Nauseated by my Habits (//_+)

Pen of my soul

Sharp as a dagger

When wrath invades me

In my hands I control

Lone tortures

Love killeth me

Too hard may break

The fragile lead

Lighter I press

Crows peck my eyes

The emotion is thrown

Myself I had fooled

Suffering from absence

sentiment returnst

body sorched

hands grip tighter

the rush of anger

flowing thy vessels

till ink of aversion surfeit




stumble and trip

the wound in my wrist

how bitter sweet it is

hands break pen

left it rolling in the ground

grubby and shattered



by my foolishness

no words can say

no music can play


but my hands

trembling of guilt

faux reality

blurred by dust

ashes to ashes

how disgusting

can’t really believe

what mess I left

this child crying

inside me



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