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It has been a fruitful year for me. 2009 was a year of economic depression, poverty and calamities yet we managed our problems and still wake up for a new beginning. I am so proud to be who i am today and i will never regret the things that i have done the past year. There are many first times and some of them are good and bad. I want to share the highlights of this special year. From day 1 to day 365, i just wanted to do the best out of my life everyday. But its impossible of course coz there is always a time to be happy or sad, time to work, to rest, to grieve, and time to celebrate. Generally, this year is a "last" year for me. Last year in college, last year of a decade, last year to be a kid. So here are some special moments i had this year.

January: I had my starbucks 2009 planner and i continued by daily doodle project. My planner is also a diary, scrapbook, notebook and an artwork. I spent my first day of the year with my family at the beach at Patalon named "Aplaya Bonita." Start of ABDC season 3. Wedding of Ate Janelyn. Midterms. ADNU talk. School projects. Digital arts.

February: Wella's debut. I filed my candidacy as a governor for our college under the Buklod Atenista party headed my Ajhay and Robi. Pressure pressure pressure! ICT week Preparation. Overnyt at Jan-jan's (fun). Nominated for DSA awards.

March: ICT Week. 2nd Digital Art Exhibit at the Gallery of the Peninsula and the Archipelago. Quest Crew wins ABDC, ANTM starts. Recognition program, Gold medal for Fine Arts and Service, certificate for Leadership and Journalism. Overnyt kina Jan2 part 2. Travel! Zamboanga to Dipolog to Dapitan to Ozamis to Bohol to Cebu to Zambo. Chocolate hills!

April: Centennial Logo proposal. Family vacation @ Camiguin. Cold spring, white island, falls, hot spring, El Salvador City, Iligan City. I became a resource speaker for Illustrator and Flash during the WMSU Summer ICT Seminars and Photoshop for the Gallery Summer Workshops. Last presswork for Beacon Newsmag :(. Overnyt kina Jan2 part 3. I became the Governor of the College of Science and Info tech and became part of the new student government, El Consejo Atenista.

May: Pacquiao vs Hatton (Hatton loser!). Lola's Bday. Preparation for OrSem. First time magpa Thai massage. Met new people s consejo. AFST and Marejada presswork. Finish na ang mga seminars, sweldo mode.

June: Busy sa AFST, Enrolment, OrSem. 4th year na talga ako. Classes begins. Preparation for CSITAO activities. Nagparegister for 2010 elections. Karaoke kina tennyl pag wla klase. Seed Interactive Opens.

July: CSITAOlympics every saturday afternoon. Losers talo s Tug-of-War kalaban ang mga 2nd years. Mac2's bday. Fortfolio [sic]. Poster making for Iggy week. I got my new laptop. We met Anthony, aunty Merlinda's friend from Australia. Ate Judith gave birth to Aaron.

August: HipRock theory: CSITAO Acquaintance Party. Cory Aquino dies. my 19th birthday. Went to manila for Graphika Manila. Midterms. Very busy for the CSIT Week. STYLE 09. Naligo sa abong2 river.

September: Jolas' Bday. Worked for Mr and Ms WMSU. OJT for MCTV starts. We will produce 5 episodes of Guatsinanggo a short animated series. I am the lead animator. Jojie's bday. Overnyt kina Jan2. crazy nyt. ABDC season 4. Miss Zamboanga work. Bagyong Ondoy. Mama's bday.

October: OJT mode. UZ Centennial Celebration coverage. Bagyong Peping. Fiesta Pilar. Mr and Ms UZ. Mis Zambo. Streetdance Competition. Finals week. Bloggers meetup. Sem break. I served as the Creative director of the Buklod Atenista Leaders' Summit. Sta Cruz Island! El Consejo Atenista wins TAYO (Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations).

November: 2nd Sem starts. Preparation for Ateneo Fiesta. Practice for Popdance. Guatsinanggo and Mayari became finalists for Animahenasyon. Papa's Bday. Animahenasyon Tour with Losers and Sir Roms and Sir Tooks. We did not win but still had fun! Starbucks, MOA, ADMU, PBB house!

Decemeber: Ateneo Fiesta 09! We won 3rd place sa popdance, 2nd place sa org shirt design. Xmas Tree making with Losers. We won 1st sa xmas tree making and lantern. CSIT wins 3rd place overall winner sa Atfest :D Christmas Parties. Family reunion/xmas party at Talon2. Reunion with High school friends. Family reunion at Safety. New year countdown at Paseo. Best last day!

Thank you for everyone who made my year. Each and everyone of you make me who i am i can never imagine a life without you. I also thank God for giving me these blessings in life. I hope 2010 will be a great year too. Happy new year!

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you will have the best of of luck cedy boy... ^^

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