Design and Layout

Design and Layout is an important element in our everyday life. In designing we plan and visualize the arrangement of the things that we do. While in layout, we implement the design that we want. Everyday, or perhaps during weekends, we design our outfits and layout them according to what we think will look good for you. Architects have a blueprint for their plan and engineers apply their design. In journalism, writers, too, plan what to write and implement them in their final article. As the head of the Creative Department of our school publication, we focus on the look and feel of our newsmag. We, along with the editorial board, design how the final output will be and my staff do the layout. Here is a PowerPoint presentation that I prepared for my lecture on Desktop Publishing during the Journalism Seminar that we conducted at St. Joseph School. Enjoy!

Read this document on Scribd: Design and Layout

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