Birthday in Manila (part 3)

I'm still in Manila for my birthday weekend escapade. It's a gloomy morning and Wella and I decided to take a dip in the condo's swimming pool. It's a nice pool with the buidings surrounding it.

The water was cold and relaxing. :)

We went to Market! Market! for some shopping

Brunch at Tokyo Tokyo. I was craving for California Makis

Sumo Tempura and Teriyaki! Yum yum!

We went back to the condo to get some things. On our way, we passed by the Mind Museum. We found this cute sticker bomb.

Walking in the streets of BGC is so nice

Rusty sculpture at Mind Museum

90 degrees of fun!

It was so windy...

We went back to Market! Market! and had some snacks. Milk tea at Happy Leaf. I missed this mini donuts called Orbits. So goood!

Then, we went to Bonifacio High Street.

I really want this planner by Paulo Coelho so Wella bought it for me as a birthday present. Thanks Wengst!

We had dinner at Fiesta Market, the food court of Market! Market! I didn't like their service but we're getting hungry..

Risa and Janek met with us for dinner.

Wella was craving for Gelatissimo ice cream. So expensive.

Gotta choose wisely.

We had this. I think its cookies and cream.

We passed by a book store and messed around with these book covers. Great idea, right?

I love the one in the right. It's very proportional and we look almost the same.hehe

Met with college buddy, Nhords, who is now a singer in Manila. We also met her boyfriend, Andrew, whom we had a good chat all night.

And so, our day ended with good conversations and full stomachs. We headed back to the condo and packed our stuffs. We went to the airport at 2AM.

Wella, very tired from a long day.


We're back in the Zambo, and im 22!

Thank you Lord for this very beautiful and metaphorical sunrise!
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