I.aM.mE: Ill-Emental

I.aM.mE.. We design unique 'til your eyes roll back to find your mind in pieces of a hole in the skull with a role to play and a SOUL with a mark to make LIFE make sense for FREE by never FORGETTING what we were meant to be, our IDENTITY!

iamme crew abdc season 6 illemental earth fire wind water machine electricity
iamme crew abdc season 6 illemental earth emilio dosalEmilio "Millie" Dosal

olivia chachi gonzales fire iamme crew illementalOlivia "Chachi" Gonzales

jaja electricity iamme crew illementalDzajna "Jaja" Vankova

brandon 747 wind iamme crew illementalBrandon "747" Harrell

di moon zhang machine iamme crew illementalDi "Moon" Zhang

water philip chbeeb iamme crew illementalPhilip "Pacman" Chbeeb

This is for my favorite crew and all the fans.
Photo courtesy of MTV.com.
Edited by csz97 :D I hope you like it..
Inspire. Motivate. Energize!

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Check out this video, too!

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