You might wonder what the acronym mean. Well, it’s nothing. Juz wanna express our success in last friday’s ethnic dance competition in line with the opening program for Ateneo’s Social Involvement Month (SIMO). Though we had only 1 night of practice, we still garnered first place with our very colorful and beautiful presentation. Of course, with the help of our trainors, kuya ronnel and the group, who choreographed the dance.

Rather being competitive, our group was so optimistic and cooperative during the rehearsals last thursday night. In the team, everybody were education students except for me. This didn’t bother me at all because we are classmates in our NSTP/FFP class. 6 boys and 6 girls composed the team [Au-au, Geelou, Patrick, Jerson, Robi Jone, Me, Robi Joy, April, Jen, Larraine, Ate Emma, Einishen and with the support of Argie and NSTP-T].

Of course, everyone was willing to dance eventhough we’re not that proffessional in dancing. As the afternoon turns to night, and our tummy starts to rumble, we still practiced though our body starts to become weak. Some of us (excluding me) stole pepsi in the ice chest outside the CDCH. It was a funny experience to all of us.

Then the day came. In the class, we still rehearsed and we polished the whole presentation. Argie and the class prepared the props and Au-au and Pau had already the costumes that they borrowed at DPLMHS. Afternoon i heard the news that we had to go topless in the whole presentation. Whatta-whatta. Well, for the sake of the group, i’ll try my best. :)

Carrying the palaspas, we stood still in the center of the gym as the emcee were acknowledging the sponsors. And when they finished, everybody were cheering for us. All the butterflies in my stomach flushed out and as the music start, all i thought was nothing but the steps. In the middle part of the dance, i started to enjoy dancing while remembering the kalokohan we did during the practices. All my groupmates were looking good. And so it is, the presentation finished so clean and everybody loved it.

I didn’t have regrets being half-naked in the 5 minutes of that day. We won, and we were very happy because we recieved 2,000 php. We had pictorials, and no one have a frowning face. It was so enjoyable. We had a short meeting after. We agreed to spend the money at jollibee and eat chicken joy for everyone in the group. The rest of the money is for the reimbursement of the money that was borrowed for the props.

Very exhausted, we marched from adzu to mindpro until we reached jollibee. 10 years after, we ate and we had time to chat to one another. Well, that’s all folks. Congrats sa atin! have a happy social involvement month to the Ateneans!!

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