Is There A God And How Can We Prove It...?

I just want to share my insights about this article. Actually this is my assignment in my Philo class but i was not able to meet the deadline so the teacher dissed my paper. Below is a video about the very same article created as an ad campaign for a school.

In the article, the professor shows his point that if ever a certain God exist, he/she is the one who created everything that exists. However, he pointed out that Evil is something that exist and, thus, its creator is also evil. The kid told him that Evil does not exist by presenting ideas and evidences that are supported by the laws of Physics. As to coldness is the absence of heat; darkness is the absence of light; evil too is the result in the absence of love. This proves that God indeed created everything that is good like heat, light and love. If goodness is absent, we call it badness, like coldness, darkness and evil. Thus, God is not evil, He is good.

There are moments in the article that I found very striking. For example, the professor said in front of the class that God is evil. This gave me an idea that God is the creator of everything including things that we consider bad or evil. However, I also doubted it because of the idea that God is evil. How could God create something that will harm its creations? I started to recall about the Genesis and the creation. It is written that in the beginning there was nothing but darkness which means darkness is something that is not created but is the absence of everything. Hence, it is true that there are things in this world that exist but is not necessarily created. Then, God created light to fill the darkness and it was good. In the bible, it is always repeated that God’s creation is good, thus, everything that He created is far from evil.

Another thing that struck me most is when the child, Albert Einstein, proved that evil does not exist. I find his ideas very rational and very true to most of the things that God created. For example, aside from the light, heat and love, He also created water. And the absence of water is dryness. God did not create dryness but the absence of water caused its existence. This simple idea proves that God is, indeed, not the creator of bad things. Everything that we see around us is essentially good. We only perceive bad things in the absence of the creation that makes it good.

But how did evil started? I believe that God did not create evil. In the bible, I learned that it started with an angel, Lucifer, who lose his goodness and became the origin of sins. He was the one who started sin when he spread his lies and corruption among the angels and human beings. Man is not evil in the beginning but when they were tempted by the devil, they committed a sin.

Nonetheless, the main point of the article lies on its title, Is There A God and How Can We Prove It? For me, the only way to prove God to those who do not believe is through presenting evidences scientifically and philosophically. Through explaining ideas like what is presented in the article, we will be able to reason out and provide proofs that will lead us to the clear view on God’s existence.

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