It's the end of my college life

Well the title says it all. On march 27, i will finally be graduating with a bachelor's degree in Information Technology major in Multimedia and Computer Animation. I have mixed emotions right now. I don't know if it's a good thing or bad. First of all, i feel too young to be "out there", though i had experiences already in the real world. I feel as if i'm a rotting green mango, unripe but exhausted. I'm kinda tired of studying but im worrying that i wont be studying after this. I am afraid that my mind will be unused. I will really miss those handouts and photocopies that i used to study at night that also serves as an alternative for story books or sleeping pills. In those times I really feel like a real student. I feel so intelligent when i'm at the library two hours before the exams to start studying my exams. There is this adrenaline rushing through me that will make the words that i read make sense for the first time. I hate exams but ill miss them for sure. I hate my minor subjects but i will miss the feeling of worry that i might have a low grade. I'll miss visiting the e-class and my account to check my grades. its like opening a present. there's too much too miss in college life, the freedom, the schedules, the clubs (orgs), my friends and the list goes on. I like to thank my very close friends who were with me during my four year journey in Ateneo, the jorjes and the losers, who were the best and the worst people you could ever have. We are so different but you will never have a dull moment with them, it may be good or bad. Thank you also to my benefactor who supported me financially. My scholarship is a blessing that i will treasure for all my life. I thank my teachers, schoolmates, and friends who made my college life complete. Of course, i thank my family who is always there for me and for always believing in me. And most importantly, thanks to God, for this life, for this experience and the blessing that i will continue to share to everyone. Now is the end but more importantly a start of a new journey in life...

Photo: The End by m0thyyku.

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