Vietnam-Cambodia Trip Day 1: Off to Ho Chi Minh!

One of the best moments of my life (so far) is travelling with these awesome group of people. Joed, Apple and her boyfriend who was also my college mate, GP, who was about to finish their MBA's decided to book an 8-day trip to Vietnam and Cambodia on the New Year's eve to take advantage of Cebu Pacific's holiday Piso fare. They chose August 19-27 because there were two holidays and it's also perfect for me since midterms would be done by that time. The trip was also a birthday treat for me and Apple who are turning 24 this year. I just followed my gut feeling and accepted their invitation to join them. Carla, Jelan and Jervin also booked their tickets and so a total of 7 of us would be goin on the trip.

Joed, who already have an experience in travelling outside the country and who was very much enthusiastic about our trip was the one who researched and arranged our tour. We had 8 months to plan our itinerary and budget our expenses and, thankfully, our group were very efficient in doing so. Obstacles and last-minute problems were inevitable but still we pushed through our plans until the day finally came.

We met at the Zambo Airport at 11:30AM and we were on our superhero tees which i gave them on my birthday. We arrived at Manila at 3PM and decided to go to SM Mall of Asia to have our tummies filled. We had Cinnabon together with my brother, Aljo, who is studying in Manila. Then, we had our sumptuous early dinner at Sizzling Pepper Steak.

At Zamboanga International Airport with my #ootd 

Super Best Friends Back Packing Club is off to Manila

Great day to travel!

Touchdown at NAIA Terminal 3

With bro Aljo at MOA. First stop: CINNABON! yum!

Early dinner at Sizzling Pepper Steak

At last we're complete!!! Super Best Friends Back Packing Club is off to HCMC!

This is it! My first ever international flight!

2 and a half hour flight to Vietnam. #timetravelling

Welcome to Vietnam!

NAIA is better. The Immigration officers were kinda scary!

Finally, we arrived at the backpackers area. Time to rest for our first day adventure at Saigon!

Check out the next day's adventure in the next post here.
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