Mark and Elanie Onsite

It's time for another onsite this time. Mark and Elanie have been together since their college days. That is more than ten years! In this video we used our old Nikon d90 camera and my snail-like laptop which i think is full of bug that's why its memory can't handle too much. Good thing we learned from our previous experience and used our time more efficiently. In our previous onsite videos we almost failed to deliver. But this time we were early, actually they even skipped the part before the presentation so they could see the video already.

I also used a new treatment in this one which i adapted from the Dirty Bit music video of Black Eyed Peas and the Prenup video of Regine and Ogie's wedding where you can see random flashes of colors. So i used more layers here which means more rendering burden for my freaking laptop who decides to crash whenever i forget to ctrl+s. Patience is really a must for an onsite editor plus creativity while dealing with time pressure. So, here is the onsite/sde of Mark and Elanie (who looks like Kyla)..

Full Credits:

Mark and Elanie
February 8, 2011
Guiwan Church
Astoria Regency Convention Center

SDE Videography: Johnery Toribio
SDE Editing: Cedrick Zabala
Coordinator: Roberto S. Bondoc Jr.
Videographers: Ryann Elumba, Mark Lee
Photographers: Jolas Dizon, Vincent Paul Arnuco
Make-up: Kurshidy Sahak

PS: Do check out their prenup photos in Seed Interactive's FB page.

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