"Zamboanga" at Sineng Pambansa

2:42 AM
Last February 23-25, 2011, Zamboanga City finally had the chance to host a film festival where activities all about film were held at the city. Indie films were screened for three days at the cinemas of Mindpro Citimall for free! Lots of students and movie enthusiast had the chance to watch indie films since the local cinema rarely screens them. The films included were "Halaw" by Sheron Dayoc, "Limbunan" by Teng Mangansakan, "Emir", "Concerto", "Sabungero", "Kano", "Ang Mundo sa Panahon ng Bato", "Di Natatapos ang Gabi" and the classic 1937 film "Zamboanga". The event is called "Sineng Pambansa" which is an activity of the Film Development Council of the Philippines. They also have it in other cities like Iloilo and Baguio.

Weeks before the film fest, i already heard about it in the news and i'm really excited to watch the films. The Mayor really had the full support to host the Sineng Pambansa in the city since it the place where one of the most important and first ever films in the Philippine film history was produced. "Zamboanga" is one of my most anticipated film because i'm curious about how the old Zamboanga looks like and how they created the movie. I'm also excited to watch "Halaw" by a Zamboangueno director Sheron Dayoc. The film bagged the Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Editing during the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival.

However, I was really busy for the three days so i wasn't able to watch the indie films at the cinema. Good thing, we were invited by Council Gerky Velasco at the Red Carpet night just an hour before the event. Not only we had the chance to watch "Zamboanga" we also saw the directors and casts of some of the films. Mr. John Arcilla, the lead actor of Halaw, also rendered an original song made for the film. The song is beautiful and epic. Anyways, i really intend to write this post to share my thoughts about the film "Zamboanga".

"Zamboanga" is one of the five existing pre-war Filipino films and one of the oldest, produced in 1936. The film was said to be lost due to the war. But a film historian, Nick de Ocampo rediscovered it at the archives of the US Library of Congress in Washington D.C.

A sea-faring tribe whose livelihood is to search pearls in the rich, pristine waters of Zamboanga. Danao, a young pearl fisher, is engaged to the datu's granddaughter, Minda. With Danao's exquisite pearls, the datu announces a celebration in his return. Hadji Razul, a cruel and lustful ruler of a Moro tribe living in another island was among the invited. Involved in piracy and looting, he associated himself with a renegade American Captain who owns a small trading yacht providing Chinese laborers. A tribal war sparks as Hadji abducts the beautiful princess during one of Danao's diving expeditions, tearing down the peace and tranquility Zamboanga once enjoyed. (resource: FDCP Zamboanga Film Festival 2011)

DMC Jumpstart to College TVC

12:16 AM
Here's what i have been working at these days. I have been making motion graphics for our avid client, DMC.hehe. Last summer, we had an animation workshop there called AnimaWorks where i also designed the poster. The graphics were also animated for a TVC and they really liked it. For this assignment, i have to make a very colorful and illustrated motion graphics for a TVC the upcoming summer college enrollment. So here's the final output:

Ferndale JS Prom 2011 Teaser

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Seed Interactive is the official media group of Ferndale's JS Prom this year. The theme was about wedding and the girls dressed up in white gowns prom-style. They also had a prenup or may i say pre-prom photo shoot which is basically beauty shots of all the students. You can see the photos here. I was asked to do a teaser and i came up with this stellar motion graphics. :D

We also had a photobooth there. Check out the photos in our fb page :D

Mark and Elanie Onsite

11:34 PM
It's time for another onsite this time. Mark and Elanie have been together since their college days. That is more than ten years! In this video we used our old Nikon d90 camera and my snail-like laptop which i think is full of bug that's why its memory can't handle too much. Good thing we learned from our previous experience and used our time more efficiently. In our previous onsite videos we almost failed to deliver. But this time we were early, actually they even skipped the part before the presentation so they could see the video already.

I also used a new treatment in this one which i adapted from the Dirty Bit music video of Black Eyed Peas and the Prenup video of Regine and Ogie's wedding where you can see random flashes of colors. So i used more layers here which means more rendering burden for my freaking laptop who decides to crash whenever i forget to ctrl+s. Patience is really a must for an onsite editor plus creativity while dealing with time pressure. So, here is the onsite/sde of Mark and Elanie (who looks like Kyla)..

Full Credits:

Mark and Elanie
February 8, 2011
Guiwan Church
Astoria Regency Convention Center

SDE Videography: Johnery Toribio
SDE Editing: Cedrick Zabala
Coordinator: Roberto S. Bondoc Jr.
Videographers: Ryann Elumba, Mark Lee
Photographers: Jolas Dizon, Vincent Paul Arnuco
Make-up: Kurshidy Sahak

PS: Do check out their prenup photos in Seed Interactive's FB page.

SEAIR Animated Short Tails Contest

11:40 PM
Participants at the "Animated Short Tails" contest can win a vacation package for two at one of the country's best year-round destinations, Batanes or Boracay.

Presentedby South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR), together with the Animation Council of the Philippines, Inc. (ACPI), the competition will run until February 28,2011. Registration is free and open toall Filipinos. Registration forms can be downloaded at www.animahenasyon.com. Competition updates will be posted at www.facebook.com/flyseair.

"As we see and acknowledge that animation is an edgy marketing tool to promote our products and services,"says Delza Gochoco, SEAIR Head of Commercial Affairs. "SEAIR decided to partner with ACPI for 2011 to help promote our airline and its destinations,but at the same time to help boost the production of more original Filipino animation."

The contest is divided into the professional and student divisions. The first place winner in the professional division gets two Batanes roundtrip tickets and three days, two nights accommodations for two at Batanes Seaside Hotel; second place gets two Boracay roundtrip tickets plus three days, two nights stay for two at Fairways and Bluewater Resort; and third place gets two Boracay roundtrip tickets.

The top draw in the student division wins a Batanes roundtrip ticket and three days,two nights stay at Batanes Seaside Hotel; second place gets a Boracay roundtrip ticket and three days, two nights stay at Fairways and Bluewater Resort; and third place gets a Boracay roundtrip ticket. A participant in the school division must provide a photocopy of a valid school ID and school registration form together with the entry form.

Entries should promote SEAIR and its destinations, communicate SEAIR's positioning as the Philippines' premier leisure airline. They can be in cel animation, linedrawing, stop motion objects or animated objects, stop motion puppet, stopmotion clay/claymation, sand on glass, paint on glass, cut-outs, pixilation, 2D computer/flash animation, 3D computer, or a combination of the above forms.

Works must have a total duration of 30 seconds. The deadline for submission of entry forms and related materials is on February 28,2011, Monday.

SEAIR will also give away a Boracay roundtrip ticket to the entry with the most number of "Likes" on the SEAIR Facebook Fan Page. A link to the entry must be posted on the wall at www.facebook.com/flyseair before 11:59 p.m. of February 28, 2011.

"The support from different private institutions has been overwhelming,"emphasizes Michael Kho Lim, Executive Director of Animation Council of the Philippines, Inc. "We feel that these companies are seeing the growth potential of the animation industry and how it can enliven the economy. Their support then becomes advantageous for our local artists as they get the support and encouragement to produce more original content."

SEAIR is the nation's second oldest airline and is the only airline that flies from Manila to the idyllic northern province of Batanes. It has the longest history of uninterrupted flights to Boracay via Caticlan and offers the fastest flights to Boracay, the world-class beach destination - at 35 minutes. It was the 2009 Best Airline of the Year at the Philippines' Consumer Excellence Award. This year, SEAIR was named Gold Brand by the Gold Brands Council Philippines as a testament for brand image appeal, and trust and market acceptance.

ACPI is anon-profit organization recognized and supported by the government to promote Filipino animation talents worldwide. It holds the annual animation festival, "Animahenasyon", which features works of aspiring and professional animators in the country through competition, masterclasses, animation congress, and work exhibits of seasoned animators and lifetime achievement awardees.

For inquiries on entry submission and "Animated Short Tails" contest rules, please contact the ACPI at 817-2727 local 108 or email: animahenasyon@gmail.com and check updates in SEAIR's Facebook page at www.facebook.com/flyseair.

Album Layouts

6:37 PM
Just wanna share my layouts that i did for Mr. Jouie Tamse of JoeArt Production. This work really helped me develop a lot in my skills in layout and design. However, sometimes i still find it difficult because i don't want to use the same style in all albums. So i have to look for new resources and references. It takes me a week to finish the 40-page album but now i am improving in my work speed. Here are my favorite pages of each album and click the link to view the full album.

Mike and Aiza
(we also did their onsite video, link)

John and Niña

Photography: JoeArt Production
Layout: csz97
Resources: deviantArt.com

Zamboanga Models Photoshoot

3:57 AM
Seed Interactive has been very fortunate to be one of the studios that were trusted to shoot the top models here in Zamboanga. It started out with few models who needed set cards for a said fashion show. These models are the young, fresh faces of Zamboanga who are aspiring to have a modeling career. To help them jump start with their careers, we are helping them by producing their set cards and a couple of fashion shots. Some of these models were winners of Zamboanga's Top Model Search and Miss Zamboanga. So here are the faces that you should look out in future ads and fashion shows :D Click their names to view the full album.

Heydar Hosseini photoshoot Zamboanga modelHeydar Hosseini photoshoot Zamboanga modelHeydar Hosseini photoshoot Zamboanga model

Full Credits:
Photographers: Jan Santos, Ryann Elumba, Jolas Dizon
Stylist: Rys Villavieja, Joe Harris Kari
Designers: Joe Harris Kari (Biel, Princess), Erich Miñoza (Karizza, Raymond), Altom Tiubot (Heydar, Natasha, KC, Natasha, Anton), Al-Shamer (Jomar, Nancy)
Staff: Cedrick Zabala, Meryll Catalan, Patricia Tan
Hair and Make-up: Norman delos Santos (Biel, Princess), Kurshidy Sahak (Karizza), Arlene Hanoe (Nancy, Jomar), Reymond Cita (Natasha, KC, Heydar)
Locations: Altom Tiubot, Seed Interactive Multimedia Production

Star Trek Wedding

1:27 AM

Yes, this couple had a star trek wedding but not here in the Philippines. They had their first wedding in Canada and decided to also have a Christian Wedding here, at the bride's hometown. James is Scottish, Kate is Pinay and they live in Canada. James is such a big fan of Star Trek that they their wedding in a little Star Trek-themed town in Canada called Vulcan. You can see their wedding coverage here.

They went here in Zamboanga just a week before their wedding. Kate's family did the preparations for them. They had a prenuptial photoshoot in the far flung barangay in the east coast of the city. They experienced the type of photoshoot here in the Philippines and the guy was just shocked. He is very shy and he feels uncomfortable with the things that we want him to do. But he was excited in the kiss scenes.hehe. We also took shots of them wearing their Trekkie outfits and later composited it with Star Trek-like background.

Here is their prenup photos and checkout the star trek portraits in the end. :D

Photography by Ryann Elumba
Edited by csz97
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