Dia De Cesar: Carisma, Coraje, Compasión

Thirty years ago, Zamboanga's iconic Mayor Cesar Cortez Climaco was killed at the streets of Camino Nuevo, leaving the city in sorrow. Mayor Cesar left a legacy of Courage and Honor as he battled during the Marcos regime and fought for the nation's democracy. This week the City Government, headed by Mayor Beng Climaco, the niece of Cesar Climaco, prepare a lineup of events to commemorate his life and legacy.

Carisma. Coraje. Compasión. These are the trademarks of Cesar Climaco which every Zamboangueños should emulate. Let's take part on this wonderful history and help make Zamboanga a better city by following the footsteps of our heroes who risked their lives for our city and country. Here are the lineup of activities for Dia de Cesar.

30th Dia de Cesar 2014 Calendar of Activities

Here are the three commemorative graphic portraits that I designed which was unveiled during the flag-raising ceremony on November 10 at Plaza Rizal fronting the City Hall.

Carisma. Cesar Climaco is know for his eccentricity. A very energetic and humorous person, he charmed every person in front of him. Children would call him Lolo Cesar with a bag of candies in his arms. He will let the kids sing "Ay si Cesear" in the tune of "Oh my darling, Clementine" before he gives away his candy. Cesar's iconic vintage motorcycle is his favorite mode of transportation. If you notice, i placed some candies in the design.

Coraje. A very brave man Cesar is. He is very hands on in everything he do. He is a real life super hero as he is also a volunteer fireman. He also showed courage when he opposed the Marcos dictatorship and vowed not to cut his hair until democracy is achieved. Unfortunately, his long white hair remained until his last day, when he was assasinated on November 14, 1984. Aside from the crimson palette which symbolize his courage, I also placed some lions which reminded me of his intense presence especially when he express his strong views and opinions in public.

Compasión. Cesar is a person with a pure heart. His love to his constituents know no age, gender or religion.  In this final portrait, we see him in his candid moments, assisting to his grandson and an elderly who is emotional in his presence. I also placed a hand carrying a seedling which symbolize his compassion towards nature and humankind. Truly, Cesar Climaco is a man of Charisma, Courage and Compassion.


 Thanks to Sir Jojo Yap-Aizon and Mark Saavedra for helping me gather the images for the portraits.
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