My 2013. A Year of Companionship

It's the time of the year again to look back and reminisce the awesome moments and experiences I had in the past year. For me 2013 has been a great year for friends, for work and myself. I was very blessed to have many people loving me and share great times with one another. My favorite parts of the year are my travel experiences like my first Manila Wedding with my team, Trebor Z, our Davao Vaction with family and our CDO-Camiguin Trip with my college and high school friends. I really enjoyed summer weekends with my friends where we just partied all the way.

About my career, I still remained my part time jobs like teaching in Ateneo and layouting stuff. But amidst all of these time with other people, I really enjoyed most is my time for myself. I became fond in jogging and taking care of my health. Time alone is very important for me so I can discover myself more and reflect all the blessing I have. Above all, I always feel the presence of God in my daily life. Because of Him, my 2013 became a great one. Here are some highlights of my year: (Click on photo for larger view)

January - Welcomed the New Year at Paseo del Mar with Family while watching the grand fireworks show. Back in class, we had a Pop Music Cover activity and they created Music Videos for their midterms. Trebz went in class to share something about DSLR Cinematography. The Music Videos they produced were great. Watch them here.

February - Had my first Manila Wedding SDE at Alabang. After the wedding, we had fun at Enchanted Kingdom, another first. Back in Zambo, watched Ciento with friends. Became Panelist for the Seniors Portfolio presentation. Feb 4 was Wella's bday, and 21 was Ate's.

March - Had a family outing at Zambo Ecozone. Went swimming, kayaking and a lot of eating. Had weddings, photoshoot and parties with Trebor Z family. I didn't know these were the last times when the group bonded coz unfortunately some of the members went out of the group already. Aljo went home for summer break and had a fun Losers Reunion.

April - Summer classes starts (taught Nursing Informatics and Desktop Publishing). Lots of SDE, layouts and of course, night outs with friends. Wedding Fair at Centro Pastoral. Jogging always! Surprised Peypey on her birthday. We had a high school reunion at Barcode and Alejandra's where we had karaoke. So much fun!

May - Started with the Summer Peace Festival. Music+Beer=Fun! Bought Mama a cake for Mother's Day then had dinner at Palmeras. Local and Senatorial Elections. Weekend nights were time for friends. Karaoke, Beer, Good Food and lots of good time! Finally i got my driver's license!

June - Had a family vacation of Davao. Went to Samal Island, Jack's Ridge, Malls and visited our families there. Upon arriving Zamboanga, i had my first class for the first sem. I had 5 subjects! But two were just substitute. Dinner during Father's Day at BarBHaus. A lot of school time. I joined Maam Beng's Communications and Info Group as she goes into office as the new City Mayor.

July - Mac-Mac's Bday. Papa was inducted as President of Rotary Club of Zamboanga City East. Printed shirts for the Sesquicentennial Anniversary of Tetuan Parish. Classes were fun specially in Sound Supervision. I learned a lot about Sound Recording. Finally, me and my high school and college friends went to Cagayan de Oro and Camiguin for a vacation. Went to Katibawasan falls, Ardent Hot Springs, White Island (the best!!!), Sto Nino Cold Springs, and went White Water Rafting in CDO. We had a blast!

August - My Birthday month! I really felt the love from my family and friends. My loves/friends, surprised me at the eve of my birthday and brought food and gifts. My Ate went home and we had dinner at Mang Paeng's (one of my new favorite restaurants). Trebor Z family also me and Carlo a birthday night out. Back in school, we created music videos for their midterms. At the City Hall, we produced a new Tourism campaign for the city, Zoom In Zamboanga.

September - Went to Manila for the Philippine Travel Mart for the launching of the new Tourism Campaign and Maam Beng's Birthday. For the first time, my layout was published in a whole page of Philippine Daily Inquirer. The launching was successful and I really felt appreciated with our work. But the tables turned quickly. A day after we arrived home the MNLF Standoff happened. A breakaway group of MNLF had a standoff with the military when they try to raise their flag at the city hall. The city became a ghost town and it was so surreal. Families were displaced and business shut down. We were prisoners in our own homes but it didn't stop us from doing something. We volunteered to help the evacuees and soldiers by cooking rice for them.

After three weeks, the standoff finally ended and the city started to get back to normal. I started jogging again but this time at Pasonanca Park since the grandstand became an evacuation center. The newly renovated grandstand suddenly looked like a slum area and the facilities were ruined. At Pasonanca, i found hope. At Maam Beng's office, we produced a short documentary, #RebuildZambo to invite people to donate for the victims of the standoff. Before September ended, we celebrated Mama's Birthday at Palmeras.

October - This is supposedly the Fiesta Month, however, due to the standoff, all efforts were focused in the rehabilitation of the city. Ate and some friends went here to celebrate the fiesta. There were no activities but we toured them around the city and had a feast at home. We also lit candles at the Fort Pilar. Work at Trebor Z started to pick up but classes were suspended for the rest of the semester. Had a lot of jogging time and friends time still.

November - For the first time, i wasn't able to go to the cemetery for the All Soul's Day. But, had a fun reunion with high school friends when January (who became my facebook girlfriend) went home. We visited Destinee and her son, Bubuj. We had a lot of fun bonding time. Second Semester starts. #YOLANDA, stongest supertyphoon hit Visayas. Papa's Bday. Became speaker at DSPC for Photojournalism. Joed's birthday. Met Joed's #lovelife Zedher and had an overnight outing at Zambo Ecozone.

December - Started with a beautiful sunrise view at Ecozone. Had my first jog of the month there and had so much fun with friends. Ateneo Fiesta was super boring but we joined the Music Video Parody contest and had lots of fun doing it. We created "The Fox" music video with Kachoys. Fortunately, we won the contest! Of course, December is still the Wedding month. I had back to back to back weddings and it was so toxic! Worked so hard but i still had the best Christmas parties with friends and family. I guess i had too much fun when i had a minor motorcycle accident which left a wound on my left knee. I wasn't able to jog for three weeks!

We also surprised Jervin on his 24th birthday and had lots of fun! For the first time also, we didn't have a family reunion at Safety where we have our traditional New Year's eve dinner. Instead we had a dinner at home with our relatives and had great fun! We went to City Hall for our traditional new year's eve pictorial but the lights turned off and the siren rang which signaled the start of the new year. Then we headed to Tennyl's crib and continued the party. We had Empong and Wii and just partied the night away! What a way to start the year!


All i can say is that 2013 has been a great one! I'm really blessed and I praise and thank God for all of these experiences I have so far. I wont wish for a great 2014, but i'll do my best to make it a good one. Wishing everyone a great year! Check out my Year in Facebook here.
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