A while ago I was watching the first episode of "Work of Art", an American Reality show similar to Project Runway but the contestants create artworks instead of dresses. The artists were paired togehter and were challenged to make a portait of their pair. Most of them made a painting showing the personalities of their subject using colors and composition. The unique ones, unfortunately, landed on the bottom three. One was painted on an easle, the other is a type of installation, and the last one is a simple abstract painting. According to the judges, a portrait should embody the subject and show its personality. The astract painter was eliminated because her work was too abstract and it might not translate as a portrait to other people.

Talking about portrait, I went through my files and looked for my self-portraits. I had many of them because it's hard to incorporate my personality in one artwork. Some of these are just plain photographs while others had a little more effort that i put in to. Here's the different sides of me. The last one is my favorite above all. Click on the image to for full view (More after the jump).

"Pro Retro et Poptria" - Photography
August 2008

"3D Anaglyph Me" - Vexel
April 2010

"Robot is the Future" - Photography + Photoshop
April 2010

Untitled - Photography + Photoshop
June 2010

Untitled - Photography + Photoshop
July 2010

"Perspective" - Ink on Paper + Photoshop

"Blackout" - Photography
October, 2010

"CSZ97" - Vector + Photoshop
January 2011

"Powder" - Photography
May 2011

"8-Bit Me" - Photoshop
May 2011

"It's Me" - Photomanipulation
May 2011

"CedZilla" - Vector + Photoshop
February 2010

Making a self-portait is not just an expression of my self. It's not only for facebook purposes, to have a nice profile picture. The process is what makes it a self-portrait. I am becoming aware of who I am on that moment, and what influence me as a person and as an artist. Sometimes they are created spontaneously and sometimes I am inspired by others to create my own portraits. If you were to create your self-portait now, how would it be? Is it a photo, a drawing or a painting? It is colorful, dull or in black and white?
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