Manila Adventure 2015

After the very fun yet exhausting Hermosa Festival, I went to Manila for the well-deserved RnR. I took the chance to meet my ate and our bunso and meet my long time friends. I stayed at our aunt's condo at BGC and also went to Tagaytay for the weekend. I didn't really have an itinerary so I took the time to enjoy the place and take photos.

Zamboanga City International Airport
DAY 1 (10/15/15) - Zamboanga International Airport. Bidding hometown goodbye for now..

Hello Manila! Arrived at the urban jungle that is BGC.

The streets are so clean!

Go on and try to tear me down, I will be rising from the ground like a 🌆

Trees and greeneries between metal structures..

After my walk around the West side of BGC, i went to Market! Market! and met Ate.

I gave her these digital art prints of her friends and special someone. We had lunch at Kenny Rogers, my treat :)

I headed to SMX Aura and checked out Animahenasyon. I watched some of the entries for free!

I went back to the condo and saw this breath-taking window view in our unit.

The view of Burgos Circle from our unit.

BGC Bus Tap Cards to get around BGC

Walked around BGC at night...

I went again to SM Aura and met some friends and had dinner at Paul's Restaurant. Sadly, I didn't have the chance to take a group photo :(

After the dinner, I went up and checked out the roofdeck. Cool sculptures..

View of BGC from the roofdeck of SM Aura

View of Market! Market! parking area from above

SM Aura's slick architecture, view from the edge of the roofdeck

Fountain at the roofdeck of SM Aura

Coffee to cap of the night...

Day 2 (10/16/15) - Introducing Jotie, my travel buddy. For today, we're gonna have an adventure at Manila Ocean Park!


First agenda: Eat all you can buffet!

Time to meet the manta rays and sharks! Kawaii! :3

Goofing around :)

He gave me a high five!

Look! He's waving Jotie hello!

Time to enter the main building, Oceanarium..

One, two, three, one two three, drink!

Me likey the stuff toys.

The hawk whisperer...

Alligator Gar (Atractosteus Spatula)

Jungle feels..

Taking a moment..

Waiting in line for the comfort room?

Big white fishy..

Don't get lost, okay?!

White seahorse! Such amazing creature!

Because Katy Perry..

Under the sea feels...


Ahoy, matey!

Amazing view...

Finally, i got the tube on my own!

Heading south..

Antartica factoids...


First time to see a penguin! :3

On the way to the coldest place in Manila..

I can't live here, such wow, much cold..

My glasses got fogged up upon exiting the snow village XD

Time for the Yexel's Museum! #minions

Jotie's power jump!

Error 404. Gravity not found..

Spidey dropped me XD

LoTR! White Gandalf!

Fanboy right here @_@

My precious!

Valar Morghulis! King Cedric of the South, breaker of farts!

The force is strong around here...

The best set in the house!

"Imagine all the wonderful things that will never happen if you do not do them."

Jelly fish life cycle!


Jellies everywhere! See them float, see them glow..

Up close, they look like sci-fi alien creatures...


To cap off today's adventure, we had a foot spa by Dr Fish!

Garra rufa, also called doctor fish, nibble fish, kangal fish, and bonefish (in New England) is a species of fish that lives and breeds in the pools of some Turkish river systems and hot springs. Wiki

A photo posted by Ced Zabala 👑 (@cedzabala) on

Feels good!

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Time for some reunion! Aljo, my bro, and my high school friends, Ajhay and January, college friends, Pepey and Jervin, and me and Jotie. Had dinner at SM Aura Pepper Lunch.

After dinner and lots of laughter, we walked along Bonifacio High Street and looked for a place to chill. We arrived at Fort Strip and had some drinks! First time to try this Belgian Witber style beer.

We laughed the night away. Many memories were relived, and new stories shared, but the friendship stayed the same. High school really never ends. What a great way to start the weekend.

Check out Day 4-6, where I got to visit Tagaytay and see Taal Volcano once again. Click here.

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