Friendster Testimonials

Before the friendster world will fade into the abbyss, i collected all my treasures which are real testimonials from my friends since 3rd year high school (2004). FS was the mother of social networking and i am happy to be one of the few people who tried it before it became a worldwide hit. Now, it will soon change the whole structure of the site and our profiles will be a goner. Here are my testis, i mean testimonials, from the latest to the oldest testi about me. If your a friend who gave a testi, just hit ctrl+f and search for your name. Thanks for all the flattering and funny words for me. I really do appreciate everyone who became part of my life. Many things may have changed but i hope through this we will be reminded of the things of the past that we can truly cherish through our lives. Click read more to view the whole list of my testimonials..


Daphne D (Dec 19 2008, 00:52 AM)

syempre like mother like daughter.. :-)
ingatz ka din

(Dec 22 2008, 11:59 PM)
nah, heb pa kame work..
dec 24-jan 4 ang break namin.. hehe
oki lang..hehehe
ui, btw, punta ka alumni ng Regionalians sa Palmeras?

hehe.. baka punta kame ni charles..hehe

Feriza K (Dec 11 2008, 11:33 AM)

si sedric..este cedric


--Oo nb, kuya. ngkmali na ako s "a millie" dance. LOL

Faith S (Dec 06 2008, 09:46 PM)


musta? miss na kita..

evolve ka na talaga..

bakit ka gwapo?

(Dec 08 2008, 02:51 PM)
NEH. =)

di ka pa sanay sa pressures? parang since high school pa yan cedz.. dapat ung mga stressors na ang mapagod sa atin. LOL. =p

may itatanong ako sayo. pero pede personal? hehe.
loves you..

(Dec 09 2008, 09:49 AM)
HAHA. =)

nope. dapat nakikita talaga kita.. para malaman ko kung sincere ang sagot mo.. *lagot ka na*

basta. wui. ingat. pa-edit daw picture.. hehe.. cge nah.. kahit ano lang na nasa gallery ko. lamat cedz..

lapit na birthday ko. ;P may ganun?!

(Dec 12 2008, 01:53 PM)
naalala mo yung nagkita tayo sa shop-o at may binigay kang chopstix?


sino yung kasama mo?


Sandra B (Oct 17 2008, 07:36 AM)

wow galing niu mgpaint/draw ah..haha
ingatz k cedz..tama n tangkad mo ah..hehe

(Oct 19 2008, 12:48 PM)

hhaha gnun?
alala ko dati nung 2nd yr teu
sbi mo ininom mo
growee ng kpatid mo
kc d niya iniinom..
tge2 ingatz! mixu dn!

(Nov 09 2008, 01:31 PM)
nah grabe.. doble bigat mo sakne..
pti heiht cguro..haha kurni..
nah khit 1s mo lng ininom, gwabe ung efect..hehe
xenxa now lng nagrepz..
school n nman..galingan mo! tc..wink


Lorena Z (Oct 17 2008, 04:08 AM)

elow bodek!!!musta na dha??

kami nga rin dito..
study mode 2 d highest level tlaga.hehe
sana nga..pra bibo na nman..

Jervin Y (Oct 02 2008, 10:47 PM)

shocked ...nyahaha :D


Carla C (Aug 13 2008, 04:21 AM)

JORJ!! :) hapi bday!
bwaha. 18 na. ako nlng ang 17. ay. haha. :))

Marvin B (Jul 23 2008, 09:53 PM)

uy cedz!
long time no see.
tnx pla for the view (artistang-artista ano?)
kamusta na dyan mga regionalian pipz sa ateneo?
hmmm...i miss my alma mater (aw. di pala ako nag-aral dyan..) haha

nice layout mo sa publication niyo ah. galing2x!
ituloy lang natin ang press freedom.
sige. sige.


Michelle Q (Jul 18 2008, 02:05 PM)

wahhhh mis ko n kau...kahit isang skul tau minsan ko lang kau nakiklita nila pepey!! huhuhuhu


Robi Jone L (Oct 17 2007, 04:53 AM)





wala lang din...

thank u...


Robi Jone L (Sep 28 2007, 11:09 AM)


tama ba spelling q?


wala na kasi aq masabi CEDZ...

all I know is that I am giving this message/comment/tezti or whatever you want to call it to someone so great whose greatness is even beyond any human being's mind can comprehend... you're simply the one and only YOU!


Odjie Z (Sep 01 2007, 00:10 AM)

Hi cuz... everything in this world is doubtful... but with you nothing is impossible.. I will no longer doubt if you will be a successful person... because I know it is given...hehhe.. well keep up the good work... hope to see you soon.... and don't forget us if you reach the top..


Papa (Aug 31 2007, 09:56 PM)

Kuya't -keep up and smilin!! Someday ul reap what u deserve. Papee


Koyo Z (Aug 12 2007, 07:42 PM)

kip up da gud work bodz, broaden ur ideas and think the hardest concepts as you can if you can do that? i will not think twice that you will be the most recognize graphic architect in ur school, ay mali sa buong mundo pala.. ehehhehe.... chill! cheer up bodz. God Bless!


Kerwin F (Jun 04 2007, 05:44 PM)

certified A.C.E. member

so unlucky to not have known him so well.. sana may tym pa to extend our friendship.. hehehe.. di kasi gaano nagkausap nung HOLA practices..

from what i've learned, super gifted tong bata na to.. a great graphics desingner, lay out artist.. dancer.. writer.. lahat na.. bien all around.. saludo ako sayo!! hehehe.. that's true..

keep it up.. also do well with ur academis para pag graduate mo, u cud possible become vale or salu.. hehehe..

God bless.. comment ka din..


Karen G (May 08 2007, 09:02 AM)

hi cedz!
thanks sa lahat.
la lang.=D
mishoo na!


Lorraine T (May 11 2007, 04:46 AM)

cedrick.. it's been quite a while na.. talo ko pa ang multo, atleast ang multo ngpaparamdam.. hehe.. pero heto na, ngparamdam na q.. hope everthing's alright.. take care and God bless u.. -marylorraine


Roy S (Apr 24 2007, 10:09 AM)

c- certified dancer (cheerDnce, hiphop, folkdance,..wahaha) joke
e- ewan?!!.. hehehe,.. madami p din kc ako ndi alam sa kanya eh...
d- damn!... he's cool 2b with,.. fuNny tamen and mabait,.. sa kanya ako nakikiteXt pLagi duRing prctiCe sa cheerdance
z- (next time nlang ang "z" ha,.. isip muna ako,.. hehehe.... )

tc duDe,..



Rhey (Apr 10 2007, 10:38 AM)

hi ced!!!...hehehe, i know its been quite a while and sorry for this late testimonial...hehehe..

..i met this young man during a discon for rotaract in iloilo and guimaras...we had a very happy time kasi he know how to be honest--kasi shempre we are much older than him, and we can't push him to do things especially our vices..hahaha, tsaka mejo swimming bud ko to sa guimaras kasi 3 lang ata kaming pumasok sa isang cave dun sa may dagat and swimming pa din!!!..quite sad nga lang kasi we have to go back after two days, mejo bitin but..enjoy talaga!!..hope to see you soon and do well sa studies mo para you can reach your goals and dreams mo..if you need me, dito lang si kuya rhey mo!!..hehehe

..GOD BLESS and take care!



Chris (Feb 05 2007, 03:39 PM)

_**_ dis guy is one of a kind. He's a great friend, born to be a leader and a future mentor. The best attitude he has shown to me was being so open to learn more things. He can be cool, serious and jolly.

***The greatest edge he has possessed was being a CHRISTIAN! Who knows how to rise up when he's down, turns problems into opportunities and above all, a person who longs to impact lives of people._***_

Keep up!




we're still here.
don't forget the art of communication.
keep in touch.
bonding next time!



Yeka L (Mar 09 2007, 11:58 AM)

wtas with cedz anyway??

>> well this guy seems to ba a bit of a serius stop for a frend in a first park, ayt??

>> hmmm... you may think hes not that cool but hey!! this guy manage to capture the attention of almost all the pipol around him

>> y you may ask?? bcoz his bubbly he lafs often and this guy is the wackiest if he has the bit on him...

>> girls get crazy over loko with him ehheeemm... im telling lies agen ahahahaah..

>> but naaahhh.. cedrick zabala is the happiest gig you could ever be with...

>>> you wanna try?? well get to know him more and once youll taste his lyfstyle meeeeennnn... youll be a fool if you dont get addicted....

>> eheheeheh... he ROCKS tataaahhhh frend

>>hhmmm duda kayo?? ngok ako pa?? eh clasmate ko kaya toh since kinder aja aheheheh....


Jaesa T (Feb 20 2007, 09:45 AM)
elow prince cedie!

i rili miss u!
hope ure doing great!
take care always!

pogi! =D


Robi Joy T (Feb 09 2007, 07:36 AM)

cno nga ba si cedrick????

well, ang daming mong msabi sa kanya...
baka kasi hind kasya sa cmoputer..hehe...joke!!

ang dami tlag kaya ito nalang
basta ART ang pag-usapan

cedz na yan!!!



PSALM Ateneo (Jan 31 2007, 08:21 PM)

Certified Psalmist of adzu..

He's a nice friend, talented, down to earth, Christian of psalm...

Continue to Shine for Jesus, God has great plans for you, just allow Him to use you in the ministry..

Stay in touched with Christ...,

Proud to say that Cedrick is one of us!

See yah around! God Bless! ^_^


Carla C (Jan 31 2007, 12:02 PM)

KOSANAGADSE. hahah..pani tlg cedy.

well...(may tubig dito, swear!) tadah!
___psst. anu sabihin ko?!___

chige, cedz..pwde na to. aus noh!?
okie. owkey. ukiuki. UGEY! nyaha.

I now consider this lad as one of my best pals in my life. (shet, english cedz! wahaha)

Ngayong college kame naging close ulet.. ahihih. Alangan, araw-araw kame nasa skul taz classmate pa.. taz, kame lng pa tlg nagkakaintindihan.. (at si joanne) naun, can relate na rin ang iba. hehe.. close yan kame 2nd yr taz, un. ahaha. alala ko pa, pinabasa nya diary nya saken.. weha! :D VIRUS strikers. yeah..

magaling sa kahit anong field. sa sayaw, computer animation, drawing, kanta? pwde na.:) idor q tlg.. tall, dark and human. bwaha! :D hinde, wapu yan c cedz.. habulin nga yan. . .dba cedz?! si UHMM. hahah..

MABAET 'to pre at mre..mabuting kaibgan. so generous..heheh..lamat sa lhat ng tulong.. naks. naks.

pani to tumawa. hindi ko tlg mapigilan tumawa pag tumatawa to. la ng space.


January L (Jan 12 2007, 03:47 PM)




pinakialaman ko profyl ni janu..

nweiz..95th testi, yehey!

kua din ha..gwa s knya testi.





January L (Dec 28 2006, 09:40 AM)


lasang ka man...anu gnawa mo sa muka ko jan??!!!...togsh!!!

nweiz,,,danda pa rin..hehehe

just dropin by....

miss u na anak/asawa/boyfriend/X/pinsan/escort/kaibigan!!!!!

ingatz olweys...



Farhana P (Dec 25 2006, 01:46 PM)



katawa cedz.. dami pala na-inggit sa akin nung h.s. pa tayo.. as in.. mga lower year levels.. kasi naman.. lagi tayong dikit ng dkit.. parang mga linta!
hek..dami din nag-isip na tayo na daw.
TINDI!.. kapatid ko 'to!

ngek talaga cedz.. i remember the days.. hah!
..naaalala mo yung binigyan mo ko gift? ung angel figurine dati gr.4?! haha. medyas ko yung bigay ko sayo.. di mu na yun maalala..

-kalog.-kasundo kami nyan!
-habulin. -oon yah!
-matalino.- katas RSHSIX

..ka-mis ka man.
..senxa, wla masabi..
love you ceddie!


Gladys Mae (Nov 21 2006, 07:39 AM)

Cedrick ZAbala....?
Well, napakabait nyang tao..... God-fearing at higit sa lahat talented na tao.....
Grabeh tlaga ung pagmamamahal ni Lord sa kanya.... binigyan na siya ng looks pati talent pa.....
Hay naku.... wala talaga akong masabi sa kanya.... thumbs up na talaga me.....!
Palagi mo yan syang nakikita na busy kasi nga poh kasali ba naman sa "Beacon", "Pep Squad" at Psalm..... O di ba napakatalented nyang tao......
Mas gasto nya ung pinipressure sya kasi mas nagiging magaling talaga sya... o di ba Wierd???? hehehehehe
Basta...... wala na talaga sigurong mahihiling ung mga parents nya kasi mabait na anak sya......
Wala naman ako maisip..... hehehehehe paniwalaan nyo ako kasi I'm just saying the truth.......... Ay...... wait may nakalimutan ako......... "HUMBLE" din pala yan siyang tao.......


Flordeliz P (Dec 10 2006, 08:00 AM)

hi cedz!! wehehe..
salamat sa testi!! ganda talaga..
di ako makagawa ganun sayo ha.. dunno
kasi.. wahahah!!!

eto si cedrick!! eheheh
kbgan ko sya!! obvious?? hmmmm...
nakapagtataka talaga.. isang taon lang
kami naging magclassmates pero parang
ang tagal na naming magkakilala..
hahaha!!! familiar mn yng lyn.. movies?
eheheheh.. pero totoo ba talaga.. heheh

napakatalentado nyan!! ala ako masabi!!
pero eto masasabi ko.. galing nya talaga
sumayaw!! as in!! parang si gary, gary
ebol.. wahaha!!loko lang.. kumkakanta
din yan.. wag kayo.. ahahahah!!!
habulin yan sya.. ng mga bakla!! ahahah!
loko lang cedz.. dami na tlga nagkaka-
crush jn.. hunk na hunk kasi dating!!
parang si fafa carlos agassi.. tama b?
weheheh.. enjoy tlga yan kayo kapag
kasama ang mokong.. ehehehe.. sa
bishahan palang ala na!!! ahahaha!!!
basta napakabuti nyang kaibigan..
di kayo mabibigo..

ingat lagi!! god bless.. labyu.. mwah..


Ainie Shen (Nov 16 2006, 02:00 AM)

Ano man daw itesti ko????
Cge gan2 na lang..........
C Cedrick?????
Well.........I know him 4 being such a God-fearing person,a talented one(lahat,eh.... on the go sha!),possess so many brylliant ideas(unique),quite serius,out-spoken one and most of all, sya ang taong hindi "napapagod"I guess???
Whahhh!!!! Ang hirap magsinungaling!!!!
He,he,he just kidding!!!!Ang 22o c Cedrick ay "kakaiba!!!"Sana na hindi ka mgbago.....'-'


Kae A (Oct 23 2006, 03:46 AM)

masayang kasama!
nagclick kami agad.. patner!!

see you sa school.
(sensational wave)


Carla C (Aug 24 2006, 10:01 AM)



(todo effort ku na tu... xet! ang panet. hahahah.... ^_^x



Daniel F (Mar 29 2006, 02:17 PM)

hay nako... c cedz napakatalented...
as in... sobra... highest level...
mabait na kaibigan din siya... kaibigang malalapitan... cedz ang pangalan...

si cedrick, physically, fit, matangkad, dark, at may itsura...hahaha... cno ba walang itsura...
well... may pinagmanahan...
spiritually, close kami kay God... as in... ka-chat lang namin siya kanina...xa nga president ng christian youth ministry eh.. aq, treasurer, pro pra s knya wlang presi-presidente...huhu..

ano pa ba....xmpre noon nde msydo kmi ngkasundo sa mga bagay2..tulad ng.. wag n lang msydo nang ngaun close n kmi... as in 3inches away.. eh paano naman halos 2 weeks mgkasama gumagawa ng souveir program...dlwang araw n kmi ng-oovernyt d2...

ano pa ba... mssbi q lng...

at higit sa lahat...
mas matalino pa sa akin...

hehe...c cedz 2.. na-open q lang pofile ni daen..


Flordeliz P (Mar 15 2006, 02:37 AM)

pakapalan na ng mukha ha! ewan ko lang kung kilala ako ni kuya cedz pero ako kilala ko siya

yan c kuya cedz 1 of the famous students sa RSHS alam niyo kung bakit? ako hindi ko rin alam! pero sabi nila, multi-talented daw!?!? magaling sumayaw at expert daw mag-drawing
hindi joke lang yun. hindi yun daw totoo yun multi-talented siya.....

kaya kuya cedz keep up the gud work
n "KEEP OFF THE GRASS!!!!!!!!"


Flordeliz P (Mar 08 2006, 01:12 PM)

hi manong!!! ehehe.. musta mn ang buhay?? milagro tlaga nuh?? gumawa ako gn testi for the ___th tym in my entire lyf.. hahah!!! atik lng...joke lng.. ewan ko kung ano nakain ko.. sinapian ata ako kaya ako nkgawa testi..

hmm.. wat cn i say?? huwat??? speechless mn?? atik lng... c cedz.. my friend!!! obvious??

kabarkada ko yan!!! k'09.. remember?? ngeexist p b yun?? joke lng... xemps nmn!!! he's my friend and he's super bait.. lam nyo b n gentleman yan?? ows??? heheh.. yah, talaga.. minsan lng s guy ang gnyan.. diba?? gud looking dn yn!! nah, laki n ulo nya!!! waaaaah!!! dami nga nagkacrush jan.. aminin!! 2 be honest pati ako rin.. DATI!!!! hahahah!!! waaah!! wag mging feeler noy!!! joke..

bait yan!!! super!!! tutulong yn kung kaya pa... he's super talented!! idol tlga!! galing sumayaw.. in short, DANCER.. expert pagdting sa short, artistic!!! heheh.. grabe!! idol tlga!!!

tnx for ever


Adrian H. (Feb 17 2006, 10:42 AM)


nYc frEn khit sa tagaL na eNdi kMe maGkaSama sa bUhay.................

it'S bEen a loNg yEar na nAgsasamA kMe sa skuL.....miSs yOu frEn.........

LUV YAH..........INGATZ...................



Farhana P (Feb 06 2006, 10:07 AM)


~mabait na fren..
~xempre naman besty friendy ko po yan!


Zara (Dec 12 2005, 05:53 AM)

Cedrick Zabala..
to the..
superior group..
of regionalians..
who are..
avatars of..
and style..
carpe diem!


Raffy Z (Dec 06 2005, 09:43 AM)

cedrick, hehheheh ka2ng niad2 na dre siyudad sa dabaw, pirti namung kuyawa kung kinsa ning tangkara, gwapuha, ug brayta nga laki amung nakit-an. abi kug model sa katangkad, ug syempre gwapo mge gwpuhun man gyud mi (hilasa uy!) hehhehe

di gyud ko kalimut sa iyaha a2ng ngkita mi sa zamboanga, layu ra kaayu xia sa una. ang taba, putot pero cute nga bata, karun seryoso na kaayu, ug tiguwang na gyud.

masking kadali lng sya sa amua, amu gyung nabati nga usa siya ka ASTIG nga tao. Zabala gid!

hehheh regards sa tanan ug ayu2x!!


Sherry Mae (Nov 22 2005, 01:36 PM)


well.. phone pal ko to noon.. but now.. amm.. ngkita naman siguro kame.. so i can say na.. friends na kame!!

cedrick is:

*great artist
*mahiyain (daw??)
*ammm.. quiet??? (hmmm)
*nice friend
*sarap kausap
*sayang kulitin!
*amm.. 'no pa ba?? neat...
*gentleman naman siguro... kea lagi ngkakagusto dito.. hmm.. (narinig ko lang)
*sweet naman din sya
*i like his eyes!! waahh *_*
'no pa ba?>

medyo malupet din paminsan...

well.. un lng naman siguro!! hehehe ^_^

amm.. glad to have him sa list of friends ko!!

amm.. for u ced... take care always coz i care! thanks sa lahat! for being kind and thoughtful?? hehehe...

basta! always remember.. am always here for u!!! mwahz!!!!

tenchuE! ciao!!



Sandra B (Apr 21 2005, 02:59 PM)

breaking news!PASOK!
* Dalawang kalbo, nag-sabunutan.
* Capt. Hook dumaan sa Quiapo,
* Palaisdaan, nasunog!!!
* Tahanang Walang Hagdan, inakyat!!!
* Bakla sumali sa away, napasubo!!!
* Bagong tuli nagyabang, lumaki ang
* Bulag nakapatay, nagdilim daw ang
* Iceman nanood ng porno, nag-init!
* Tindera ng suka, tinoyo!
* Teacher nagkamali, tinuruan ng
* Eroplano nag-crash, lahat ng
pasahero namatay sabi ng mga
* Basurero nagsampa ng kaso,
* Dahil may reklamo, eskwelahan ng
mga bingi nag-noise barrage!
* Tubero, nagka-tulo!
* Lalaki natagpuang pugot ang ulo,
inaalam pa kung buhay!
* Barbero tumestigo sa krimen, ayaw
* Misis ng photographer, nakunan!!
* Tindera ng tubig, namatay sa uhaw!
* Kaso ng pilay, nilalakad!
* Invisible man, nakita na!
*at sa ulat panahon, bagyong namataan
di mkakarating dahil masama ang
panahon,isa pang bagyo wala ng signal
dahil wlang celsite!!-sanz-


Kabarkada (Jan 29 2005, 11:02 PM)

Bodek cute...Bodek cute!!..^_^
Bodek cute...Bodek cute!!..^_^
Bodek cute...Bodek cute!!..^_^
Bodek cute...Bodek cute!!..^_^
Bodek cute...Bodek cute!!..^_^
Bodek cute...Bodek cute!!..^_^
Bodek cute...Bodek cute!!..^_^
Bodek cute...Bodek cute!!..^_^
Bodek cute...Bodek cute!!..^_^
Bodek cute...Bodek cute!!..^_^

ngek!!..bsta Kabarkada'09...
certified cuties!! doubt!!..lolz
ehehe..take care!!..God Speed!!..


Farhana P (Jan 17 2005, 10:03 AM)

HEHE... m not really into Forwrded
testi... i mean it is not a testi after all.
accdg to encarta dictionary tools...

n (plural testimonials)
1. recommendation: a favorable report
on the qualities and virtues of somebody
or something
2. statement backing up claim: a
statement backing up a claim or
supporting a fact
3. tribute: something given, held, or
done in order to honor or thank
relating to testimony or testimonial:
relating to or consisting of testimony or a

Microsoft Encarta Reference Library
2004. 1993-2003 Microsoft
Corporation. All rights reserved.

getzz?? so... m here teling u guyz d real
Cedz. syempz nman no!! best fren ko
kya yan for seven years!!! heheeh nwez..
cedz s a 100% gentle man.. every galz
drimboy.. he s absolutely perfect!!! he s
also a gud best fren!!! mdmi n kmng
pngdaanan ni cedz.. yet we r still strong
n going stong.. kulang n lng mg propos
yn skn!!! juk!! love u cedz!!

testi ko!!


Daltonix (Oct 16 2004, 11:33 AM)

a certified:

K akampi sa
A litan at
Barkada sa
A numang
R atsada,
K asama mo
A t karamay
D uring bad
A nd Gud times!

N ever
I wan at
N ever
E ngots!

Stay nice and cool,
Cause you're not a fool.
Kapamilya, kapuso
At Kabarkada 09 Mo...

Ang tanong sa iba jan....


January L (Oct 03 2004, 10:32 AM)

ayyyy c cedrick.....
sya ang tipo ng lalaki na hnd
mabubuhay w/o perfume...alwayz syang
mbango...minsan nga napagnanasaan
ko na ung mga hnubad nyang dmit dhil
sa sobrang bango...crush ko yan
dati...pero ngayon,may luvlyf na sya kya
step bakward muna ako....neat and idol
sya pg dting sa syawan as in...tutor ko
sya sa dancing....mabait and vary loving
and lovable prson nyan....hop d sya
magbgo khit may lane na sa bhay
nya...i wish u all d best in
lyf....btw,maingay rin pla yan dhil ky far
anywayz,,,,cute tlga yan!!!
take care & liv yah
friend......KABARKADA yan...!!!


Lorraine T (Sep 14 2004, 10:11 AM)

dek.. pauwi na ako.. cge.. nxt tym nlng..
gbi na tlga.. ingatz! thnk u tlga sa
poem.. hndi ko pa nbasa.. hndi un
corny, swear! tccic.. God bless...


Lorraine T (Sep 02 2004, 10:20 AM)

dek.. lane 2.. nung una ktang nkita di
man lang kita napuna di ka nman kc
ganon.. bsta, thankful ako dhil dumating
ka sa buhay ko.. slamat sa lhat ng
ipinakita mong kabutihan skin..
inaappreciate ko un lhat.. sna mging
kaibigan kta 4 d rest of my life.. u'r such
a blessing from God above.. Cge..
punta na ako kc tnatakot ako ni jelan,
ako raw ang mgbabayad ng lahat ng
ginastos nmin d2.. psensya k n kc
pinagmamadali ako ni jelan.. cge,
ingatz! Thanks ha.. GODBLESS..


Sandra B (Aug 22 2004, 07:07 AM)

Ceds ceds ceds ceds ceds ceds ceds
ceds Ceds ceds ceds ceds ceds ceds
ceds ceds Ceds ceds ceds ceds ceds
ceds ceds ceds Ceds ceds ceds ceds
ceds ceds ceds ceds Ceds ceds ceds
ceds ceds ceds ceds cedsCeds ceds
ceds ceds ceds ceds ceds cedsCeds
ceds ceds ceds ceds ceds ceds ceds

nakakatawa sya... hahaha
pati rin nakakainis....heh!
Kc hnd cnsbi yung ano nya......
Ang alam ko c Klasmeyt ko!!!

d me sure kung tto!!
Peste tlga kc always teasing me to

but you dont know hus dat daniel!!

its Harry.................................!!!!


Jam A (Aug 15 2004, 01:28 PM)

Hi cedzzz!!!


May kilala ba kayong cute at pogi (?,)
na talented na high school student?
Mabait din at friendly!!! Ako meron! C
Magaling siya sumayaw, magdrawing,
at cute pa na mabait!! Di ba tama ako!

;-) (&q


Sherina I. (Aug 05 2004, 12:41 PM)

i2ng c cedrick idol pagdating
sa "sining" and dancing..napaka
creative at npaka graceful
sumayaw..kya yan member ng RSHS
dance troupe at alam kong tatalbugin
nya kaung lht pag humataw na yan..dba
cedz?! frenz 4evr sila ni far..obvious na
obvious to mula ng una ko pa silang
nkikita..certified cute!!pinaka cute na
ginoo ng RSHS!!!uuyyyyy..namumula na

god bless and ingatz!!


Daniel F. (Aug 02 2004, 10:26 AM)

Ced, ganda ng testimonial mo...
This guy's truly an "ARTIST". D'best
kung gumawa ng poster o drawing... wal
ako bout. The reigning Ginoong
Campus Figure ng RSHS, he is also a
good friend and very magaling
magsayaw, making like that like that
and like this like this kulang na lang sa
kanya maging singer. he he he. Advice
ko rin... stay loyal to ______________...


Karen G. (Jul 25 2004, 08:01 AM)

cedz...he is a long fwen of
mine.Actually luv ko yan eh kasi fwens
kame. mabait yan, minsan makulit pero
matalino yan(turo ka naman sakin sa
math!)and not to mention "cute" yan.
so to u cedz...always be nice and good
luck to all things u wil do. always
keep in touch!!!!


Carla C (Jul 18 2004, 02:16 PM)
Matalino...artistic..responsible at
pasensyoso...mabait na kaibigan!!


Leo S (Jul 11 2004, 02:37 AM)

cya his ok yun lng ang masb ko


Faith S. (Jul 10 2004, 12:03 PM)

cedrick is my new best friend pro dati
gud friends na tlga kmi!!! he's a great
dud! funny, GWAPO, mabait, gentleman,
kind and matalino (kaya nga DALTON eh!)
madaming ngkakagusto d2!!! ang galing pa
nitong sumayaw and very artistic like
me! kya nga ngkakasundo kmi eh...
hehehe.. a gud servant of God din ito!
well, wat can i say.. basta!, lahat na
ata ng gud adjectives nasa kanya na...
invite him na lang if u wnt to know him
more!!! LOve yah Cedz, my frnd!!!
Daltonix or taga-dalton rulessss,,,
(p.s. habaan mo na ang testi ko! hehehe)


Karen G (Jul 06 2004, 09:57 AM)

si cedz...mabait na tao yan lalong na
sa mga friends nya. minsan makulit
pero ok syang maging fren. laging
nandyan yan para sa iyo.


Jennifer P (Jun 30 2004, 05:43 AM)

si Ceds mabait n gentlemn...nakssss
sa totoo lng singkit sy...jok..
pero bgy s knya ...
wish ko lng sna hndi sya mgbgo khit n
nsa dalton n sya...
(kc ikw matlino kya yan nasa iba k
hngang dito n lamang


Berman N (Jun 17 2004, 10:42 PM)

what can i say about him?
CEdz iS mY FrEn. He's a good guy, same
kami christian but not in same church
We mostly go home riding the jeepny
2gDer with our own special group
(the jeepney troupe????) that includes
far, isa,sai n others.
i think he's half an inch taller than
me already(nt measured)
i think he loves 2 eat?(who doesn't?)
he is popularly known for his dancing
skills(he taught us how 2
dance..automatic by utada hikaru)ummh i
almost 4got he is the G. of rshs
(ginoo right?)
that's all for now i'll try to make
to cedrick here's my message:
You know you have what it takes to be a
You're the next big thing that's what
you are
You can do it, you can make it
You're the brightest star

Just believe in yourself, everything
you can do
You gotta show what you have, all the
best in you
The glints and the glamour and the fame
is yours
Dont stop baby!

Tagisan ng galing! Labanan ng talino!
Lakasan ng loob! Are you one of us?


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