Give Earth a Hand

I would like to share this beautiful video created by the GreenPeace organization to promote awareness on environmental protection. This is a conceptual video made of texts, icons and hands only. I love it because it's so creative and innovative. The message is very clear and it inspires us to do action in conserving nature. Here is the video.

Talking about nature, I was watching the National Graphic Channel last April 22 in observance of the Earth Day. They featured documentaries about the ever-changing earth especially the least undiscovered place in it, the underwater. Our knowledge about the underwater in merely a droplet in the ocean and we even know more about space and what's out there than what we have here in the seas. I watch "Shark Eden" and I learned that the underwater paradise are very rare nowadays. These Eden are well-balanced ecosystems with unbleached corals, bountiful sea creatures and Sharks, as to Lions in savannas. I want to share this advocacy of protecting the underwater edens also because of my experience which i shared in my doodle blog. I also created a simple artwork to commemorate the Earth day. Click the image below to read the article.

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