On Chowder and Paisleys

Have you seen Chowder? Oh that cute stupid thing in Cartoon Network? Well, Chowder it the next cutest thing in TV. He is a squeezy toy inspired character who is an apprentice of a chef named Mung Daal. What I like about the show is the style of animation that they used. They used patterns on the characters' clothing or skin, when a character moves, their patterns do not follow, but display as a "static" background.

I also love how they used stop motion and puppets at the end of the show.
Anyways, I made this character while practicing drawing in Flash. I used one type of brush and created variations of thickness by zooming in and out while drawing. I created the bold outlines first and then zoomed it to created dots and dashes for the details. The design is inspired by paisley patterns. I colored and textured it in photoshop using this amazing victorian textures [link], of course inspired by the show "Chowder". I named it "Ambao" coined by my sister's goddaughter, Mica, which means daga or mouse. (she is afraid of tiny fury creatures.) Click on the image for larger view.

Ambao the Paisley

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