A delicate heart was once broken
It seems impossible for it to suffer another pain
But there a voice from deep inside of you echoes my heart
Calling out to make you realize Inspired by this new-fangled link
To all who feel no love appeal no more
But this wall around you is hard to break down
That’s aiding both our hearts to grow in sorrow
Forget what has been done, and we can dream tomorrow
Save our hearts for card and affection
It’s hard I know, but one thing for certain
Take care of this brittle heart of mine
A throbbing mind calls for of passion
I don’t think I could undergo another torment
But in you, I’ve found warmth
Affection I have never sensed before
What went before should not destroy what comes tomorrow
Don’t crash my innocent heart.
With all this fire that burns between us
Many things can be lost
But so much more to gain If I can choose the world I live in
A utopia I’d make would all revolve around you
Help me complete the game inside me
And help to mend my broken heart…

- o -

(Original post from my old FS blog)
 Credits to fal-name for the artwork .:unbreak my heart:.

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