Don’t Traumatize mE..~~

Like the lost people wanding in the desert, under the scorching sun, lots of mirage can be seen in the horizon. Hoping to search water to quench his thirst, instead, he gets blisters in his feet and burnt skin along his journey to nowhere. As he slowly take a step, he sees no shade except his own tormented shadow. His feet sinks in the hot desert sand and unforturnately, his vision became blurred because of hunger. His blood is rushing to his drained nut, not knowing he suffers from heat stroke. And as he fall in the pit, the world turned slow motion, and noteworthy thoughts reminisce hopelessly. He rembered as he freely fall in mid-air, the twelfth hour of this day.

" I climb to the peak of excellence, but it seems everyone is trying to pull me down."

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