Erwin and Cathlean Wedding Trailer

12:09 AM
Aside from the movie posters for Erwin and Cathlean's Prenup set, we also made a trailer/prenup video for their wedding. The theme is Oscars night and the couple themselves star all the movies. We shot all the clips in one location in just a day. We posted it in our facebook page and it reached more than 70 likes already. We are so happy to have this opportunity of making a unique and creative wedding trailer. This is really one of my favorite video production so far. Here's the video and hope you like it, too :D

Location: Zalo's Point, Rotary Rotonda in Camins
Videography: Jan Santos

Editing: Cedrick Zabala
Directing: Ryann Z. Elumba
Wedding Coordinator: Elvin Sagun
Make-up: Roy Fernando
Wardrobe: Geronie Labora

Edited in Adobe Premiere.

Prenup Sessions

4:12 AM
I love brief prenup sessions where the couple are just being their selves and not trying to be someone else. We are really trying to capture moments with real emotions unlike others who are more into the pose and composition. To be a photographer/director, you should be able to communicate to the couple what emotion should they portray in a scene. Yes, it may be difficult since they are not actors and actresses but it is our task to set the mood or condition them so they will feel comfortable in front of the camera. The best photos i have seen are those with pure intentions of capturing the real person in them. You can really see it in through their eyes and face though they may not be models or actors. Prenup should embody the young love of the couple and should tell a story of the romance before the official tying of knots. We may have different styles in prenup photography but as photographers we should be able to reach our goal, which is to capture the couple regardless of setting, styling and status quo. Anyways, here are two prenup sessions that i handled recently.

Reynold Roy ♥ Suzette

Ralph ♥ Evelyn Prenup

Photography: Ryann Elumba
Assistant: Cedrick Zabala
Make-up: Arlene of W-Salon (Suzette), Vanessa of Watercolour Salon (Evelyn)
Coordinator: CMK Creations (Reynold), Sonny Villares (Ralph)
Gown and Cocktail Dress: Al-Shamer (Suzette)
Locations: WesMinCom (Reynold), Butterfly Garden and Paseo del Mar (Ralph)

Omar ♥ Honey Postnup

1:08 AM
The photos were taken at a new resort at the east coast called Las Palmas. It is located at Tala which is a couple of kilometers away from the highway near Divisoria. We also took some shots at Astoria Regency.

Credits to Seed Interactive
Photography: Ryann Elumba
Assist: Cedrick Zabala

Holy Week 2011

11:25 PM
It's already the holy week and the whole country is paying tribute to Jesus's last days to his resurrection. As you can see below, I made an OBB for the airing of Sky cable's coverage of the 7 Last Words. This week is a symbol of God's love to us when He finally let's His Son die in behalf of our sins. This week reminds us of the greatest story ever told which is the sacrifice of Jesus to redeem us from our sins and finally release the Holy Spirit for us to enjoy the life-giving Spirit. Here's a link about the 7 last words of Christ :D

Anyways, i grew up as a "born again" Christian so i have no knowledge about the traditions during the holy week. All i know it's a national holiday and people go vacationing.hehe. Yes, i know it's the week when Jesus was crucified, died, and resurrected, but we believe it's just a made up date that the Catholics did just like Christmas. But recently i just realized that these traditions are really good because it reminds us of the story. Yes, its not the actual date but i now i realize how nice it is to have a special week every year to dedicate this momentous occasion in our history, in our lives. And just like holy week, it is also the essence of Christmas. Although they are just made up dates, the real essence of these days is the commemoration of the highlights of Jesus's life. The dates symbolize the birth and death of Christ whose existence roots from God's love for us. So let us all celebrate the greatest thing we have on earth - God's love.

Do check out my holy week post last year. Just click on the easter egg above :D

CSZ97 Magazine Feature

10:33 PM
Last February i was interviewed by a masscom student for their magazine project. I'm not sure if they published the mag because i have not heard of her afterwards. They asked me about my career and future plans. So i just want to share my answers which really help me ponder about things. You can also see some of my photos from the photoshoot i had. :D

1. What is/are your field/s of expertise?

Multimedia. It includes graphic design, photography, desktop publishing, web development, video production, digital illustration, game development, animation and more. But if i were to choose one, i would like to have a career in Animation.

2. How and when did you encounter this/these certain field(s)? How did you improve your skills?
When i was choosing a course to take for college, i would like to take up something that is related to visual arts. I chose Ateneo's IT course because of its digital animation program which is related to the two things i am good at, visual arts and computer. I thought that i would only be doing animation but since Multimedia is incorporated in the course, i was also exposed to do graphic design, photography, web development, programming and more. Aside from academics, i also joined Beacon News magazine where i learned how to layout newspapers and magazines. I became the creative director / layout artist for two years. I also attended conferences and seminars outside the school to further develop my skills.

3. How does excelling in this field affect you in general? What lessons have you picked up?
Since this is my chosen career, i always strive to keep myself updated. The creative field is an ever-evolving field where there trends and styles are changing constantly. In this field I cannot study creativity and talent is not enough. So to be good at it, I should have the initiative and resourcefulness to learn how create something that is good and original. I also learned that patience is really important in this field.

4. What drives you to continue on pursuing this field?
It is really my passion to be a good artist whether it is for graphics, layout, or animation. This is also my way to express my self so i always keep on creating something on whatever medium i have.

5. What are you currently busy with?
I am busy with my job as a multimedia artist in our business. I am also maintaining two blogs and

6. Back when you were still studying, what were your initial plans for the future? Does it have a connection with the field/s you’ve chosen in question #1? Please explain.
When i was still studying i didn't have plans. I was already working part time and i knew i already have something that i can do after college. I was working freelance as layout artist for school magazines. I also edit videos, design and print posters and shirts. I also had the chance to be an instructor for seminars and classes like the summer art classes of the ADZU Gallery. It served as my OJT where i picked up my skills in communication and business. Then during my last year in college we decided to make a real working business in the city. Since then i started working even before graduation.

7. What opportunities were you able to encounter with the help of your chosen field?
There were lots of opportunities that i had in this field. I learned so many things about the industry and met many people that inspired me to be better. I also gain a little amount of money with my part time job and experienced real-life work. Perhaps, the best opportunity that i had was to use and develop the talent that was given to me.

8. How did you get involved with Seed Interactive Multimedia Production? Please explain.
Seed Interactive Multimedia Production is a multimedia company envisioned by Mr. Ryann Elumba. He was an instructor in Ateneo who developed the new BSIT curriculum which is focused on Multimedia and Animation. He was our teacher for the major subjects and he basically thought us everything in Multimedia. In 2008, he resigned in Ateneo to pursued Seed Interactive. He chose me and some of my classmates to work part time in his business. Since then, it is our group that runs Seed Interactive.

9. What is your role in this business?
Currently, i am working as a Multimedia Artist and also serve as a part owner of the business. Our projects are mainly photoshoots for events, fashion shoots, event coverage, and several design and layout works for advertising materials. I don't do photography but i often serve as creative and lighting director whenever we have photoshoots. I do post-processing works, some animation, and onsite editing.

10. Do you have any other work aside from Seed Interactive?
Aside from the work in Seed Interactive, i also serve as a layout artist for one of the best photographers in Zamboanga. I also do special projects like motion graphics for companies and tv shows.

11. Do you have a personal motto or belief that you use to achieve your goals? What is it?
It is not really a personal motto but it is my favorite one. "Let your passion fuel your soul." I like it because I feel that life is like a car and passion is the fuel that propels us to do our best in every endeavor.

12. What are your plans for the future?
I would like to continue my studies or work abroad. I would like to take animation or design courses or work in production houses, design firms or animation studios. For now, I will finish all my current commitments and, hopefully, look for bigger opportunities soon.

13. What are your current goals? How do you intend to fulfill them?
My goal for now is to move forward and learn more. After serving for a year in Zamboanga, i want to look for opportunities maybe in Manila where the industry truly is. I want to learn more in this field by being there and experiencing the work atmosphere. I want to discover which field i can really find myself in the next years.

Credits to Seed Interactive for the photos :D

Chad ♥ Cathy Pagkawin

1:42 PM
Pagkawin is the traditional Tausug wedding which traditionally takes place at the homes of the bride and groom. Everyone has their best looks on for this momentous occasion. Traditional musical instruments are played and food is overflowing. They start with the preparations at their respective homes showered with the prayers and blessings of their family. Then, when everyone's set, the groom's family heads to the bride's family offering serenades and exchange gifts. During the kawin, the elders and religious leaders share words of wisdom to the people specially to the groom. Then, the groom and the imam seals the deal through a pact of manhood. With the acceptance of the bride's family, the groom heads to the bride where they will be together for the first time as a couple. They will be sharing their first meal together and the celebration goes on. Here is an AVP of Chad and Cathy's Pagkawin.

Wedding coverage by Seed Interactive Multimedia Production
Videography: Jan Santos
Editing: Cedrick Zabala

Ceejei ♥ Jemy Prenup

4:27 PM
Last time i posted here their onsite video which is retro inspired. We actually shot some of the clips during the prenup session and you can see two sets here, the Vintage and Lifestyle sets. I really liked the photoshoot and i really enjoyed in assisting/directing them. We started at a location which is a joy to be there. Its like going back to the past with a modern touch. They have everything vintage, telephones, chess sets, chairs, clocks, and more. Then, we went to Tsokolate located near the City Hall and Paseo del mar. It is a restaurant with also lots of vintage collections. One corner has a jukebox with vinyl records on the wall, guitar, microphone stand, old radios and a lot more. You can see them in the photos. So here the photos, and dont forget to click view more to see the rest of the album. :D

Vintage Set

Lifestyle Set

Photographers: Ryann Z. Elumba, Jan Santos
Assistants: Cedrick Zabala, Abigail Nebrija, Carissa Cartagena
Make-up: Hyper Trend Salon
Wedding Coordinator: Roberto S. Bondoc Jr.

Chibog's Life

1:23 AM
Hi there! I've been browsin thru vimeo and i stumbled upon some awesome animated short films. I'm really inspired i want to create one but the problem is that im not good in writing. Story is always the priority when it comes to short films. I want to join Animahenasyon 2011 but since im not a student already i have to join the pro category which is tough. Anyways, i just posted my first ever (and perhaps, the last) short film i made in 3d using Maya. This was my final requirement for my 3d class and im happy to finish it on my own. I think i'm the only one who finished the project.hehe. The story may be familiar to some since it was inspired by an email comic strip which i read years ago. I hope that I can develop my 3d skills in the future and someday be able to do another short film like this. So here's my flick titled "Chibog's Life".

I know its amateurish but i hope you liked it! It would be my pleasure to hear feedbacks,critics and comments :D Thanks to my 3d mentor Sir Tookie for all the knowledge!

Morales-Beron Reunion 2011

11:50 PM
On saturday, our family will be attending the 2nd grand reunion of the Morales-Beron Clan (from my maternal grandmother's side). It was about 4 years ago since our very first reunion which was held at Basilan. There was just too many people i we don't know how to get to know each one of them. Good thing each family made their family tree charts. It's just bizarre to see the charts thinking that all of those people rooted from only one couple, my lola's parents. Of course, as the graphic designer of the family i was in charged in designing our family tree. You can see it below :D

It looks complicated, right? I used different background colors for the different families just so you know. And as you can see the queen in the upper middle has three kings.hehe. Palaban talaga ang lola ko. I made this in 2007 and now there are more members in this family tree already. Actually were not that close to the families in the red, orange and green background so who knows how much members are not accounted yet.hehe. Maybe i will get to know them on Saturday. :D

Anyways, we have been preparing an intermission number for the coming reunion. Last time we didn't prepare so Wella and I danced our pop dance routine. Now rest assured many of us will dance and sing. We chose Bruno Mars' Just the Way You Are (Glee Cast version). I hope we can pull it off *crossing fingers*. I'm also excited to see our shirts which i designed. I made three designs and the first one was chosen. The design was given to the families and everyone will print them on their own. So here are my designs :D

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