Bagong Raket?

Just this morning, as i go to skul, i was silently sitting on the jeep inanely, carrying my sling bag, wearing my dad’s polo that makes me look like a salamangkero..^^ i just got 60 pesos load after 10 long years of waiting. but the traffic post turned the red lights on and the jeep paused. we are at end of the longstretch of canelar street and i can see the new builing named torre dela Buenavista towering with beautiful archs and the pyramid-shaped tip on the west of the structure. As i stare gullibly in it’s loftiness, i gradually heard a sound. It’s a boy singing "tira ibo ku lumipa, tumabay a langi akonapatingi.." I thought he’s singing using his native dialect. I looked at him, his face is so grubby and he carries an instrument made of a used bear brand can and 2 vinyl pipe with one end of each material covered with "semi-permeable"-like plastic sealed by rubber bands and packed as one.. he tapped each and it produced different tones..for short, it’s like an improvised, i listened to his song and it was getting clearer..he was singing pla Narda..haha.. he almost finished the song but no one gave him money, even a cent..only a wrapper of sky flakes with tiny crumbs..huhu..wawa man..grabe mga badjao, creative!

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