOUNDS Sure Audio | PHOTOGRAPHY Vista de Lente | FLOWERS Patti Mae | EMCEE Jay Silva | VIDEOGRAPHY Trebor Z Audio Visuals | SHOOTERS Trebz, Louie, Alleks, Jaime, Joan | EDITOR csz97

Timmy and Marian SDE

7:34 PM
Presenting the first ever aerial shots used in a Zamboanga Wedding! Timmy and Marian were such a fun couple. During her wedding day, Marian is just filled with lots of emotions. She's so happy and positive as she was having her makeup. She said that she felt like she's the most beautiful girl in the world. She smiled ceaselessly and was just super excited for the wedding to start. While recording a short message for his soon to be husband, she can't stop her tears. Timmy, on the other hand, was sweating while giving his message. He was filled with mixed emotions.

The couple were also fortunate to have the first wedding video featuring aerial shots taken using a drone equipped with an HD camera. Vista de Lente is the first to offer this kind of video shots and I'm overwhelmed to be the one to edit the SDE. Thanks Sir Reymond for the opportunity and im looking forward to more projects! Watch Timmy and Marian's SDE here.

Timmy and Marian

VENUE Lantaka Hotel by the Sea | COORDINATOR G-Events Specialista | PHOTO & VIDEO Vista de Lente | SHOOTERS Dondee, Jolas, Sir Reymond | EDITOR csz97

Stephen and Cheryl SDE

12:25 AM
Here's a beautiful, emotion filled wedding of Stephen and Cheryl. I love how the couple chose to celebrate their wedding with their heritage. The reception had Chinese themed design, complete with lanterns and huge temple-like doors at the entrance. Check out their SDE below.

Stephen & Cheryl Wedding

PREPS Garden Orchid Hotel | VENUE Astoria Regency, Zamboanga City | PHOTOGRAPHY Kerwin B, Marvin & Jess Yu | LIGHTS & SOUNDS Sure Audio by Donjie & Joan | COORDINATION Marlo Luna of Adventures Unlimited | VIDEOGRAPHY Trebor Z Audio Visuals | SHOOTERS Robert, Alleks, Louie, Darz | EDITOR csz97

Pascua na Zamboanga 2013 Calendar of Activities

12:04 AM
This year, Zamboanga will be celebrating the Yultide season in a different tone. The past months has been a challenge for the city to rebuild and build back a better community. The theme for this year's Pascua na Zamboanga is Build Back Better Un Familia Zamboangueño. The celebration will kick off on December 2, with a Flag Raising Ceremony which is also a 'Tribute to Heroes' event. In the evening, there will be a ceremonial turning on of Christmas tree and lights at some landmarks of the city like City Hall, Plaza Pershing and Paseo del Mar.

Some events from the Hermosa Festival has been moved to the Christmas calendar of activities such as Vinta Sailing and Mascota de Zamboanga. A weekend Christmas Fair will also be held at Centro Latino, Paseo del Mar on Dec 7-8, 14-15, 21-22, & 28-29 from 10AM to 10PM. Check out the rest of the activities in the official poster designed by truly yours :)

pascua na zamboanga calendar of activities poster christmas celebration city hall
Click to view larger :)

Alfrith and Michelle SDE

9:11 PM
After the month long Zambo Crisis, i'm back in doing SDE with my team, Trebor Z Audio Visuals. Alfrith and Michelle's big wedding was attended by their families and friend not only from Zamboanga but from other cities and countries, too. Nothing can hinder love, indeed. Take a peek of the highlights of their big day in this SDE.

Alfrith & Michelle Wedding

CHURCH Guiwan Parish Church | RECEPTION Garden Orchid Convention, Zamboanga City | PHOTOGRAPHY Kerwin Baldovido | PHOTOBOOTH Jess Yu | COORDINATOR Jeffrey Fernandez | LIGHTS & SOUNDS Sure Audio | FLOWERS Abi Chu | VIDEOGRAPHY Trebor Z Audio Visuals | SHOOTERS Robert, Alleks, Louie, Darz | EDITOR Ced Zabala

Patrick and Grace SDE

8:25 PM
This is my first time to witness a church wedding in the evening. It started at 6PM and reception already started at 9. Nevertheless, the wedding was such a unique one. The reception was held at the Poolside of Regency and the pool was transformed into a stage with fountain. There was also a spectacular fireworks show that really made their wedding very romantic. I love the stage setup by Raymond Rabanal, too. Congratulations to Patrick and Grace! Here is the same-day edit!

Patrick & Grace Wedding

CHURCH St. Joseph Parish Church | RECEPTION Astoria Regency Poolside | PREPS Garden Orchid Hotel, Zamboanga City | COORDINATOR Raymond Rabanal | PHOTOGRAPHY Guilly Roy M. Natividad | LIGHTS & SOUNDS Sure Audio Professionals | VIDEOGRAPHY Trebor Z Audio Visuals | SHOOTERS Matt, Alleks, Louie, Darz | EDITOR Cedz Zabala

ChrisH Vexel Art

8:29 PM
It has been almost a year since i did my last "artwork" which is my poster design entry for Animahenasyon. I also did some doodles for the 30 day drawing challenge which is still unfinished. I posted those works in my doodle blog but whenever i ran out of ideas i tend to get stuck XD.

Recently, ive been watching US shows like SYTYCD, Glee and ANTM. I'm an active tweet peep, too! I followed celebrities and enjoyed reading their tweets about their daily lives. One day, I stumbled upon this photo of Chris Hernandez (@Iam_ChrisH), a "model-testant" of America's Next Top Model Cycle 20, which he posted in twitter. I like the photo because of the lighting and colors which i thought will be a good vexel/vector art. I like the hair style and his expression, too.

Surprisingly, I was inspired to work on it one day. I used Adobe Illustrator to "vectorize" it. I almost gave up when i started doing the hair. It took me more than 5 hours to finish it but i was very happy it came out nice. I rested and decided to continue it the following day. After three days, I finally finished it! The most challenging part is where the magenta and cyan blend. The hair and lips are my favorite part of it :)

Check out the original post in my DeviantArt account for larger view. Dont forget to hit the fave+ :) Here are some details. Watcha think?


1:34 AM
The spate of events that unfolded and continue to unfold in Zamboanga City are very heartbreaking and upsetting.Homes have been destroyed, lives have been broken and dreams have been lost.

Zamboanga City paid a high cost to defend our freedom, independence and sovereignty, and our heart goes out to the residents of Zamboanga, to the families and children who remain in distress and who live in fear for their present and for their future.

Our hearts go out to the fallen soldiers and policemen who gave up their lives for this fight, to every wife who lost a husband, to every child who lost a father and to parents who lost a son.

Through all this, Zamboanga City remains undaunted and undefeated. As we prepare to take the long road to recovery, we call on every Filipino to help pick up the pieces left in the wake of this tragedy.

Time and again, we have proven that we are all heroes. Let us prove to the world then, that spirit of bayanihan is alive and well. Let us prove again that for every time we are brought to our knees, the Filipino rises up to be stronger and better than before.

Let us prove again that together, no Juan is left behind.

Zamboanga City and her people need you. Let us helpbuild a better Zamboanga.
One Flag. One Philippines. One Zamboanga City.

To help aid in the recovery of Zamboanga City,
monetary assistance may be deposited in the
Trust Fund of the City Government of Zamboanga through:

Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP), Zamboanga City Branch
Account Number: 0955-033541-030

Land Bank of the Philippines, Main Branch, Zamboanga City
Account Number: 3232-1016-60
Swift Code: TLBPPHMM

Kindly email your deposit slips to
or fax to (062) 9912185 and corresponding official receipts
shall be issued.

GBPI TV-11, Tzu Chi Foundation, Dr. Anton Mari Lim, Derick Rhodz, Silvie Jasmin Agravante, Jasmine Mohammadsali, Lovely Espinosa, Yhannie Zabala, Evs Endoso, Reyn Raco, Regine Mendoza, Rhey John Soriño, Garnette Francisco, Cedrick Zabala, Christian Olasiman, Sheila Covarrubias

Zoom In: Zamboanga City (2013 Ad Campaign)

11:19 PM
Zoom In Zamboanga Ad Campaign Tourism Ride in her waves, roll in the pink sand and swirl yourself into a riot of colors are just some of the many ways to experience Zamboanga – and there’s still more in store for everyone to do in this vibrant City at the tip of Zamboanga Peninsula.

Zoom In Zamboanga Ad Campaign Tourism
This September, Zamboanga City is rising up the ante in tourism promotion as it launches today its new advertising campaign at the 24th Philippine Travel Mart at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. The latest drive is an invitation for visitors and locals alike to zoom in again and take a closer look at the many reasons, some still unknown, why people love Zamboanga and why many call it their home.

This new campaign let's us share a piece of Zamboanga that we truly love. Let's Zoom In to its diversity. Use the hashtag #ZoomInZamboanga in your instagram photos, fb status and tweets, and tell us what makes Zamboanga your home.

Special Thanks to:
DOT R-IX, DOT-9 Regional Director Maryjune Bugante, City Tourism Office, Ms. Sarita Hernandez, City Government of Zamboanga, Info & Communications Division of City Mayors Office, Irmalyn Ho, Dexter dela Peña, Trebor Z Audio Visuals, Christian Olasiman and Cedrick Zabala.

Watch the original videos here:
"Zamboanga 2012" by Irmalyn Ho
"Hermosa Streetdance 2012" by Dexter dela Peña
"Zamboanga Peninsula's Cultural Pride" by DOT 9 (Produced by Trebor Z Audio Visuals)

Here are some news articles about the launching of the campaign: "Zamboanga City launches tourism campaign"
Philippine Daily Inquirer: "Zamboanga City pulls all stops in promoting tourism" Sept 6, 2013. Below is the full page ad published on the day of the launch of the campaign.

Zoom In Zamboanga Ad Campaign Tourism

Mayari (A Cut Out Animation)

10:57 PM
Synopsis: Based on a Pampangan myth, “Mayari” tells a story of the epic battle of the son and daughter of the supreme god Bathala. Mayari, the goddess of the moon, and Apolaki, the guardian of the sun, fought over who would rule the earth after Bathala’s death. The once friendly battle stopped when a tragic incident happened. (Zamboanga City/ 2008 / Cut Out Animation / 04:31 min.)

Mayari - A Cut-out Animation from Cedrick Zabala on Vimeo.

Finalist, Animated Short (Student Category), Animahenasyon 2009
Produced by: Cedrick Zabala, Joanne Atilano, Bryne Brillantes
Who is Mayari?

Jon and Jean on Chalkboard (Prenup)

6:59 PM
Hi! Just want to share this collab work with Vista de Lente Photography for a Prenup Shoot. They have this concept where the couple looks like they are in a chalkboard background. The original idea is to make a set where the drawings are really drawn in a huge black canvas. But they had only little time so we thought of Plan B which is to shoot them in a blank black backdrop then the drawing will be digitally composited in post-production. I really commend the couple for pushing through this concept and for having the patience and effort in lying down and doing these poses. Check out the last photo for the process in creating these images.

prenup photography photo shoot chalk art board effect vista de lente

prenup photography photo shoot chalk art board effect vista de lente

prenup photography photo shoot chalk art board effect vista de lente

prenup photography photo shoot chalk art board effect vista de lente

Credits to Vista de Lente for the Photography. Like their FB Page here.

Marco and Jelyn SDE

11:55 AM

Marco and Jelyn Wedding
0 6 . 2 9 . 1 3

PREPS Garden Orchid Hotel | CHURCH Sinunuc Parish Church | RECEPTION Astoria Plaza | PHOTOGRAPHY Vista de Lente | VIDEOGRAPHY Trebor Z Audio Visuals | SHOOTERS Robert, Alleks, Louie, Darz | EDITOR csz97

Nabz and Chang SDE

11:33 AM
It's not every muslim wedding that a song like this is chosen for their SDE. Nabz and Chang's love song is "Always" by Switchfoot. From their entrance to their wedding highlight video, this song really defined their love for each other. They both work in Saudi and had their wedding here in Zamboanga. An emotion-filled family was there to witness as they walk along the aisle. It is indeed a precious moment for the couple as they stood side by side with their family and friends around.

Nabz and Chang Wedding
0 6 . 2 3 . 1 3

VENUE Astoria Regency | COORDINATION & EVENT STYLING Joe Harris Kari | PHOTOGRAPHY C-Works Photography | VIDEOGRAPHY Trebor Z Audio Visuals | SHOOTERS Alleks , Louie, Darz, Carlo, Robert, Jaime, Rofel | EDITOR csz97

ADZU Centennial Commemorative Stamps

10:19 PM
So I was googling for "ADZU 100" images and I stumble upon Philpost's website and discovered that they produced Commemorative stamps for Ateneo de Zamboanga's Centennial Celebration. I was so excited to see the official Centennial emblem included in the design. It's my first time to see my work in a stamp and it feel so cool! I hope they still produce this and i will surely buy a lot of this! In years, stamp collectors will go crazy finding these rare stamps. Anyways, it's always great to see your work around. Though I don't get that much credit for doing the logo, I know i'll be forever be part of AdZU's history.

Click here to view original post from Philpost's website.

AAO Freshmen Survival Tract

10:22 PM
It's already June which means it's time for school! For the first time i'm not gonna be the eager student who's very excited for the opening classes after a long summer break. Now, i'm a teacher and it's just as exciting! In Ateneo, we always welcome the freshmen so that they will feel at home in the campus. Before the class starts, the freshies will be asked to attend the Orientation Seminar or OrSem.

OrSem is basically a two-day bootcamp that will orient them about the college life, the campus facilities and things they have to know about their college/department, clubs/organizations and academic stuff. To wrap the OrSem, the college student council and all student organizations will have a welcoming party at the night before the first day of class begins. It's a really fun tradition at school that will really make a mark in your college life.

The student council also publishes a booklet on how to survive college life. It is called "Ateneo Freshmen Survival Tract" or AFST which contains messages from heads, information about the campus facilities/buildings, retention policy, and fun trivia about the culture in Ateneo. As a layout artist, I was lucky to produce the AFST during 2008 and 2009. You can see the 2009 AFST here.

Today, other departmental organizations produce their own FST's too like the Accountancy Academic Org. They assigned the Publications committee headed by Jam Quintanes to make their very own AFST which they called AAOFST (I suggested the title, hehe). I was commission to design and layout their 12-page booklet which contains AAO's Calendar of Activities, Retention Policy, Grading System, Photos, and Tips on how to survive Accountancy. Here's the cover design inspired by vintage victorian typography.

The book will be distributed to the AAO freshies this upcoming OrSem on June 7. I'm excited to see the final print and hopefully they will like my designs. Click the image above to see my deviantArt page and hit the fave button if u like :D

Ghabs and Lyn SDE

11:55 PM
Here's an epic muslim wedding coordinated by Joe Harris Kari Events and Event Styling. It's quite a unique video since exchanging of vows are not common in Muslim weddings. Their heartfelt messages to one another shows that their love is sincere and pure. Enjoy the video!

Ladja - Kangah Islamic Wedding

VENUE Astoria Regency Convention Center | COORDINATOR & EVENT STYLING Joe Harris Kari | PHOTOGRAPHY CWorks | VIDEOGRAPHY Trebor Z Audio Visuals | SHOOTERS Carlo, Alleks, Louie, Darz | EDITOR csz97

Hannah and Reynier SDE

2:08 PM
After 10 years of marriage, Hannah and Reynier renewed their vows with the blessing of the church on May 30, 2013. At an early age Hannah took the challenge of motherhood and now they have three sons and a lovely daughter. Hannah has a British ancestry so they incorporated a tea-party like theme in their prenup shoot and decors. Check out the lovely family's special moment in this video.

Hannah and Reynier 

VENUE Astoria Regency, Zamboanga City | COORDINATOR & EVENT STLYING Penny Bell | HAIR & MAKEUP Simon | GOWN Federico Navarro | FLOWERS Patti Mae |  LIGHTS & SOUNDS Sure Audio | PHOTOGRAPHY C-Works | VIDEOGRAPHY Trebor Z Audio Visuals | SHOOTERS Carlo, Alleks, Louie, Darz | EDITOR csz97

Vector Text Effects

5:49 PM
The summer classes has come to an end and it has been a fun time for me. For my Digital Multimedia class, I  pushed them to the advanced level of Photoshop and introduced them to Vector illustration using Adobe Illustrator. For their final project, I taught them how to use the basics of flash to create a simple portfolio showcasing their outputs in class. Here are some my favorite works using illustrator to create text effects.

If you want to know how they created their works, click on their name to be redirected to their blogs. Aside from using softwares, I also make them write blogs so that they will realize their new learning and, perhaps, some insights while doing the activity. I see a great potential from these kids and I hope that they will really pursue this career in web development and someday become professionals. Drop by some comments below to show your love :)

ADZU to launch Centennial Coffee Table Book

12:26 AM
Ateneo de Zamboanga Univesity is delighted to announce the publication of a limited-edition coffee table book that tells an extraordinary story of a school’s successes surmounting challenges and uncertainties. Written by Zamboangueño scholars, Pro Deo et Patria: 100 Years of Ateneo de Zamboanga, 1912-2012 traces the history of Ateneo de Zamboanga, from its humble beginnings as a small parochial school in 1912 through its postwar rebuilding and its development into a University.

It is a story of an institution that has been faithful to its mission as a Jesuit and Catholic university in Western Mindanao, intent on transforming lives in a community as fortunes ebb and flow over time. This 200-page coffee table book is a celebration of 100 years of ADZU’s history and tradition of Excellence, Spirituality, and Citizenship with rare photographs of events, places, and people. This beautifully depicted and all-color volume by Ma. Christina A. Cañones, Aireen Barrios Arnuco, PhD, and Monabelle B. Delgado, MA is a valuable reference, a collector’s item, and an ideal gift. Due for release this year, the book is available for early ordering now.

Hardbound books go for Php 2,500.00 each. Orders made before the book launch shall get a special discount of Php 500.00. Take a trip back in time to remember, reflect and revel in some of the milestones and people that have made Ateneo de Zamboanga all that it is today and will be in the future.

For Orders and Inquiries, contact:

Sheila L. Pagotaisidro
Development Coordinator
Ateneo de Zamboanga University
Fax: (062) 991-0870
Phone: (062) 991-0871, local 1009
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