ChrisH Vexel Art

It has been almost a year since i did my last "artwork" which is my poster design entry for Animahenasyon. I also did some doodles for the 30 day drawing challenge which is still unfinished. I posted those works in my doodle blog but whenever i ran out of ideas i tend to get stuck XD.

Recently, ive been watching US shows like SYTYCD, Glee and ANTM. I'm an active tweet peep, too! I followed celebrities and enjoyed reading their tweets about their daily lives. One day, I stumbled upon this photo of Chris Hernandez (@Iam_ChrisH), a "model-testant" of America's Next Top Model Cycle 20, which he posted in twitter. I like the photo because of the lighting and colors which i thought will be a good vexel/vector art. I like the hair style and his expression, too.

Surprisingly, I was inspired to work on it one day. I used Adobe Illustrator to "vectorize" it. I almost gave up when i started doing the hair. It took me more than 5 hours to finish it but i was very happy it came out nice. I rested and decided to continue it the following day. After three days, I finally finished it! The most challenging part is where the magenta and cyan blend. The hair and lips are my favorite part of it :)

Check out the original post in my DeviantArt account for larger view. Dont forget to hit the fave+ :) Here are some details. Watcha think?

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