dot dot dot

today i remain silent here in this room.
the four corners seems to strangle me as my emotions stir

i remember you again, those days that i share with you
those hours that i cherish being with you, now just a memory
you stared just like a hawk in the sky and i’m your prey
your a predator that caught my heart in a split second…

i remember that day that i never take off my eyes on you
cause you make me feel happy though i’m tired of being me
tired of not knowing myself very well like you do
i’m not sure.. not so sure of who you are and who am i
these is just vague.

are these feelings deep or just infatuation?
because it doesn’t seem right to have you by my side
i guess i just don’t like being with you because of what other people might think
does it matter now? i guess no…

i kept this for a long long time. this feeling is just confusing
i saw your profile and started browsing every content.
good thing were not stable, because i just don’t want to be close to you
even though it’s hard to accept, that i might lose a friend

i can see that you have somebody now and i’m happy for you
You need not to remember me, just be free to be yourself
and ill be here always at your back to catch you when you stumble
whenever your peers starts to leave you…

and again, i’m here in this room. this room filled with emptiness
hoping that someday someone will care to knock the doors
because your just a room apart, and i hope you’ll remember me to.
only you can fill my emptiness…


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