CAUTION! Lady Gagita's Fierce Photos

1:32 AM
Here are Lady Gagita's latest photos inspired by the fashion statement of Lady Gaga in her music video with Beyonce, Telephone. Lady Gagita is wearing a yellow caution plastic strip wrapped around her body as you can see in the Telephone music video. More photos after the jump.

For more photos, visit Lady Gagita's Facebook account here.

Credits: Photography: Dominique Paytone
Make-up: Vinzon Leojay Booc
Caution Tape: Mariel Anne Pascual
Footwear: Olivia Ipsioco of JulyTwenty Fashion Line

Nursing Licensure July 2010

2:01 PM
August 27, 2010 - First of all, i would like to congratulate all the passers who shed all their effort for this momentous day. I'm so happy for my best friends Ting, Pets, Jeasa, Arch, and Des! I would also like to say how happy i am for my alma mater, Ateneo de Zamboanga University for having 3 Top Notchers this year, Nico, Alexandra and Sarah! Again, congrats to all the passers. This is yet another milestone in your life and my best of wishes for you! Mazel Tov!

To view the list of passers, click these links:
List of NLE July 2010 Results
July 2010 NLE Top Notchers
Top Schools

Rizal Rural Bank TVC

8:03 PM
This week i have been really busy creating motion graphics for an commercials. This one is for a Jewelry Loan advertisement for the Rizal Rural Bank of Dipolog. The audio dub and jingle was produced in Dipolog by Hot FM. I animated this using AfterEffects.

Credits to deviantart for stock images.

Shirt Designs

1:16 PM

Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2010 Teaser

12:30 AM

With what has happened lately... the more we need to strengthen our community and make our voices and concerns be heard... We may be the 3rd island in the Philippines... but this doesn't mean we should be the least. For bloggers, would be bloggers, social media and PR ...practicioners and others interested...pls join us on October 29-31, 2010 for the 4th Mindanao Bloggers Summit. We need to learn how to walk our talk! Interested parties who would like to sponsor can email or .... Thanks! more updates

My messed up growth pattern

6:13 PM

Karen Turns 18 Photos

1:35 PM
Karen Turns 18
Astoria Regency Convention Center

Pre-debut Photos:Full Credits: Videography (Trailer): Johnery Toribio (Seed Interactive) Direction/Costume/Props: Joe Harris Kari Hair and Make-up: Goyang Visual Effects: Cedrick Zabala (Seed Interactive) Photography (Invitation): Vince Arnuco (Seed Interactive) Photography (Pre-debut): Ryann Elumba (Seed Interactive) Direction (Pre-debut): Cedrick Zabala and Jengko

Michael and Aiza Onsite Video

10:22 PM
Last saturday, July 7, 2010, we had our first chance to do an onsite video presentation of a wedding coordinated by Adventures Unlimited. We used a Nikon D90 camera for this one. Jan Santos was the onsite videographer while I help directing the shots. The song that is used is "The Bird and the Worm" by Owl City. I wanted to use a real bird for the shots but its hard to manage so we used a paper plane instead. The concept of this video is about the couple who is always followed by a paper plane. From hotel to the church, up to the reception, they always see the plane flying by them. In the end, the paper plane finally lands in front of the couple. Within the paper plane is a message that will finally be revealed to them. Hope you enjoy the vid!

Here are some of the Prenuptial Photos of Mike and Aiza by Joe-Art Production.

Full Credits:
Michael and Aiza Wedding
August 7, 2010
Preparation: Garden Orchid Hotel
Wedding Ceremony: St. Joseph Church
Reception: Astoria Plaza

Event coordinator: Adventures Unlimited
Flowers: Pattimae's
Sounds and Lights: Sure Mobile
Photography: Joe-Art Production
Videography: Seed Interactive

6th Mindanao Film Festival Call for Submissions

10:53 PM
The Mindanao Film Festival 2010 is calling for submissions for feature-length films, short films, and documentaries made by Mindanawon filmmakers or films about, related to, or shot in Mindanao.

Students may also participate by submitting their films in the Student Short Film Category (High School & College) or the Student Documentary Category.

All genres are welcome including comedy, drama, experimental, and animation, as long as the film has been completed anytime within October 2009 to September 2010, and has not been screened in the previous Mindanao Film Festival.

Those interested must submit the following:
a. Completed entry form
b. DVD screener copy of entry film

The Guerrilla Filmmaking Competition is an open-theme and open-genre competition where participating filmmakers “race” to produce their 5-15 minute narrative short films during the same time period and are given a strict deadline. Emphasizing the essence of guerrilla-filmmaking, this category of the Mindanao Film Festival has a special award given to the film with the best production value (highest quality for the lowest budget) – the Red Fist Award.

Those interested to compete in the Guerrilla Filmmaking Competition must submit the following:
a. Completed entry form
b. Synopsis of the 5 to 15-minute short film they intend to produce for the competition
c. Samples of film/video works

Deadline for submissions for all categories is September 25, 2010.

All requirements must be sent to:

Mindanao Film & Television Development Foundation, Inc.
c/o Alchemy of Vision & Light Productions
#59-B Aala Bldg.,F. Iñigo (Anda) St.,
Davao City, Philippines

Entry forms and guidelines are available at

For any questions, contact or call +63 (82) 225-FILM

YAMAHA Zamboanga Opening

7:48 PM
The Grand Opening of Yamaha Zamboanga 3S Shop is the first big event that we organized in Seed Interactive so far. The owner of the Yamaha 3s Shop is a close relative of mine and she asked our help to organize the event and produce the materials for the promotion. The opening was held last July 11, 2010 at the Yamaha 3S Shop Building located at Nuñez Extension. 3S stands for Sales, Service and Spare parts which Yamaha offers to the riders of Zamboanga. The opening started with a big blast where the dancers of Don Pablo Lorenzo Memorial High School graced a festive street dance with their vivid costumes. They surely made noise and captured the attention of the passengers along the Nunez Ext. The fun continued the whole day. A free bike wash was going on at the Service center which was escorted by some beautiful models of Zamboanga. While the models were busy in the bikewash, people were also enjoying the free test rides for Yamaha motorbikes and scooters. I tried one scooter but i had hard time because of the small space but the Yamaha employees were very accomodating. It was fun testing the scooter and we also received free Yamaha caps. There was also a free oil change for Yamaha motorcycles. That was just the pre-opening of the 3s store. The day after, we started the grand opening with a motorcade. The people were very receptive as they enjoy the beautiful float with beautiful models riding the bikes. At the building we were preparing the set up, from sounds to flowers to cocktails. When the motorcade finally stopped at the location, we started the opening program with our special guests from Yamaha Philippines, including Mr. Yoshiaki Takeda, the President of YAMAHA Philippines. At the lobby, the building was blessed through the singing of hymns and prayers. The cutting of the ribbon was done by the owner and the president. Inside the very modern and hip 3S Shop, the program continued with Karen Grafia and DJ Chinito as the emcees. The pride of Zamboanga in the talent show Talentadong Pinoy, DJ Busted entertained the audience with a reverberating beatbox number. Ms. Perez, the owner manager of the Yamaha Zambaonga 3S Shop gave her welcoming remarks and Mr. Takeda gave a brief speech. According to the President, the event was beyond their expectation. It set a new standard for Yamaha 3S shops in the Philippines. He said that the grand opening of Yamaha Zamboanga is like a mini Y-Zone, a grand Yamaha festival celebrated by the Yamaha 3S Shops. After the short program, cocktails were served while the bike wash, test rides and oil change were still conducted. The fun didn’t stop there. In the evening, we prepared a lineup of events that will surely entertain the Zamboanguenos. The fashion models of Zamboanga walked their way in the catwalked showcasing the collection of Yamaha Lifestyle Apparels. The shirts were very modern, chic and very in these days. Ranging from metallic prints to fashionable jackets. XC Fusion and AI Dancers also heated up the dancefloor with their hot dance numbers. They also danced through the beat of the popular jingle of Yamaha “Happy Happy Vega.” Stand up comedians, Pokemon and Pugo, also entertained the audience with their humor that really left our stomachs aching from an hour of laughter. And when they thought fun ended there, the famous Zamboanga band, Comic Relief, jammed the rest of the night with their popular chavacano songs and rock and roll music. It surely was a fun night. It was a huge success for the Yamaha Zamboanga 3S Shop and our team for pulling out a grand event. Im so proud to be one of the organizers coz we did not only reached the standards of a YAMAHA event, we also raised the bar to another level. We didn’t only welcomed the world-class brand and service to Zamboanga, we also showcased the talents of Zamboanga. As part of the Seed Interactive team, I want to thank ate Judith for entrusting this event on us and I wish the best to Yahama Zamboanga 3s shop.

My First Photo Coverage

2:14 PM
Since our manager (who is also a photographer) is out of town during the event, and the other photographers are either sick or unavailable, I have no choice but to be the photographer for the day. I am anxious to do the job because it's my first time and i don't really know how to use the DSLR camera. Vincent was the primary cam and i was the 2nd unit. He helped me in adjusting the settings since i have no idea on how to combine certain settings on different conditions. When i started to do some test shots i knew that i will really have a hard time. My vision becomes blurry after i peek at the view finder, and it becomes worse after a long period of time even with my glasses on. So what I did is to look at a thing from a distance and allow my eyes to adjust. It was just painful to adjust my vision. So as i expected, my shots are just as blurred as my vision. Fortunately, i had some good shots and enhanced them with the help of some digital tricks.

It was fun to be a photographer for once but the vision is just a problem for me. I guess i need to replace my glasses with contacts but im still not sure if the sudden blurring will happen again. For now, i think i have to stick with point and shoot cameras. I'll just do what i do better for the meantime, making AVP's, editing photos, laying out albums and graphic design. So here are some of my creative shots that came out pretty well. More photos after the jump, enjoy!

Wally and Josie Duncombe
Golden Wedding Anniversary
July 16, 2010, Lantaka Hotel
Photography and Videography by Seed Interactive
Photo: Vince and Cedz
Video: Johnery, Jessa and Kay
Editing: Ryann Elumba

For more photos visit the facebook page of Seed Interactive.


PS. I'm on my third day of my 12 days of August. Visit my doodle blog to see the series. Thnx!

Oh August!

12:28 AM

Time really do fly fast. It's already August which is my favorite month. :D It is a month of deviousness, lefthandedness and arts. It really fits my personality. Most espciall, it is my favorite because my birthday falls in this month. Because of my excitement about this month, i wanna give you some factoids about August.
  • August 2010 has 5 sundays, 5 mondays and 5 tuesdays.
  • In US, August is the National Goat Cheese Month.
  • In August 9, the date will be 08/09/10.
  • Deviant Art will celebrate its 10th year on August 7.
  • August 13 is international lefthandedness day.
  • August is Panini Month, Audio Appreciation Month, and Get Ready for Kindergarten month
  • Gladiolus is the birth flower of august which means beauty, strength of character, love and marriage.
  • The Chinese believe that August is an unlucky month.

Anyways, August 7-13 is the Manila Design Week and im sad that i can't go and join the activities, especially Graphika Manila. But i know there are more blessings that will come to me this month. I'll also be having a small personal project as a countdown to my 2nd decade as a living thing on earth. I call it the 12 Doodles of August, which i will post in my doodle blog. So check out my blogs daily to see the progress of my project. I really appreciate comments and people sharing their thoughts about my doodles. For now i will leave you with 12 Doodles of August Day 1: All-Seeing City. Click the image to view my doodle blog.

credits to Jonny Wan for the illustrative letterings.
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