Oh eight

It has been an odd season for me, i think. There have been lots of things that has greatly changed and it has been bothering me lately. My December was just weird. During the Atfest, i had lots of fun, but i had more headaches and burdens. I was not focused in my studies and i screwed up in some of my subjects, i can’t even remember the last lessons i had before the break. I really hope i can put my head back to it. Christmas celebrations were also fun. I had three, actually. The first one was the CSIT Christmas/Victory party. Next was the Zabala family reunion, and last, the Safety/Unique Thanksgiving party. I enjoyed all parties but still, something’s missing, or lacking, i suppose. I am really disappointed with myself because I didn’t join the year-end training of our church. I’m really a procrastinator. Well i have my reasons too why i didn’t showed up, but because of this my sibling didn’t also joined the event. All the burden was just on me. It doesn’t mean that i don’t want to have time with Him, it’s just that i have to deal with my relations to the people there.

Anyways, i think my Christmas was just bitin. I haven’t spent my time with my friends and family fully and i was so lazy. There were also deviations in this year’s New Year celebration. There were no games, it means no money and prizes.hehe i think i was just being childish those times. There were less fireworks. Wala ba namang sparklers, ano ba yan. I only had one stick of roman candle and the others was enjoyed by our bunso and dad. Bitin talaga, hindi nga mausok and loob ng bahay. And that was just odd. I missed the aroma of burning gunpowder and the smokes in my room. but its ok, next year I’ll make sure that there will be tons of fireworks.haha. The time was just running fast. Upon arriving home, we prepared our homemade nicker bucker and the next thing i knew, the people were having the final countdown. Anyways the dessert was just delicious. Next year we should have more. I also enjoyed the whole night singing karaoke and dancing with my siblings and cousins. I rested after the fourth hour and woke up during lunch time. We went to La vista and enjoyed the beach. I enjoyed having time with my family.

They say that the way we start the year will tell how we will be throughout the year. For the first time in my life, I’ll be havin’ my new year’s resolution, and it will one single one word: FOCUS. This year I have to focus in my relationships, to my family, friends and most importantly to God. I have to focus in my studies over affiliations and do my best to have excellent grades. The past year, i was just not satisfied with my grades (tons of 85’s). I have to perform my best this year just to make sure that the Chinese people are wrong in saying that the people born in the year of the horse will be unlucky this year.haha I also include blogging in my list. I realized that blogging will help me in honing my skills in writing and it will be an instrument to express my views and opinions.

Before saying goodbye to oh seven, i like to thank everyone, people that i knew throughout my life and the ones that came lately. All of you are just great. You were very supportive and you believed in me, you know who you are. In case I had any shortcomings to you guys, I’m sorry. I would also like to forgive all people who made mistakes and leave all of these along with the year. Twenty o seven was just great. I hope Oh eight will be one too. I have so much to say but i don’t want to bore you guys. To cut it short, i want to bid goodbye to oh seven and hello oh eight. yeah!

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