Graphika Manila 2009

9:43 PM
Two years ago, I went to Manila, for the first time to join the 2nd Graphika Manila, a national graphics design conference with speakers ranging from photographers to illustrators. It was held at the Centerstage of the Mall of Asia last August 11, 2007, a day before my 17th birthday. It was really memorable because it was also my first time to ride a plane.hehe. Anyways, the speakers were awesome. On the right is Electrolychee, a duo who inspired us about the Filipino's talent and how we should make others inspire. There were also international speakers like Steve Tirona (photographer), Hue Visual Lab and The Asylum. They were really fun speakers and their works are very awesome. Here are some snapshots during the event.

Last year, I ran out of tickets so wasn't able to attend the conference. I hope i can go this year. Recently, I visited the site of Graphika Manila and there are no announcements yet about the venue and invited speakers of this year's graphika manila but the date is already set on August 15, unfortunately, 2 days before my midterm exams. However, they are planning to have a book which will be a 64-page color book that will be given away to the participants during the conference. The good news is that we can submit any artworks and they might include it in the book. If you want to contribute, email your works to For details, read the announcement below.

Viral Infection

12:35 AM
Look, i made a vexel out of the doodle of my previous post [link].

How i did it:
1. Trace the basic shapes.
2. Create bold outlines.
3. Find a good color scheme [link] and color it.
4. Add shadows and texture in photoshop.

Click for full view :D

doodle entry #48 & #49

11:16 PM
just want to share my doodle entries number 48 and 49 in my journal/planner, dated february 26-28, 2009. i scanned it for marejada but d xa ginamit so i decided to post it here n lng.hehe the first doodle is about our net connection na bumalik after a week of the second one is about this virus that i thought i had. the week before kc kinagat (ata) ako sa paa ng pusa dun sa golf. di ko nakita kung kinagat ba tlga ako o "kambras" lang sa sobrang bilis ng pangyayari. so the week after i was injected like 6 times ng antirabies para xur.. nwei, i just imagined how it would feel if totoo ngang kinagat ako ng miming(like ooozing scary stuff in my body). anyway i have more doodley stuff in my doodle blog...

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