My Classmates and their Robots

They say that what you create relfects who you are. Last time, I posted my version of my humanoid robot in my multiply site. It's really interesting to read comments from people because its my creation, and it somehow shows my personality. They said that my robot is "sosyal", "cool", "nice", and "lameg". Sometimes, i feel i am 'sosyal' and 'cool' (and cold) too. *lol*. Anyways, here are the robots of my classmates and their personalities, based on their creations.

Francis Alminar - laidback, strong, sometimes clueless.. :)

Jervin - complicated, sosyal, creative, intricate

Errl - funny but serious sometimes, gamer

Jojie - so girlie! creative, fun to be with, crazy :p

JC - deadly.lolz

Jervin R. - Big, gamer, body builder. :)

Ryann - short, calm, chill lang..

Janric - gothic kuno, dark, pessimist minsan..

IP - maputi :) hardworking, industrious

Jolas - (im not xur). Alam ko playboy.nyahaha.

Chua - short, sloth

Tennyl - aftereffects k lng tens.hehe.
funny, simple, clueless..

Edmund - big, gamer, center of attention

Borchie - small, funny, joker, kwela lang

Christoferd -expert sa maya, obvious ba?
stiff, intricate, complicated (the way he thinks)..

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