Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2015 Schedule

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The City Government of Zamboanga are doing the preparations for the biggest festival in the city, Hermosa Festival or Fiesta Pilar. This year's celebration focuses on unity, harmony and friendship with the theme "Junto y Unido: Un Celebracion de Harmonia y Buen Amistad".

To kick start the festival, there will be pre-fiesta parades at the two districts of Zamboanga. On October 26, Saturday, 8AM, District 1 will have a Bandoreal Parade Competition starting from Butterfly Garden to Sta. Maria School Covered Court. Bandoreal is a unique parade from the city which features marching bands, higantes, payasos (clowns), and comical characters that will surely bring fun out in the streets. The next day, Oct 27, Sunday, 8AM, District 2 will also have the Bandoreal parade from the UZIHK to Yubengco Tetuan.

October 1 will mark the opening of the Hermosa Festival. The Grand Opening Salvo will start with a parade of streetdancers and the winning Bandoreals from ZC District Fire Station to the City Hall Grounds. The Mayor will official open the program with the symbolic lighting of the Fiesta Emblem followed by energetic dance performances.

On October 2-9, the R.T. Lim Boulevard will be transformed into a food strip at night for the Zamboanga Smoke Out: The Grilled Food Fiesta! which will feature an array of grilled food such as barbecues and steaks. At the same venue, there will also be a cook-off of Zamboanga's best restaurants during La Cocina Zamboanga. Each night, one restaurant will show us how to cook Zamboanga's best dishes. Live bands and comedians will also provide the entertainment for the rest of the night.

Want to shop? Zamboanga's major bazaars will bring out their goodies at the streets for the Grand Midnight Sale. A regional trade expo called ZAMPEX will show the products of locals from the city and provinces of Zamboanga Peninsula. For vegetables, flowers, processed goods and other agricultural products, head to Plaza Pershing for the Cosechas de Zamboanga trade fair. For souvenirs and novelty items, go to Petit Barracks to trade with the travelling merchants.

Zamboanga's diverse culture and rich history will be on the spotlight too during the Hermosa Festival. Visit the Centro Latino for the Zamboanga Art Exhibit, Conference on Culture, Arts and History, and special events at night. On Oct 5, Una Noche de Canciones will feature songs rendered by the City Government Grand Chorale. On Oct 6, Una Noche de Bailes will feature the folkdances from the region. On Oct 7, the Mascota de Zamboanga Competition will feature the unique Zamboangueña Filipiñiana attire created by the talented local designers. On Oct 8, listen to the Original contemporary Chavacano songs and watch their music videos during the Original Chavacano Video Music Festival.

A Philippine festival will never be complete without the street dance. This year the Street Dance Competition will be back where it should be, at the streets! On October 10, 1PM, from Canelar Street the competing street dancers will fill the city with colors in the tune of festive beats up to Paseo del Mar where the Grand Showdown will happen.

Some of the events are innovated this year such as the Parade of Lights which is a Float Parade competition which used to be a Floral Parade Contest. The Parade of Lights will feature floats illuminated by lights like huge lanterns on October 9, Friday, from RT Lim Boulevard to Paseo del Mar which will be followed by a foam party at the Paseo del Mar Esplanade. Another street party dubbed as Danza La Vida will feature Dj's from Manila to give the Zamboangueños the best EDM party in town on October 10, Saturday, 8PM at the Butterfly Garden, Pasonanca.

On the eve of the fiesta, October 11, 8AM, watch the famous Regatta de Zamboanga, a race of colorful Vintas of the Badjaos at the R.T. Lim Boulevard. During the feast day, follow the Procession to Fort Pilar celebrate with the city's patron saint La Virgen del Pilar. The next day, there will be a Sardines Festival, a one-day event to celebrate the city as the Sardine Capital of the country. There will be lots of activities which will commence with WOW Sardinas!, a grand boodle fight of sardines at the Paseo del Mar, 5PM. Vamos a Zamboanga and let's enjoy this year's fiesta with friendship, unity and harmony! Here's the full calendar of activities for Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2015!

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Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2015 Calendar of Activities

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Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2015 Calendar of Activities Schedule "Junto y Unido: Celebracion de Harmonia y Buen Amistad" Together and United: A Celebration of Harmony and Friendship! This year, preparations for Hermosa Festival is released earlier to promote the biggest Fiesta Pilar ever! New events are introduced and some are innovated so visitors will have a better Hermosa experience. Check out the Calendar of Activites for Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2015 here:

Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2015 Calendar of Activities

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Ilocos Tour 2015 - Paoay

2:11 PM
One of the best places to tour in Ilocos Norte is the town of Paoay. It is full of heritage sites and home for the famous sand dunes. Our first stop was the Malacañang of the North. You may click on the photo for a bigger view.

"In a peaceful location next to the scenic Paoay Lake, the opulent former estate where the Marcos family spent their holidays is open to the public. The impressive house, with its cavernous sala, capiz-shell windows and other colonial touches, provides a glimpse into the family’s lavish lifestyle; the golf course where Marcos used to tee-off now belongs to Fort Ilocania." (source)

Teleserye pose begins now...

Ang Pamilyang Gaba..


Beautiful painting of Paoay Church

President Marcos' desk

One of Pres. Marcos' projects which is close to my heart.

Infrastructure projects during the Marcos administration.

Then we visited the town of Paoay. The St. Agustine Parish Church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

During the Philippine Revolution in 1898, its coral stone bell tower was used by the Katipuneros as an observation post. More info here.

After picture taking, we're ready to eat! We tried Herencia Restaurant which is located in front of Paoay Church's plaza.

Of course we have to try their unique Pinakbet Pizza. If you don't like veggies, this is not for you.hehe

View of Paoay church from the restaurant.


Inside Paoay Church

The roof is the only thing that is replaced.

The Church is a unique combination of Gothic, Baroque and Oriental designs. Its facade reveals Gothic affinity, its gables show Chinese elements, while the niches topping the walls suggest Javanese influence (reminiscent of the famous Boroboudur Temple).

Both sides of the nave are lined with the most voluminous stone buttresses seen around the islands. Large coral stones were used for the lower level while bricks were used for the upper levels of the church.

In Fr. Pedro Galende's book, he described the massiveness of the structure is balanced by its grace and fluidity. The church adapts the pyramidal design of the baroque style. Its details are inspired from by seal of Saint Agustine, the emblem of the king of Spain, the logo of the Pope, the “init-tao” or the sun god, and stylized Chinese clouds. (Source)

Then we visited Marcos Museum and Mausoleum in the heart of Batac City, Ilocos Norte.

And finally, the most awaited part of the tour, the tour around Paoay Sand Dunes!

We rode this 4x4 vehicle which was so much fun!!!

We stopped somewhere in the middle and tried sand surfing in one of the dunes.

Hello West Philippine Sea!
Friends forever *hart hart*

At the monument of FPJ where he filmed his popular movie, Panday.

Another monument for an iconic film starring Nora Aunor "Himala".

Leeroy New's installation sculptures behind FPJ's monument.

Read more about his work here.

Check out the next part of our tour as we head to the town of Paoay! Click here. You may also want to read the first our trip where we visted the heritage town of Vigan. Click here.
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