Ho Chi Minh City Day and Night Walking Tour

Day 2! Good morning Saigon!!! I'm to lazy to write now so here's Joed's journal about this day:

First morning in Vietnam. We had our first Vietnamese breakfast. Walked around Bui Vien with Jelan from dawn till sunrise to get a feel of how urban Vietnamese jumpstart their day. We went to a coffee shop nearby to chill while waiting for our appointment with Ms. Ha. After visiting Innoviet's office and meeting an awesome bunch of new Vietnamese friends we officially started our walk around the city.
1) 23/9 Park
2) Benh Tanh Market
3) Trang Nguyen Statue
4) Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum
5) Notre Dame Cathedral

It was 12 noon and the sun's heat is scorching so we decided to rest and have our lunch (Jelan's inside story to be discussed in my blog). We followed the local Vietnamese (office employees) to see where they go for lunch and yes, we found a wonderful cafe in a hidden alley. Then there was an outpour, it seems that the clouds just have to cool off the heat for us. :) The food was soo good. We rested for a while and continued our walk:

6) Ho Chi Minh City Hall
7) Ho Chi Minh Post office
8) Reunification Palace

It was around 3:30 pm and everyone seems exhausted so we went back to Innoviet to get our stuff and check-in at Saigon Youth Hostel. We just love this accommodation because of its location. After freshening up, we went walking around Pham Ngu Lao to try some Vietnamese Street Food. After getting our tummy full, we get ourselves ready to see the Water Puppet Show (A must see cultural show in Saigon). We had dinner at Viet Restaurant and finally meet Bao. If we would have known that Bao would treat us for a more authentic Vietnamese food experience eating on the streets we could've waited. But anyhow, first day is overwhelming with happiness and perfection. :)

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