Hazel @ 18 Digital Art

Days before her debut celebration, they hired us to do a photo shoot. So i had one day to edit all of these digital art. Hazel is a dancer so we thought of a concept that would fit her personality. We took some dance poses and the usual beauty shots and edited them using the lighting effect. Basically, i overlayed a lot of stock images and added vector designs. Immediately after the party we posted the photos in our fb page and we received a lots of likes. Now it reached almost a hundred likes! Yay! I didn't really expect to do something like this in a short period of time. My years of practice really come this point that i can do stuff that i can't normally do. So thanks for everyone who appreciated our works and hopefully we will have more clients and supporters. So here are the 15 digital arts for Hazel. (click read more for more photos)...

Hazel Von @ 18
Garden Orchid Ballroom
Photography: Ryann Elumba
Post Processing: Cedrick Zabala

credits to deviantArt resources for the stock images
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