Twenty o' Seven checklist

15 things that I liked most about this year:

1. CSIT bagged over-all champion for Contests during the atfest
2. Atfest 07 Logo and Pictograms (made part of adzu history (at least))..
3. Rotaract District Conference at Ilo-ilo City (March 28-April 2)
4. Grafika Manila (August 9-12) it's actually my first time to go to Manila
5. Ossei Journalism Workshop at Baguio (September 12-16)
6. Summer Class! humanities + itmm211 = fun
7. Joined Synergy, 1st place at the Hola Zamboanga Cheerdance Competition
8. Ateneo Fiesta: amazing race, float, booth, food and rides...unforgettable
9. Airplanes!!! first time ulet...
10. Animation Lab: second home..hehe
11. Had Animo friends during the ASSP, choreographed modern dance
12. Marejada 07 and Beacon pressworks..
13. Skolars gatherings
14. AICG :D
15. ITMM subjects...learned a lot

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