Lady Gaga's Alejandro Music Video

Check out Gaga's latest music video. Here it is!

Here's my take on Lady Gaga's new video. When i saw the teaser, i knew i wouldn't like it. I thought Gaga has finally revealed her true identity, a dark, scary, satanist, blasphemous, illuminati puppet who uses music to control the minds of the people. I know many facts about her especially the conspiracy theories surrounding her whole identity. When i watched the video, I was not dissappointed at all. I liked it, actually. I remember how i used to like her not only because of her "junkfood" music, but also because of her passion for her art. All of this is made for art. As long as you know the symbols and hidden meanings, you will really appreciate her. If you are ignorant and narrow-minded, im sure you will really hate her especially with this video. But like all the little monsters who loved gaga, i don't care what you think about her. You can say that im one of them who is mind-controlled by her music but there is more about her music and visuals that made me a true fan of her art.

Anyhow, i came across the web and read some articles and reviews about her latest hit. Here are some shocking scenes that you can see in the video:

1.) Soldiers In Drag!
2.) Gaga Goes Steampunk: "Arcanum" meets "Predator" meets David Bowie's "Outside"?
3.) Gaga Smokes A Pipe: That's just a stunt pipe, right Gaga?
4.) Gaga As A Nun: A nun who likes LATEX!
5.) Gaga Gets Into Bed: Hot like Mexico! Bad Romance indeed!
6.) Bedtime For Gaga! Because Gaga is sick and tired of you borrowing her heels without asking!
7.) Strategically Placed Signifiers: She's wearing white vestments and has crosses all over the place. You do the math.
8.) More Crosses: Is this Gaga as the Virgin Mary? The mind reels with overt hagiographic symbolism. At this point I'm also positive Gaga's read The Handmaid's Tale.
9.) Gaga Swallows A Rosary.
10.) The Crucifixion Of Gaga?

Here are more of the links that you can read about her video:
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