The Worst Subject I ever Had!!!!

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skul…yah ryt! i hav been considering it my 2nd home and yet i can still find a part of it that makes me want to self-destruct. since 3rd year i hv been joining this org that i thought i’m really good at..but now i realized that that actual subject that is related to that org is my worst nytmare..a subject that is so basic yet so wicked.urrgh.. i usually ‘don’t like’ the subject bcoz of the teacher, but this one is just a’s over-all approach to me is just annoying..i remember when we were in our junior days, we even spend lots of money, sleepless nights, blood and tears and the new year’s eve just to recieve a gpa of 85..the heck is wrong with those teachers? that subject is not even a major subject!!! and now im a college student, it’s still haunting me! my lowest grade is supposed to be from my math subject (as expected), but bcoz of errors in computations, i lose 4 points and now i hav friends told me to complain but i it’s too late, the grades were approved already by the dean…what a burden..(//_+)

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