Mindanao Bloggers Summit 4

To all School President /Director /Head, All School Colleges, School Publications /Student Council, ITTeachers and Students and Bloggers / Photographers from Mindanao,

The Zamboanga Bloggers Society together with the Mindanao Bloggers Community, which is the official network of bloggers in Asia’s Latin City is this year’s host to the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2010 on October 30, 2010 at the Garden Orchid Convention Center.

The summit will cover a range of topics related to its theme “The Mindanao Project: Weaving Voices Online!”. The fourth in its season, the event aims to create a venue for Mindanaoan bloggers to discuss issues affecting them and formulate strategies to help reach their common goal of creating a brighter Mindanao. The event is quickly building momentum and we are excited to announce Philippine Senator TG Guingona III will be speaking.

Participants will get the opportunity to hear from a number of inspirational and knowledgeable speakers covering topics that will help them learn how to make the most of online communities and diverse blogs locally to expand globally and effect change in the society. Further, a Blogging Seminar is set to happen on October 29 at the College AVR, Ateneo de Zamboanga University as a prelude to the summit.

Professional bloggers and guests from all over the country are coming. This is open to bloggers, developers, designers, online journalists, writers, photographers, students and professionals that make up for info activism that help boost tourism, promote culture and share the unique Filipino individuality thru online communities. This is a uniquely exciting event designed to completely absorb all participants, with countless opportunities for learning, meet new people in the blogosphere and share one goal towards Mindanao.

In this regard, I would like to invite your school to participate in our scheduled activities. The regular registration fee of PhP 500.00 is required per participant for the summit proper. The fee includes the certificate of participation, snacks, lunch, souvenir kit, raffle, and freebies and sponsor giveaways. Meanwhile, a fee of PhP 50.00 is set for the Blogging Seminar to cover certificates and organizing cost.We look forward to your participation in this endeavor.

For more information, you may contact Yolynne Medina or Grace Sojor at:

c/o Elearning Centre
Telefax : 063.062.9927269
3F ZGU Bldg., Governor Alvarez St.
Zamboanga City, Philippines
Look for Yolynne Medina

c/o Seed Interactive
Telephone: 063.062.9227574
Look for Abigail Nebrija

You may also contact us at bloggerssummit2010@gmail.com

For on-line registration and updates please visit: http://www.mindanaobloggers.com/

Online Registration: http://www.mindanaobloggers.com/contact/mbs4-registration/

Program: http://www.mindanaobloggers.com/mbs-4/

Garden Orchid Hotel Convention Center Zamboanga (062) 991 0032

Just five minutes from the international airport and ten minutes away from the bustling city, known for its well-appointed, spacious and comfortable accommodations. It provides the business and leisure travelers the perfect haven in the city.

Official Letter of Invitation - http://goo.gl/vOmU
Registration Form - http://goo.gl/XleP

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