3D Modeling in Maya

9:03 PM
Its fun creating 3d models but it requires much patience and knowledge in using the software. Currently in our 3d animation class, we are using Autodesk Maya. Though its sort of user-friendly, i can still feel that the software is dominating me. I must practice and learn more. Anyways, are are some of my outputs including a model of a clownfish, tire and yummy fruits.

Here are the details:

Plate with paintings, two peaches and grapes

Toothpaste and box

Tire and rim


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ADZU Centennial Logo

7:32 PM
adzu centennial logo by cedrick zabala 100 years seal double Last summer, the director of scholarships, Mr Shing Balatbat, gave me a rare opportunity to design the logo of the upcoming centennial anniversary of Ateneo de Zamboanga. A couple of young artists were also invited to create their own designs. I created three logo proposals and i am very happy that one of my designs was chosen by the committee including Fr. Tony Moreno himself. The logo is basically a vinta, a bangka with colorful sails, which is also found in the ADZU seal as a symbol of the culture of the Western Mindanao. At the center of the logo, two white intersecting stripes form a crucifix, sybolizing Christ and Christianity. At the center of the cross is the seal of the Society of Jesus, the religious order of the Jesuits who built Ateneo. (Download high res here)

The Seal of the Society of Jesus. The "IHS" trigram represents the first three Greek letters of "IHΣOYΣ" (Jesus), later interpreted as "Iesus Hominum Salvator", Jesus, Saviour of Mankind, "Iesum Habemus Socium", We have Jesus as Companion or as "Iesu Humilis Societas", Humble Society of Jesus. (reference: wikipedia)

The vinta also sybolize the journey of the Ateneo. At the bottom of the vinta inscribed "100", typifying the waters, symbolizing the 100 years of Ateneo de Zamboanga. And lastly, located at the below the logo is the theme of the centennial anniversary "Living 100 Years of Excellence, Spirituality and Citizenship."

Aside from the start of centennial celebration of ADZU, the university is also celebrating the 150th anniversary of the return of the Jesuits. Here are some important links that you want to visit to know more about the celebration:


*Reflection mode*
I am very happy for this amazing happening in my life. It makes me realize that designing is not just an art nor a job, it is also my life. Through it, I am able to impart to everybody what God has given me. This is not just a simple job for me, it is a part of history, a legacy that will live forever. I wish the best from the Ateneo community and hoping for more centennial celebrations to come! :D Animo Ateneo!

King of Pop (1958-Forever)

6:23 PM

When I was little I dreamed of being a dancer. I used to watch Michael Jackson's His-story Sweden Concert VCD at my uncle's house during birthday parties. Whenever I saw him moonwalk, its like magical. Amazement never goes away whenever i see him move in the limelight. His music are masterpieces that will live on forever. Now, I am mourning. It was my dream to see him dance live in a concert, not just in a VCD or in youtube. But I guess it will remain a dream forever. But still i feel lucky to know one amazing singer, composer and dancer. He may be gone but my memories of him will live forever.
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