Wow. It's already October, which usually means it's fiesta pilar and finals season for me. Now its all about work work work! Post-September for me was a busy one. I finished 2 album layouts for mr. jouie, had event coverages, did errands for 2 big contests here in the city, and ended it with a party for my mom's birthday. Post-september and pre-october is a fashionable one for me. The fashion fever started when we had post-debut video and photo shoots for Catlyn, whose party theme was Paris Fashion Week. We did the glamorous trailer which also served as the official invitation. Then we had an event coverage, which is the fashion show, Fashion Revolution, a grand fashion event headed by the alumni assoc of claret. Then we also sponsored two fashionable contests, 2010 Miss Zamboanga Pageant and Top Model Search (The Mannequin) where we covered the whole event (from screening to contest proper for a minimal fee), created the AVP's for the contest proper, and designed the posters for the event. It was such a funny experience being the AVP guy, imma tell you about it soon. We also had a fashion indoor shoot with some models for Donald Green's collection. After the photoshoot with the models, we had a pre-debut indoor shoot which is a first for us. Then we also covered her debut party which was at freakin Ipil, which is three hours away from the city. But i really enjoyed her party :D And to top it all, my favorite tv show ANTM Cycle 15 already started (which i watch at youtube coz we don't have a cable channel at home that match airs the show). However, i was disappointed because we weren't able to watch the Zamboanga Mascota fashion show and competition because we had an event coverage a while ago. Anyways, i guess the fashion fever is finally over, and the fiesta fever will soon come to me. I'm looking forward to see the annual regatta (race of vintas) and street dance competition next week. October will be a fun month, i guess. We will also be busy in preparing the fast approaching Mindanao Bloggers Summit (register now!). I think we're not prepared yet but i hope we will get through our busy-ness and finally focus with this event. I really hope it'll be a successful one. So that's it, imma leave you with one of the AVP's that we did for Miss Zamboanga where the candidates introduced their selves not in the traditional way. It's past 3 in the morning and i want to blog more but i have to rest now. I'll post the photos and video's of all of these happenings soon. Good day!

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