doodle entry #48 & #49

just want to share my doodle entries number 48 and 49 in my journal/planner, dated february 26-28, 2009. i scanned it for marejada but d xa ginamit so i decided to post it here n lng.hehe the first doodle is about our net connection na bumalik after a week of the second one is about this virus that i thought i had. the week before kc kinagat (ata) ako sa paa ng pusa dun sa golf. di ko nakita kung kinagat ba tlga ako o "kambras" lang sa sobrang bilis ng pangyayari. so the week after i was injected like 6 times ng antirabies para xur.. nwei, i just imagined how it would feel if totoo ngang kinagat ako ng miming(like ooozing scary stuff in my body). anyway i have more doodley stuff in my doodle blog...

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