Old Photos of Zamboanga Airport and EAAB

Here are some old photos of the Erwin Andrews Air Base, also the current Airport of Zamboanga City. I was asked to make a video presentation for the incoming officers so i had these files. I don't own these photos but i want to share it anyways. Here are also some important infos about the 3rd Air Division.

The History of 3AD traces its roots on 10 March 1945 when a group of US Army engineers constructed an airfield here in Zamboanga. Consequently, the First Combat Aircraft named “CORSAIR” made its historic landing, marking a milestone in aviation history in Mindanao. The need to maintain an Air Force in Southern Philippines paved the way for the activation of Edwin Andrews Air Base named in honor of LT Colonel Edwin Andrews, the first postwar chief of the Philippine Air Force whho perished in a plane crash while flying over mount Makaturing in Lanao del Sur in 1947.

More photos after the jump :D

The first Airplane that landed in Mindanao

The old Airport

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Construction of the runway.

First warplanes in Mindanao


Anonymous said...

Are you sure about the first airplane landed in Mindanao in 1945? Cagayan de Oro had its first seaplane land on Macajalar Bay in 1925 and the American-built Del Monte Airfield in Bukidnon, less than 40 kilometers from Cagayan de Oro was a large American airbase before World War II or 1945 for that matter. The Del Monte Airbase even accomodated B-17s which were flown from Clark Airbase to escape Japanese detection before World War II even started. In 1942, Del Monte Airfield was even used by General Douglas MacArthur when he flew directly from there to Australia to retreat from the Japanese invasion. I'm not saying Cagayan de Oro had the first airplane landings because there surely have been much more earlier landings in Davao, Cotabato, Surigao or even in Zamboanga!

Anonymous said...

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Del_Monte_Airfield. Check that out for starters. If I find other info about Mindanao airfields, I'll surely mail you.

Cedrick Zabala said...

Thanks for the info. Well, actually i'm not really sure about this data that i have. I got it when the people in Air force asked me to make their AVP. But for sure it's the first in western mindanao :D

Anonymous said...

The plane accident of Lili Marlene did not happen in 1949. It happened on May 18, 1947, as I was only exactly 5 mons old, when one of the pilots that died in that crash is my father.

Cedrick Zabala said...

@anonymous: Sorry for the wrong information. I just the copied the data from the PAF. I'll correct this data right away. Anyways, that im sad that you lost your dad so early. Thanks for this info...

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